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  1. Keep it ready in excel line wise. Faster copy paste
  2. Hope they don't put that 5k/10k they took into stock market for quick bucks lol ???
  3. "Store manager" and "Heart" are two opposite sides of the pole ?
  4. Online your disappointment is instant. Offline (In the line) your disappointment is slow XD
  5. But if the OFfline line is 400. Imagine the ONLINE LINE LOL.
  6. Ofcourse its mumbai after all. And still no idea about number of units allocated. I gues BLOODBATH awaits
  7. Checkout ke time ata he . Make a account at shopatsc address wagere daldo and go to checkout
  8. Thank you for trolling sir Please read above to know why i said it. Yes use your number check the option that says " SAVE THIS CARD FOR FASTER CHECKOUT" and you're done.
  9. Thanks. Im reading if no sony center=no delivery .
  10. Damn bro you fast XD Also can anybody confirm me this? So if i order at shopatsc (They says its deliverable at my Pincode) but dont have any Sony centre around how do they deliver?
  11. I still use the slap the remove technology for my Fire tv stick. 10/10 Works. Shopatsc i think i central . This is confusing as hell . Just hope nobody gets fuXXXX by this stupid sh*t.
  12. Yup place where playstation is under Fridge section.
  13. Same argument but he then goes on to say around 6500 went to GTS, Vijay and chroma. (THIS IS SPECULATION DONT TRUST ME ON THIS)
  14. What more do you expect from 26 Y/o acting like entitled brats .
  15. Any estimates on how many units are here? My friend says its 35000. I dont believe him
  16. Have heard so many things about this game but cant play it
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