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  1. Next drop also random drops on amazon and flipkart. Join the Indian console gamers discount. The bot notifies you
  2. New is around 59k right with the horizon code? You can sell the code for 2k and 57k will be landing cost. i would say no , but depends if you can land a new one.
  3. Thanks , was going to ask the same here. Will pre order the PS5 Disc.
  4. Sent my first gift. Choosing gifts is harder than beating SigrĂșn in god of war. This banta's need to talk about some other topics, they keep talking about stuff they already own
  5. Koi option nae, either browse logged out or make an account like i did last time
  6. Just for your info, this can be used after 48 hours only and not instantly.
  7. Multiple drops keep happening throughout the month. Not that hard to get one now
  8. Give it another shot. i ditched the game for same reason twice. finally completed the game. worth it.
  9. Bhai first one was shorter and better. yaha character development ke naam pe world ka walkthrough karwaya he inhone
  10. Watched avtar. A VISUALLY SPECTACULAR "SNOOZEFEST". Bland generic story. Plotholes, predicable storyling , and annoying zoom shots (Like a kid edited those) 6/10 , 7/10 if someone holds a gun to my head.
  11. Bhai dont even think about it. Chinese crap can get for 1/10 of a price.
  12. https://www.flipkart.com/god-war-ragnarok-collectors-editions/p/itmfaa3341536aa2 collectors available for 12150 with card discounts
  13. also love how he now morphs (travels) even when the camera is on him showing he doesn't care now. Earlier he used to do it off cam. I mean im ok not weilding it (It will then bring worthy not worhy crap) but why give it as a collectors item when its not even attached to the character? Because the mask will show him how he can change his fate , he knew his fate and always wanted to change it. there is multiple dialouge where mirmir and freya said he was crazy behind the mask and never let them close to that. What i did not understand is kratos just leaving his son and not accompanying him. Also Egypt next ?
  14. 1 trick i found out that you can load wallet into paytm wallet and pay from there. gets 1% on millenia debit
  15. You meant to say you cannot pay HDFC credit card bills Via Hdfc debit cards right? because thats what im trying to do
  16. Does millennia work? also i dont get the option to pay via debit card? Where do you get it?
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