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  1. Anyone have good recommendations for smart bulbs (hopefully supports Matter) and front facing smart door cameras?
  2. Saw The black phone yesterday was a good thriller I don't think it is worth the hype it's getting but a decently enjoyable movie.
  3. Watched Everything Everywhere all at Once, truly a modern classic. Will recommend everyone to watch it.
  4. I am going for Imax but I have heard people mention 4dx is also quite a unique experience.
  5. Just finished this game and considering how little the game is talked about it was way better than I expected. The writing, voice acting are brilliant. The combat was mediocre so I just put it on easy mode and just enjoyed the ride. I really hope they do a sequel, I like all these characters way better than the movie counterparts. Also the game had a surprising amount of heart However I can't believe how refreshing it was to see them do away with the romance track between Quill and Gamora that I feel was consistently the worst part of the movies. I liked that everyone was an equal part of the team.
  6. I done with the game. Was a great experience would not have tried it if not were for the IVG library. Let me know who wants it next. Thanks @fatpigeon for the game let me know when I need to send it back to you if no one replies.
  7. I have received the game @fatpigeon please update the list. I don't know if it was mentioned here but I have received the game without the original case.
  8. Done with the game let me know if anyone wants it else I can ship back to owner.
  9. Do we need another disc for Horizon Forbidden West I can donate if there is a demand for it
  10. If no one wants it by next Friday I can take it. Already have a game from the library but I should be done by then.
  11. Got it. Hopefully will finish it in a few weeks.
  12. Crazy coincidence i will be sitting somewhere near you then same date and timing.
  13. Anyone have a Kotak credit or debit card need one to book tickets on MakeMyTrip.
  14. djdgr8


    If you have completed the game but just looking to plat it isn’t that bad just need to practise a bit and get the parry upgrades in the first 2 levels.
  15. @rushab oswal if you are done with the game can I have it?
  16. djdgr8


    Satisfying trophy to get. Great game but looks like it is flying under the radar in between the big releases.
  17. Anyone have a Samsung referral code that I can use? Want to buy a tab s8 from their site.
  18. I have 1 slot in my Netflix free . I am looking for someone who can commit long term. You will have to pay for the year in advance. If the price increases for Netflix in the year those charges will be extra. I will refund the money for the remainder of the months if I can’t continue for some unforeseen reasons or if Netflix cracks down on password sharing. Amount to be paid 649/4 * 12 = 1947 for 12 months.
  19. This is everything I wished the the original pc games were. Huge rush of nostalgia kicked in while watching the gameplay reveal. If the reviews are good will get it day 1.
  20. To people who have finished the game how many hours of the main story am I looking at after completing all the tall necks? Trying to see if it is possible to finish the campaign tonight.
  21. I like to clear out a area before I move onto the next story mission but the map is huge and has way too many things cramped in it. I didn't have this issue in the original horizon, spidey or ghost of tsuchima but this is changing my mind. 46 hrs and not even half the map cleared is crazy.
  22. I am 46 hours into the game and I think I am souring myself on the game by completing every icon the map. I just got done with the first of the 3 main objectives you get. I am going to take a break from the game and probably mainline the story next. I am already at level 37 I think that should easily take me to the final boss by just completing rest of the story missions.
  23. Got the disc from Games the shop. Now to wait 3 hours for the ps5 upgrade to download.
  24. Completed The Wolf among us last night have been meaning to do that for ages. It was a great ride. Quite excited for the next one it looks absolutely gorgeous.
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