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  1. Will have some democracy tomorrow
  2. As much as this helps sell, nothing better than a video showcasing orbital barrages , grenades and sh*t all around.
  3. Bro trust me buy it. This is my Digital purchase after a long time and enjoying every bit of it. The game bangs . The core is simple yet complex, gunplay feels nice and the friendly fire add soo much fun. Dont remember having this much of a good time in an MP Game that too PvE.
  4. Yes Right can see this INE02L001032 in console , wasn't opening yesterday.
  5. i sold it few months back and bought it just a month before. When will the demerged shares arrive ? It was jan end then feb abhitak aya nae
  6. Yes Bank 52w High, Penny stocks flying left right and centre, bull market or a peak is around the corner?
  7. Why do people have a tendency to buy a falling knife in hopes of it making it back? Im sure it will comeback , make money , but arent there multiple opporutnities out there? You can always buy paytm when all is settled , maybe the returns are less...
  8. Watched Fighter Yesterday. Wahiyaat film , absolute mockery of IAF i would say
  9. Got this amazing set of local pickles and chutney!! spicy Thanks a lot champ @TheGothamChampion for all the memorable gifts. Happy new year dost
  10. Common bhai unka life depends on defending multi national corporations Its upto you then to stay clean XD
  11. Some jhol ghapla tha dont remember , that ends in june 2024 i got one more year for 4000. Not bad considering the games i played on gamepass this year.
  12. So my Santa Went Above and beyond and got this two amazing GIFTS The Controller holder will be perefect to keep at my bedside to hold it REVEAL YOURSELF PLEASE SANTA JI LOVED THIS .
  13. Also got a cool santa hat from my Santa....... Reveal Yourself mere bhai <3
  14. Mera santa kon he bhai ? Reveal toh karo XD
  15. jjmehta forum , tech enclave and olx . i sold mine on OLX.
  16. Got this nice board game and some waffle biscuits from my santa!! Cricket is something i love from bottom of my heart , cant wait to play this friends. Also loved the waffles or whatever its called , instead of the local sugar filled too sweet mess , this has a nice cofee flaovour to it. Would recommened it to coffer lovers here for sure. Thanks Santa ji time to reveal yourself
  17. Teri wishlist puri karne me ghar chale jayenge bhai
  18. Zoozoo bhai dono account se ek hi comment ? Ye zoozoo mujhe pehle se hi gambler types laga he
  19. Enjoy your gifts mod sir. I hope your daughter likes them and wish her a happy healthy life <3 Merry christmas also gali dena nae he par ye bhosdiwale souled store ka payment system is the most chutiya thing . bc this year i took care not to f**k up toh yeh unsouled wale
  20. Pat cummins 20 Cr. Harshal some 11 Cr. While Rachit gets 1.5 Cr. Kya fookte he bhai ye log ?
  21. I think it maybe because it was sold at full price , and the install base was small too. I hope this isnt real. wtf will be spiderman multiplayer ?
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