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    Elden Ring

    Its summoning and not NPC. also with summons boss is buffed unlike other souls game, your flasks are also reduced. I tried summom with mohg and fight became 2x harder. I honestly dont get the issue with you? Play the game before writing essay’s that mean crap.
  2. Yeah your definition of "constructive criticism " Is definitely broken.
  3. Yehi karta reh bhai , spelling mistake dhundne me zindagi nikal jayegi, shabdh nae bhavanao ko samajh.
  4. Mods can we please keep Console war bs and baits out from here?
  5. Phir bhi i make more sense than some people her combined
  6. My bad man. I keep forgetting and then arguing: better to argue with a Wall😅
  7. So you're telling me it can run RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 , Guardians of the galaxy but not COD? Common man thats some hot garbage. Dont go this low.
  8. Honestly this looks more of a developers fault.
  9. 2024. Stacked because of discounts! 2250 in which i got codes for 20% off 🤣🤣 gamepass level deal😁
  10. This . I bough Modernwarfare for 2000 but did not keep it because it eat 250 GB of space and had 100 gb of updates every week. Chutiyaaaaaaap. Hope they keep sh*t seperate.
  11. Yes its with me. Ok if i ship by coming monday? Please dm me the address.
  12. Sony has begun communicating with developers about its plans for timed game trials for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers. According to sources speaking to Game Developer, developers working on games that cost $34 or higher (€33 in Europe, ¥4000 in Japan) are now required to create time-limited game trials of their games. These trial versions must be at least two hours long. https://www.gamedeveloper.com/console/timed-game-trials-are-now-a-requirement-for-some-playstation-developers
  13. PS PLUS Usually goes for 2250 during sales. If EXTRA is also discounted it will be 4k . Good price to be honest.
  14. Emulator even if it arrives will be on PC . Hope its direct on ps5. another game I wanna try is infamous 1.
  15. Ha like sasta jhonny sins. Situation ke hisab se profession XD (take it as a lite hearted joke please)
  16. I dont care who's wierd and who's not . Gamepass is one heck of deal and not to be missed. Those who have it know it. Then why do you think having games like forza , cricket 22 , GoTG , hades and so many other games at 200(100 with sharing) Is a bad deal?!?
  17. @radicaldude Says it’s indeed a bad deal. No day one games = fail. Please argue with him.
  18. Nah only day one makes sense to you not me. i played control (AAA) 8 months or so after release because it was on PS now. Loved it. No way i would have played it otherwise. different people have different requirements/ways to play games. The sooner you accept that the better you will understand why gamepass model works. heck even ps+ essential is what il be subscribing too even if it wont have day one games. Services like this give you a reason to try a game you wouldn’t touch otherwise.
  19. 2-3 is good enough time man. and if you get busy it isn’t Microsofts fault right?
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