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  1. Common man letsssssssss gooooooooooo . Dont leak runs and we are very much in man. lets goo.
  2. Why was that catch not attempted
  3. Boys anyone feels we lost wicket because of defensive play or it was just not our day? Inputs please ...
  4. australia can play flat tracks better than anyone lol XD
  5. Kyu bhai ? Flat tracks me kya hi maja he.
  6. Nae, kyuki koi idea nae he XD
  7. First 10 ke baad defensive approach hi raha he. Sky could've easily hit earlier overs. No idea why he waited. Lets hope bowling is 200% today
  8. The fielding has been something else
  9. Australia in knock-outs has always been something else.
  10. Yes but looking at the climate (Cloudy dark) dew will be there. Remains to see how much
  11. well. 30-40 i guess now ? We are playing way tooooo defensiveeeeeeeeeeee
  12. im hoping 100, to be realistic it will be 45-60 runs. We dont have any batsmen
  13. or actually played a full shot. Nah man this is an noisy crowd , let india come to bowl and you'll see it. I mean this makes no sense XD 260 Atleast common boys
  14. Cant blame them , blame the umpire for being blind
  15. 220 Karo aur wickets lo. Nothing can be done man . I hope this is not an heartbreak . Cant take it.
  16. Came early than his usual position. Surya can't came so early
  17. This is why too much defensive is bad
  18. Yeah very deep batting. And the pinch hitters are actually very good pinch hitters
  19. 100 partnership is needed, otherwise it will be difficult. Esp on this pitch 🥺
  20. Lost another. Man why do we do this always
  21. I think that bend director or guy said sony did not lit the sequel. But you maybe right.
  22. Im one of those that liked days gond I platinumed that game and still take digs at sony for not Green lighting Days Gone 2, esp after that cliff-hanger Good to know my guy @AtheK Has good taste in gaming.
  23. Looks banger hence wont come to india Be sure to ask them delivery before ordering. Theu have a history of messing up. They also have the deluxe edition for 14500/- https://mx2games.com/product/baldurs-gate-3-deluxe-edition-ps5/
  24. So far i have played around 3 hours. Game looks something else. But combat so far is let down , also story is fxxxxx my mind
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