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  1. Ha how can one forget this region lock chiyapa, horrible.
  2. But then I thought it will be good on console too, and its just not cyberpunk multiple such games , another example is far cry 3. Bought it and within half hour i hated janky controls but could not refund because you know why!
  3. Reviewers said Cyberpunk was good , we all know how that went
  4. Even if the game is faulty For ex. BF2042 you wont get a refund if you started pre-loading it. sh*t system. Then the terms are conditions are trash and needs to change. Why tf downloding a game means no refund even if i did not start it.
  5. Wait till you have to deal with its refund system. I applied for refund for metro exodus as it was cheaper on xbox. After 7 days i did not get a mail hencr mailed back, got a response that it was refunded (But it wasn’t). So i told them i did not receive it and they were like wait we are checking. Finally i got it two days before (I did not get a mail for the same) i got to know in transaction history. Another friend is yet to get a refund .
  6. Mine is wrong to my first console was xbox one x , while museum says its series x. Most played game is right. Red dead redemption 2 .
  7. We mostly play after 10.30 ish.
  8. Its not instant on tata cliq as gamestheshop manually does it. Nothing to worry you’ll get it 😇
  9. Bro WTF. Add to that they are allowed to keep guns . Wow , guess our's isn't that bad of a place.
  10. I just bought few more a month back i think. makes around 6% of PF.
  11. I was not going to wait for post credits , but i googled and the article mentioned its a big one and should'nt be missed.
  12. This is a joke right ? If not the whole west is a joke
  13. Koi nae bhai ham bhi tumhare sath he XD
  14. Stay away from ola until it hits the road. I have bought ather delivery should be in december, another decent choice is TVS IQube.
  15. Hope its quick resume. ITs a bit buggy on XBOX but when it works its absoultely amazing.
  16. In short he's what we call in local language "Khotarda".
  17. As a lot of people said I get the tech but i dont get why its valued at what its valued. Some would say "You'all are saying this because you missed making money in bitcoins and others" And i agree , i missed it but i still dont see bitcoin anything other than a speculative asset with no backing.
  18. None of us are getting this.
  19. Yes preety much in groups too this is the price quoted.
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