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  1. 3 hours ago, Snake said:

    🔹 Bile Spewer and Nursing Spewer do less damage with their puke.


    3 hours ago, Snake said:

    🔹 Shriekers hitting you while they are dead now does significantly less damage.


    LETS GOOOOOOOOO. I can now die less lmao :roflroll:

  2. 10 hours ago, 0verlord said:

    Kong Godzilla at interval - pacing and action are superb 👌 

    I liked the kong vs Godzilla Better. This is good to but felt too many elements at play!



    Also guys don't sleep on MADGAON EXPRESS ABSOLUTE BANGER OF A MOVIE. Haven't had a comedy movie this good since fhir Hera pheri 

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  3. On 3/26/2024 at 9:59 AM, Snake said:

    I bought 3-4 armor sets from the store, I just buy if it’s cool looking and don’t bother about SC much


    btw I don’t think I have you added as friend 

    we are friends. maybe your play times are different. 

  4. On 3/11/2024 at 9:06 PM, Snake said:


    Add me too guys

    Just ping me when you see me online. Always up for some democracy 

    On 3/15/2024 at 2:01 AM, Snake said:

    already had 1500 super credits for the new warbond, already unlocked a bunch of stuff and now on page 2

    I wasted my super credits on some dumbass clown costumes 😭😭

  5. 4 hours ago, SpearHea:D said:

    They f**king nerfed the railgun. It was fun to take out charger by ripping off its armor piece by piece and killing it. Even with a railgun 4-5 charges were manageable. Now its useless. Railgun was not op, needed to land precision shots, single bullet and a delay before firing. This sucks and takes away the fun factor of Rg.

    lmao i unlocked it yesterday to deal with chargers. WTF XD

  6. 32 minutes ago, Snake said:

    Hey everyone!

    Late night update on our end.

    We have updated the max CCU cap to 700,000. Unfortunately, we expect the CCU to reach that level. We believe that the wait times will be much more bearable though.

    Will have some democracy tomorrow :hi:

  7. On 2/18/2024 at 3:37 PM, gecko89 said:

    All this starship trooper references coupled with hype is making me consider buying it. But there's also news of server issues with capped player count, matchmaking issues with randos etc?! 

    Bro trust me buy it. This is my Digital purchase after a long time and enjoying every bit of it. The game bangs . The core is simple yet complex, gunplay feels nice and the friendly fire add soo much fun. Dont remember having this much of a good time in an MP Game that too PvE.

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  8. 40 minutes ago, KunjanPSD said:

    Holding since I first wrote about it here. And this is after the demerger.


    5 hours ago, Bird Bird Bird said:

    RIP folks who wrote off Borosil. Excellent results. ~ 15% up today. 

    i sold it few months back and bought it just a month before. When will the demerged shares arrive ? It was jan end then feb abhitak aya nae :huh: 


  9. 1 hour ago, dylanjosh said:

    This a good time to buy paytm stock? 👀


    I have a feeling they will bounce back from all this

    Why do people have a tendency to buy a falling knife in hopes of it making it back? 
    Im sure it will comeback , make money , but arent there multiple opporutnities out there?

    You can always buy paytm when all is settled , maybe the returns are less...


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