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  1. If you read ebooks on a kindle or an iPad, and you buy them on Amazon, browse today! Bezos has gone off the deep end, literally every book is dirt cheap. Especially if you read Scifi/Fantasy/Horror - highly recommend. Not sure why but I'll take it.
  2. Congrats man, best of luck
  3. Yep. I had Mahrez and Pep starts Foden and Grealish. Cancelo is the only safe pick. I would've been doomed but luckily Haaland came through. I didn't have Salah, I got Son instead and
  4. I had the day off, went and watched it. @Mr. Comingleis right, it was f**king hilarious. Great movie, great dialogue, great cameos. 250 bucks to watch it in IMAX, ridiculous. Go watch!
  5. This one is really under the radar. I knew about it by checking the Coming Soon page, but no one is talking about it. Will go watch, I have the whole week off.
  6. Yeah. Didn't want the hassle basically but I'll talk to him and see. Not on Apple's website. You may be able to do this at physical retail shops, 3rd party apple retailers but they won't offer free airpods.
  7. Been watching Classroom of the Elite weekly. Super chad giga brain main character. Might go and read the light novel, anime is too slow
  8. 256 is actually pretty less. I bought the 512 GB variant myself last year, but its no longer available for the M1 chip Macbook Air. For storage option I have to get M2 which is significantly more expensive. Dammit
  9. Nope. Will be ordering via Apple's website itself. Its a solid deal, 90K for the Macbook Air, plus free airpods. My mom needs a pair so it works out perfectly.
  10. Yeah I have HDFC card for that discount. So with student discount+HDFC combined I might get same price at a store. But free airpods is a really solid deal tbh, don't think any stores will offer that. I'll call Logix RD and Croma once and see, otherwise proceed on Apple's website. Wish delivery times were faster, it says the earliest is 9th August.
  11. Hey. Looking to buy a Macbook Air for my dad, using my student discount. I noticed that airpods are free with a purchase on Apple's website - same deal as last year when I bought one for myself. Will any physical stores price match this deal, or is this the best option? Buying M1 only, more than enough firepower. I'm hoping to get one quickly, because buying directly from Apple usually takes 2 weeks to arrive. @Bird Bird Birdany insight?
  12. Second that - an absolute page turner of a book. But I didn't know there was a show - time to check it out. Thank you @Ne0
  13. Haven't heard of the former but I shall check it out. Virgin River is def fairly light. Perfect to de-stress. Amazing gorgeous location too.
  14. Okay yeah that should be okay. Dad has multiple cards, even with multiple flights a week he never runs out so should be alright. I only travel once every couple months. Thanks!
  15. Hey. My dad has an account with HDFC and a Regalia card. He mostly uses Axis Bank Vistara Signature card as he flies a lot and travel miles are better for us, so never upgraded Regalia. I don't have a consistent paycheck in college, but have got a Regalia add-on card now. I wanted one for lounge access at airports etc. The benefits are same as regular Regalia card? Any downside compared to individual Regalia card?
  16. Yeah for once I didn't press next and it was mentioned in the ending credits. I'm pretty sure its shot in British Columbia/Alberta Canada. Cannot agree more, its just beautiful. Watching this show is almost like taking a vacation. I will watch with the family, so it usually goes slower but shouldn't take longer than a week! Will also start on Friday.
  17. Yep comes out sometime today. They have started production for Season 5 as well, its on their instagram and twitter. We usually get the season in the summer, so same time next year. I personally haven't read the books but I hope there is enough material for a couple more seasons as I do enjoy this show greatly.
  18. Excited for Virgin River Season 4 to drop on Netflix tomorrow. Great family show, solid writing great plot characters etc. Highly recommend grabbing a bowl of popcorn and watching this with parents, kids, siblings, grandparents. All around feel-good family show.
  19. I would caution anyone to not get over-hyped for this. Yes it LOOKS stunning but Amazon poured an insane amount of money into this. But money can't buy good writing to well done character development. They don't own the rights to the Simarillion - but they are including some things with changed names and changing events a lot. I'm hoping I'm wrong and it turns out amazing, but after Wheel of Time - I'm expecting the worst but praying for the best.
  20. Went and watched The Black Phone at the theatre. I really liked it a fair bit. Noir, horror, thriller - with a kid at the center cuz thats the best way to do it with a very interesting premise. Much better bang for my buck than f**king Thor. @STICK3Rboyit was quite good! I think I've seen like 6 movies at the cinema hall in the past month haha. Would have gone for The Gray Man as well but will netflix it. In this case I have read the book and I think Netflix has f**ked up the source material, per usual.
  21. oh yeah Ive heard those are really good! I've heard good things about The Secret History, by Donna Tartt. and if you want to pick up an episode series of mysteries - the Arliss Cutter mystery books by Marc Cameron are really good.
  22. Yoooo those are some crispy shots. awesome! @Bird Bird Birdhave been a bit out of loop this year, but I think you'll find most people recommending Sony when it comes to mirrorless. Full Frame is more expensive of course, but the A7R range has sold super well and is just a very reliable option.
  23. I own a Sony A6000 camera. Only have the kit lens, don't have any additional equipment. Haven't used it for quite a bit now, plus I now own an iPhone 12 so covered in terms of casual pictures. I'm thinking the A6000 is a bit old now, even though my own has seen little use. Should I sell it off, and free up some money? I plan to go on a few trips later this year, will buy something newer then. Will cost more but I should be able to afford it then.
  24. Also watched Thor this weekend, pretty much echo your thoughts 100%. They went with a non-serious joking narrative for the first 2/3rd - while it was fine I was at least entertained but the last act just lost me - trying to be serious will not have any weight. Christian Bale would've played a solid Voldemort - that is all I have to say Will not be going for further Marvel movies unless backed by solid reviews or if its Spiderman. Both this, and MoM were frankly a waste of money at the theatres.
  25. Have tickets booked for Saturday. Logix mall IMAX tickets are 900 a pop. f**king ridiculous Got tix for 300 in regular 3D. Hopefully its half decent. I'd much rather have gone to watch The Black Phone but alas friends
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