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  1. 1) Just finished gaming on my Tata Sky today. It's a lot of fun! That Tata Sky remote doubles as a controller, incase you didn't know that
  2. They Could easily put a 1080p screen but you are only seeing one aspect of it. What about processor and battery? If they use a more powerful processor to support that 1080p screen then how long will the battery last? Switch already had a very low battery backup till they optimized the processor on the revision to have better battery life. A Switch still provides a 1080p output to the TV set. I think 720p screen is just fine to keep that right balance of portability and battery backup. I used to play my Nintendo DS Lite for 12-18 hours before I recharged it again. Edit: Also, Nintendo has its own audience. I often switch back from PS4 to Switch when I want to play something light-hearted, not too stressful. (no pun intended). If you are not able to justify the purchase then perhaps Nintendo games are not for you.
  3. If you didn't ask a rhetorical questions then I'll shed some light to it. One of the core beliefs of Nintendo is to use cheap and existing technology to develop its systems. This directly helps them to keep their end product costs as low as possible. They also believe that if they use slightly older technology, it will help them avoid technological hiccups such as supply and quality of the components. Nintendo products will never be able to compete with Sony or MS in terms of power.
  4. Agreed! This is going to be one of my top games ever! Just when I thought that video games don't entice me as much as they did before, Cuphead arrives. I played it till 1AM last night. I was not giving up on a few levels till I completed them.
  5. Cuphead. This game may seem difficult but it is incredibly easy once you find the patterns. The levels are barely 1 or 2 minutes long but it took me 30 minutes to beat a boss just because I died repeatedly until I learned all the patterns. This game is unique not just with art style but also for the gameplay! Loving every moment of it!
  6. Jupiter

    Death Stranding

    Oh wow, it all makes sense to me now. Thanks. I want to play this game but do not have that kind of time until summers. Hopefully it remains active until then.
  7. Jupiter

    Death Stranding

    I have a question. Will gamers who play this game later in its lifespan will have a different experience than the gamers who played it as soon as it was released? I mean with certain elements such as building roads and path? Won't new players see the roads are already built by early players?
  8. @Chirag2001 Hi! For latest Nintendo products, you'll get similar prices to India. Indian prices might even be cheaper. UK is expensive for electronics, in comparison to USA. If I do see any deals, will let you know. I know a good subreddit for Switch: https://reddit.com/r/nintendoswitchdeals
  9. With great power pink ball comes great responsibility. Agreed, specialist wicket keeper is a must!
  10. I wonder how Wasim Akram is feeling seeing the pink ball swing. Will he come back from the retirement? :o
  11. @CarbonCore Congrats on the lite! Maybe help this dude with your inputs if you can. Edit: Never mind. I see you are already helping in another thread.
  12. Yes. They will definitely deliver. Bon Appetit!
  13. Finished the game today. It is a very easy game in normal mode. I'll try the hero mode later. The art style was beautiful but beating the bosses is easier than eating a cake. It's understandable though since it was originally a Gameboy game. My finish time was 12 hours.
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