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  1. Jupiter


    If you have no clue about stock markets then please do not speculate about the prices. Either consult a financial planner or learn enough to invest in DIRECT mutual funds of ONLY BLUECHIP companies.
  2. Bhagwaan tum log ko kabhi maaf nahi karega.
  3. Jupiter


    For anyone who believes in how planetary setup affects our lives, I have to say that it was not a favorable time on Earth. Since March 24th, that time has however started to change. I strongly believe in astrology and how it affects us. We could predict a lot through it. It's science too. I could go on and say that by April 20th 2020 (could be even before), we'll either have the vaccine or the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19 will drop dramatically. I know it sounds crazy to say this but I am only telling what is reflected on the charts. I didn't want to post it here but if it helps you cope up with this difficult time then why not.
  4. Jupiter


    I am not one for fat shaming people but this woman needs to let the maid go and finish the household work herself.
  5. Jupiter


    Even the strongest of us could develop issues if we stay confined in a closed up space. It elevates anxiety levels. Mental health is important during this crisis. I think such conducts would help us feel better about this situation, however little it may be, it raises our spirits and hope. No one is going out and most people are going to their individual terrace and balconies in my city.
  6. Jupiter


    Irony is, Kanika Kapoor sang the song Baby Doll Sone Di... "Yeh duniya pittal di.." More like she herself is pittal. (Not pure like gold)
  7. Jupiter


    Oh! I see now. Well, the writer is certainly talented then! I had no idea, thought it was one of those fake news.
  8. Jupiter


    There are so many contradictions and holes in this story. To anyone reading it, please read it as fiction! The CIA agents do not generally engage in a direct conflict. The author made two contradictory statements: "It will not surprise you to hear that if my identity were to be revealed, my life would be in grave danger, as would those of my wife and son. I ask you to respect the fact that I have stripped out of this account all facts that would make it easy to identify me." and, "one subject, an elderly lady who had published defamatory cartoons of our President, begged me for death with such insistence that I took pity and shot her. I was reprimanded, but fortunately the complaint was dropped when I agreed to reimburse the cost of the bullet. I swore to myself never again to show such unnecessary emotion." Yeah, right. There are exactly 10928388293 people who did the same so it's really difficult for the Chinese government to identify this person. Furthermore, "Most importantly, I have a wife and a son." This person is repeatedly mentioning his wife and son at so many places writing that he is worried for their well being. This doesn't add up. Anyone who is scared of something happening will try to conceal it as much as possible. That's how the normal psychology of fear would work. Not this! Nice work of fiction though!
  9. Which olive oil you choose depends upon your purpose. If you are using it for grilling or frying or saute, you can use the light olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is the first extract/press of the olives. It's the purest form of olive oil which is used to make salad dressings and dips. Avoid pomace olive oil. It's basically last extract from the olives. If you have not had extra virgin olive oil regularly then you'll have to develop the taste slowly.
  10. 1. Examine the cartridge slot under light and see if there are any bent/misplaced pins that might not be touching the cartridge. 2. Try using another power adapter. 3. Open the console and check the soldering points around the cartridge slot, wiggle it gently to see if any of the points are loose. 4. Check the soldering points with a multimeter for continuity. Place one pin on the top of the soldering point and the other pin on the board. You can fix the point 1 and 2 yourself but for the rest you will have to find a mobile/console repair guy to fix the console. You can go to Musafir Khana market and ask there, I have seen several guys sitting there doing repairs. It's close to Manish Market and Crawford Market. I don't know the exact address.
  11. Cricket is finished in Pakistan. This is supposed to be the future for them.
  12. Aur ab kuchh bhi kar len. Bumrah ka ek over mein inko Bumroh Bumroh dance karwa dega and match over.
  13. Make way South Africa. NZL are now number 1 chokers in the world!
  14. 1) Just finished gaming on my Tata Sky today. It's a lot of fun! That Tata Sky remote doubles as a controller, incase you didn't know that
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