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  1. True . If it launches above 42000 in India. No launch day buy for me. And this is the first console I want to own on LAUNCH DAY ?
  2. Still dont get why they arent allowing. this is honestly killing a lot of jobs. workers want to come back because there is now work , but are paraoid that if mandatory test is done they will test positive and be given a bill of few lakhs.
  3. They really need that now do they XD? i have people from pune mumbai in my bazaar lane and no one had epass
  4. Never did them. Felt like mindless grind. I rather watched actual Knightfall protocol on YouTube. And glad I did. I can play this game anytime of day. Such satisfying combat. Horizon zero dawn , spider or can say most ps exclusive were absolutely blast
  5. Thanks for the info. will wait for days of play or Black friday. also how can i check my current ps plus expiry date? The psn store is crap im unable to find it
  6. Only for new subscription. unable to stack them?
  7. This is what im going for. using my old GTX 1060 brought for 9k absolute steal for that amount. And will get ps5 for next gen . Current GPU prices are crap. Hope nvidia also faces the heat just like INTEL did.
  8. It full jam packed in my city . Because of festival , at this point i honestly think government should just open everything up , because you know its already open
  9. il ask him if hes okay with this and then will send you a dm with his name and number
  10. Installed a new rare and one top fan for better outflow. It now stays at max 65 even while gaming. Looks like I built it alright ❤️?
  11. I buy from a guy in Pune. Pre-owned and new. Although you'll have to assemble it yourself. (as with most of them selling pre built I suppose)
  12. No but that means they are building up hype which usually happens weeks before major announcement. It gets people talking
  13. Lets you add RPG and loot elements, which mean you can sell loot boxes which means more money from an already 60$ priced game
  14. This was a CGI trailer so won't say much looked next gen though. But again stupid CO-OP. Why not give us a solid single player experience
  15. I use joister broadband. 30Mbps. But when using Google apps like YouTube and others it clocks on full speed (No limits) and the same thing on PSN(but only for the data required to play the game) the second part is downloaded at capped 30Mbps speed.
  16. Combos were nice but other than that , sh*t show
  17. I heard suicide squad is GaaS too. So the only good superhero game we are getting is Spiderman miles Morales ?
  18. Why does everygame want to go co-op man!?? Disappointed beyond imagination. NO BUY FOR ME
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