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  1. Its honestly insanse. im a noob when it comes to this bbut i run two ecommerce websites on a single VPS that costs 1/10 of this. and still has headroom. I dont know wether the forums does require this much of compute when its just text and images are external linked.
  2. Why aren't we going with something like linode , AWS is costly and has too many instances and stuff to setup. Why not a a VPS?
  3. PVR Is giving flat 20% off on Its gift cards. can be used multiple times online and one time offline. https://www.pvrcinemas.com/giftcards Also can use CC for extra 1-2% benefit!!
  4. No be ready to wait 1 and half hour before the disc copies.
  5. What happened between this two? He was trying to hit it inspite a wicket down. Hum hote toh bhai test chalu kar dete.
  6. Easily need 1cr of spends , but again its free so why not? Unless you spend on something you dont need and buy just things you would have bought anyways, CC's are the best thing. Dont forget a month of free intrest on the money sitting in your bank
  7. I did . can be skipped. Good movie but nothing WOW Factor.
  8. They give me that credit limit. So anyway i called them uo, first customer care guy said wait for 6 months, second one just transferred my old limit to new one! Thats what my issue was. They should have straight up declined it rather than give this . got is solved so all good! UPI too for me for small purchases, but cant miss on CC reward points. I get around 1000 back easily beca Of amazon pay cc( thanks to paying society utility bills) . If i somehow manage to scam sbi CC for 5% amazon GV its a win win.
  9. Next drop dm your address. Amazon may or may not happen. Will try on flipkart if thats ok!
  10. It was coming in 4 months. But did not want to carry an extra unused card. guess lesson learned? Needs 2 lakhs spends for waiver of yearly fee. Gives 10,000 limit. Masterstroke by sbi
  11. So i got my sbi cashback card approved. i already had bpcl octane but i closed it instantly when this was approved. Now i get to know cashback card pe they gave only 10k limit WTFFFFFF!!! On bpcl it was 70k . How do i go about it now ? Should not have closed the older one beforehand
  12. Mine is kay kay oversees . But they had sold few too . BUT MAKE AN UNBOXING VIDEO NO MATTER THE SELLER @KunjanPSD Just in case something goes wrong nothing except an unboxing video will help you. Wtf why?
  13. He also said he wanted to keep it tight but gave too much room. which indirectly blames bhuvi without naming him. Should have avoided that.
  14. I mean blaming all the bowlers (Which is horrible) was fine. Sidelining one guy no matter how bad he did is not done man. How bad bhuvi must be feeling now ?
  15. I just listened to this . This was unnessary from him, you already lost the match why create rifts in the team now? Dhoni and even kohli did wonderfull jobs at post match presntations. when you are a captain you need some talking skills too. This is dissapointing from him.
  16. This has to be funniest live space i have listened , lmao
  17. Sab pakistani. But full on frustration nikal rahe bande no chutti XD one guy just said "Do kodi ke livingstone jaise spinner ko nae mar paye" with galis in between.
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