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  1. Jo mila he usse khush raho. We will regret buying if it goes down too. XD
  2. Chup rehja warna tere raaj kholdunga
  3. Do what i did create a new account XD
  4. Tere games khelne ka tarika thoda Kezual he .
  5. Only in India you can get away with such scumbag tactics.
  6. I just got one for me . No support after warranty is such a DXXX move.
  7. Watched Animal . okayish at best. Unnecssary voilence (too much of it) , also too long (stretched) Best part was almost everyones acting , esp ranbir. Dude nailed the finale with his dad should do more of this. After rockstar seems like this is where he gave 110%. Also those whistle sounds where annyoing AF
  8. Yes multiple times. What are you ordering though ? If its something digital than make sure you have read everything
  9. why did it crash 15% . im invested here from 280 levels and have no idea how demerger works XD
  10. Sir rested he. They are coming back just before the world cup. Kl Rahul toh kuch nae kuch karke AA hi ajayega
  11. Played the game for a while This is more of looter shooter destiny game with DC heros as characters. Traversal is nice but feels janky at times Shooting is good but then that's it Will get boring after few hours. Proper GaaS games this. The guns even has charms and trinklets like COD 😂😂😂 NOT BUYING THIS!
  12. No it's not and even if it was it would be heavily priced. Then just get a cheaper laptop 1.2 lakhs is honestly not worth it unless you can afford that
  13. Just get your ps here for a year ? Gaming laptops are not worth it and loose value very very quick, and you are not going to sell it than its not worth it. As said above and steam deck is an better option, unless you want those sweet graphics XD
  14. something similar to https://www.ubuy.co.in/product/2DIEBST6-motospeed-k23-mechanical-numeric-keypad-red-switch-wired-21-keys-mini-numpad-portable-keypad-backlig this but from a trusted store and better price
  15. Where can i get a mechanical number pad only , currently using the k2 v2 which has no numpad and k4 costs a whopping 10,000. Any ideas?
  16. Oh so no point in applying in Shni lots?
  17. Three categories 15,000 - Retail 2,10,000 - Shni 10,00,000 + - Bhni or something In case of oversubscription one lot in one category (lottery)
  18. Brother got one. 160% profits. Not bad
  19. Everyone has guns as primary weapon. a perfect receipe for GaaS setup. will see reviews before deciding.
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