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  1. Looking to create a wired connection for my TV and Xbox. Can't use standard LAN cable because the router is too far away. Looking to buy a powerline adapter, but cannot find anything decent online. If you don't know what a powerline adapter is, it is basically a set of mini-routers that transmit internet through your electric wiring, thus maintaining a wired connection anywhere in your building.
  2. If you can get Odyssey, you can entirely skip the Origins. Both games have almost the same mechanic with Odyssey basically being an improved version of Origins. I also went with Origins anticipating Ancient Egypt. I had just finished Far Cry: Primal and was excited to play more historic games. But the AC:Origins is not that much ancient Egypt except for the location. The pyramids were built at around 2500BC, and the game is set in ~50BC. Also, I expected a better origins story, on how and why the creed formed. The endgame twist is super awesome, but the whole origins can be explained in 3-4 lines. It is definitely not a bad game, and I enjoyed playing though it. But when I got Odyssey just after finishing that, it felt like going through the same game again, but in a different location. If I had to do it again, I would haven't played Origins and directly gone for Odyssey. However, if you play Origins, and don't plan to continue with Odyssey anytime soon, definitely go for Origins. Again, not a bad game, and one of the best game in AC franchise, but I will suggest rather watch the story of Origins on YouTube, and skip directly to Odyssey.
  3. I don't know much about grey market. I was comparing the price of first party Nintendo games that are sold online. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (released 2 years 6 months ago) and Super Mario Odyssey (released 1 year 11 months ago) are still sold at ₹4500+ on various online stores (amazon.in, gameloot.com, gamestheshop.com). So I don't think a 5 days old Zelda game is going to be found online for anything less than that price. In addition to that, I checked the price of Link's Awakening on Amazon US, and Amazon DE. The prices are listed as $59( ~₹4187) and €54.99(~₹4299) respectively. Considering the shipping cost involved, getting Link's Awakening in India, 4 days after launch at ₹4500 is as best as it could get.
  4. Received my copy yesterday. Pretty amazing to get a physical copy of a game not released in India in just 3 days after launch. The effective price was Rs.4.5k, which I guess is the average price for a first party switch game in India. Thanks @Mcube Games
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