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  1. I still get call from my friend that they need god of war crack because they saw some clickbait video on youtube XD
  2. I always had to pirate games on my pc. I remember back in the day i told dad i need his Card so i can buy CS:GO on steam for 500/- and dad was like chota baccha he kya game khelne ke liye XD . Now they are ok tough got ps4 two years back and dad was fine with it. Better than wasting time on social media XD.
  3. And at that moment i had a feeling that i just won a WORLD CUP XD
  4. Finally PLATINUMED GOW . my second play through, although has lost save file of my first one. After replaying it thought to platinum. There is so much to do after main story I never knew. Thanks to plat. Also guess how many tries it took to defeat Shrigun - Queen of Valkyrie
  5. Yeah. But also its rocksteady so its going to be a good game
  6. Here HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Hope its better than the movie. Also any updates on batman??
  7. Oh yes i though it was for donating only. Never mind Will soon be a member, and nice intiative Really liked it . Sorry for the trouble though
  8. How many of you have pre-ordered ? Please share your thoughts after the beta
  9. Nah risky to go with amazon.com Would have been happy if they knew. But they dont even know that it was a game for half the time lmao XD Looks Like It
  10. So I preordered the game from Amazon (So I can cancel after the beta) but never received the beta code. The customer care system transferred me through 4 higher executives (5th being Jeff bezos himself 😂😂) and they had no idea about the code , all they did was redirect me to the war table stream, even the seller CLOUDTAIL knew nothing. Bunch of jokers wasted a good amount of time. Guess will have to wait until 14th
  11. Same Same. Wanted to preorder but now im like nah will see how it goes. You think it will go F2p? or more like will come with PS now or PS plus. Only reason this might sell good is because of the BRAND AVENGERS. other than that it looks grindfest to me
  12. Seems like it. But from what I'm reading certain missions from story campaign are Co-op too(Not ai Co-op) which is making me think this is going to tank.
  13. It's not about that. My little brother is used to DS4 and loves it, has small hands so I think Dualsense will be a bit heavier for him. I mean why not let it be used as the secondary controller?? But I do agree with the developer part. They are lazy Af
  14. The DualShock 4 wireless controller and PlayStation officially licensed third-party gamepad controllers will work with supported PS4 game. So no DS4 For ps5 games. That's a bummer. Source- https://blog.playstation.com/2020/08/03/playstation-5-answering-your-questions-on-compatible-ps4-peripherals-accessories/
  15. Absolute waste. Dunno why I feel like the games story is going to be ok and not so good. They seem to be going full on destiny route just with marvel heroes . Still hoping it's good. But NO PRE ORDERING!
  16. If it was you get an notification saying the same. So chill
  17. Try logging in from mobile data maybe just to be sure? This happened to me on Banking website during lockdown. Had to get my ip Unlisted from there blacklist or some stuff.
  18. Bought HZD:CE from them for us account. Worked flawless.
  19. Because the platinum is fun and not boring. The haiku, Inari shrines , Shinto shrines , bamboo strikes are fun. Haiku has great music , bamboo strike is good button mashing , Shinto shrine has good climbing. I honestly never cared about platinum, this was my first one
  20. EA IS A LITERAL SCUMBAG. Those who bought it for 1999 could have actually bought a one year subscription lmao 😂😂😂 I mean played the game and it's boring AF
  21. Yes they are same but console does not have the premier version . Hence the full game is available on EA ACCESS
  22. I think you are confusing EA access with origin access. Ea ACCESSS is only for Ps4 and XBOX. While origin is for pc. 😄
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