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  1. Switch out there easily selling everything else COMBINED and also making money on hardware. Absolutely bonkers. i dont get why Microsoft or sony get into handles, are they not seeing this numbers? Both have so many good ips they can milk money out of. Still cant buy one over the shelf.
  2. Why do you keep questioning a guy who never accepts his defeat / or is wrong is beyod me. Also dont @ me here.
  3. The only suggestion i can give you is , dont bother with people who never accpet they are wrong and say they are always right. You wont get the entertainment obv, but will have a peacefull life. Thandi ke mausam me khel lenge . Honestly dont find it worth 50k as not many games on it , and did not enjoy VR the first time i played it. (It was some local crap though )
  4. 100% will appeal. Hope the judge does not allow it. If she did not act all this cringe and kept lying every other day, this case would have ended in a neutral position. The acting alone made jury think of punishing her.
  5. the stock is going to be absolutely hammered. LC most probably
  6. Amber heard is going to be roasted for a long time to come.
  7. The explanation somehow seems worst than what he actually said lmao .
  8. Get a valid proof that he's actually asking for it. Share on twitter. Nothing will come out of it unfortunately
  9. If ya'all stopped replying to a guy this wont happen. But tum logon me bhi khujli kam nae he.
  10. Ths looks like one of those red dragon or some company controllers from amazon you get for 2k or low
  11. Im in PPFAS MIRAE AXIS SMALL CAP NAVI (index only) Axis had troubles. Mirrae bought paytm and two more new age companies (dont know name) hence not happy with that. So im sticking with PPFAS and NAVI.
  12. I still havent defeated a single bloodborne boss man. Also that guy trolled the internet , rick rolled
  13. Horizon and God of war?? Will be mid at best. Just like uncharted.
  14. r/woosh. But im not tricked. Im actually saving 750 on an year +20% thanks to tata cliq discounts. I save more money and help save others here than anyone else One less problem i guess.
  15. He saw an xbox game was getting delayed, he never cared for the rest. Just get my disc man.
  16. Who knows if you become poor and have no money left? That's why i stack . Spend money till you have em XD
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