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  1. No. same for every other ps5 i place. MAKE SURE TO MAKE AN UNBOXING VIDEO.
  2. https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B0B9GH5TTN/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 In stock since long.
  3. Anyway to get cashback on paying CC bills other than cred(Useless now)?? Can bills be paid using visa prepaid cards on any app (Paytm and mobiwik charges 2.5%)
  4. I have 1000 psn wallet codes i got for 900 from paytm. If anyone needs it please dm.
  5. The biggest mystery with the game is.... Why does collectors hammer has an hammer when we never get to wield it ?
  6. I have 1000 psn wallet codes i got for 900 from paytm. If anyone needs it please dm.
  7. Kitna mila?
  8. I took a 360 as soon as he two shot killed me XD
  9. Scalpers are staying away from forbidden west bundle. As most people think its a rip -off considering its an old game XD ps5 is now a lot easier to get during drops. i booked one each drop and was upto OTP today.
  10. https://dl.flipkart.com/s/QCSPWtNNNN keeps coming and going. Unable to do cod , but was able to go until otp page and cancelled
  11. Why are you using runic attacks so late?
  12. Guys i have pvr gift card i bought worth 1000 for 800 (20% off). its useable after 48 hours hence i wont need it. (can be used from thursday till next year) , can be used multiple times online . will give it for 800 if anyone needs it, as i wont be needing it now
  13. its the same man. You'll get bored pretty soon now.
  14. Watched dhrishyam 2 . on par with the first part. pacing could have been better but the plot was cool.
  15. If you are unable to redeem the discount , dm me il buy for you i dont need it anyway. Buy worth 1000 only. and remove cashback points and then add that voucher. if you need another 1000 worth message karde i have two accounts
  16. Thanks for the headsup. Currently 1000 PSN Card has 100 rs cashback. so 10% off. not bad.
  17. If the mrp is discounted at least 20% and some bank offers on the top of it and it goes around 14k . might think about it.
  18. you can. people here have accounts of more countries on there psn then they have games.
  19. John Wick? Never mind after reading your reply you clearly are a troll trying to spend some time XD
  20. The funny thing here is wakanda forever isnt even the best movie
  21. You need to learn the term "Character development" . Watching on youtube and then judging the game is dumb bro XD If you dont care about stories sell your PS5 XD Also stories not good as best Tv shows? RDR2 2018 GOW ? Common bhai dont be like this
  22. Its honestly insanse. im a noob when it comes to this bbut i run two ecommerce websites on a single VPS that costs 1/10 of this. and still has headroom. I dont know wether the forums does require this much of compute when its just text and images are external linked.
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