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  1. Finally watched the Uncharted movie, yoinked the 4K and it was a good afternoon. Truth be told, I enjoyed the movie. It wasn't especially amazing, and I would naturally compare having played the games - but I've spent hundreds of hours playing as Nathan Drake so it is to be expected that the experience won't be as good with a 2 hour movie. However - it was entertaining, the jokes were funny, the callbacks to the game are there, the chemistry between Nate and Sully is going on the right direction - and most importantly they didn't change the essence of the games. It FEELS Uncharted enough. The plot structure as well as how events usually develop in these games. Looking forward to more movies if they make 'em. 8/10. Also, Nathan Drake bartending - that was new and I like it.
  2. Hahahaha good one but yeah just comparing og Jurassic Park vs the Jurassic World reboo/sequel trilogy
  3. Watched Jurassic World Dominion in IMAX this weekend. If you just want dinosaurs on the big screen, its solid. But as an entry in the series - it is repetitive, has a fair few plotholes, and just has lost the novelty of it all. They're used to dinosaurs now so no one is even scared, half the time they're not even running. Jeff Goldblum is as good as always, however. Maybe I'm old school, but this wasn't it even though the first Jurassic World movie with Chris and Bryce was really good imo. 6/10, recommend watching - but not at the theatres. Looking forward to watching JJK 0 at the movies next weekend.
  4. North

    Elden Ring

    really? I don't have a sub right now but okay! Is is the free game for June, or part of a catalogue? Have been out of the PS Plus loop since the year started
  5. North

    Elden Ring

    Looking to pick up a copy for the PS4 - and its more expensive than the PS5 version on amazon ffs Anyone have a better source?
  6. From what I know its based on Joe Hill's (Stephen King's son) story. I've read a couple books by the man and do have faith in the material. If you go watch, do let us know how it is.
  7. tomorrow is final day at theatres - and have snagged a couple tickets at Logix at 2:10 tomorrow, IMAX I actually like Chris Pratt and Bryce Howard in these - hope its fun. Don't expect it to blow my mind by any means of course.
  8. Waited long enough but friends coming back home so will be going to watch Jurassic World in theatres next weekend. Any feedback, do I book IMAX or 4DX?
  9. Oh absolutely. But audible and scribd make the time fly, I'm very happy getting through more books. Its only for 2 months, I'm interning here so I decided just to do it. Will def try and get placed/permanent job in Noida, plenty of offices along the expressway. Don't want more Gurgaon after this man. Highly recommend Warlord Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell - his version of the arthurian tale. The audiobooks by Jonathan Keeble are fantastic.
  10. Have been commuting from Noida to Gurgaon via shuttle everyday for my internship, so I got a month of scribd to listen to audiobooks during 3-4 hours of commute time. Fantastic so far!
  11. Watched it this morning. 10/10 movie experience, straight banger. Worth every f**king penny in IMAX. Like Bird, almost considering watching it again in 4DX this time, it was that good. Soundtrack was top notch, dialogue was quippy and concise, the jokes landed, the plot made sense, the love angle was well done but not overshadowing the rest, and the visuals. Oh lord, the visuals. No green screen, just sheer adrenaline from Tom Cruise and the team. Have enjoyed Miles Teller in everything he does, like him just as much in this. I was worried about a sequel 35 years down the line, worried they'd tank it and ruin the first one just to bank on 'Top Gun' name to get people running to the cinemas, but nothing to be afraid of for this was as perfect as a sequel can get. I can't say enough good things, and I don't remember the last time I had a cinema experience this good. Movie of the year for me so far, what a beautiful movie. Left the hall with a giant smile planted on my face. Enough gushing, go watch it in IMAX if anyone's still on the fence.
  12. Booked noon show IMAX tomorrow. The entire hall was packed, and just 1 seat left top row for some reason. Love how this worked hahahaha I came in here right after booking IMAX. No worries its gonna be a stellar experience either way. I like it in movies like Jurassic Park, especially in all the scenes when you're being chased by giant scary dinosaurs and ruslting through trees and bushes. Tickets are already out, will be booking 4DX for the new Jurassic World early next month.
  13. I was hoping to watch this weekend but my friend bailed. I've been waiting ever since the trailer, will go alone if I have to. Will book IMAX at Logix tomorrow. Hyped.
  14. what laptop bag should I buy? have started going for work/internship and my college bag doesn't have a laptop sleeve or additional padding and I take public transport. Two criteria - 1. Laptop pocket (13" Macbook Air) 2. Looks stylish. Not looking for average looking bag, would look something stylish, leather would be pretty cool I guess.
  15. OKAY THIS LOOKS VERY GOOD also Dakota Johnson is basically angelic
  16. booking.com is the best when you're not very sure. you don't need to pay to book, and its refundable I think upto 24 hours before check-in. varies from hotel to hotel, checking booking.com. they're super transparent and they have good pricing if you're looking to include breakfast, or even dinner with your room for some additional cost.
  17. Yeah. I've found the audio to be muffled in Spice halls before. If its a quieter noire experience like Batman or something, and if there aren't subtitles I'd miss like half the dialogues. I don't mind Wave as such - but Top Gun is the most hyped movie for me this year so want to splurge+I don't think the Wave seats recline at all. My school used to take as to Wave for movies.
  18. yeah dude IMAX pricing is f**ked. Was like this for DS2 as well. They're opening tix sales a month early and pricing is through the moon. I watched DS2 in regular 3D, 400 bucks a pop - and that was a whole week later. I did not care that much for MCU movies, but I do want an A-Tier IMAX experience for Top Gun Maverick and Jurassic World - and I'm very much worried about Logix IMAX pricing. Meanwhile go back to Spice (or Smart Bharat Mall ) and its still at 200 bucks - plus its 10 mins away from my place.
  19. Finally watched Doctor Strange 2. Hovering between a 6/10 and 7/10 personally. Its a Raimi flick alright, I loved certain sequences yet the story on a whole is just really not it. It only works because of its ties with the rest of the MCU. As a standalone this movie would have a lot of issues. As a pure sequel to 2016's original Doctor Strange, it would yet again have issues. Heavily relies on tie-ins and easter eggs. Don't get me wrong, I love Easter eggs sprinkled in - like the one very early in No Way Home. But fair few set pieces are there just to wow the audience and to make us go 'woohoo' when we see something that wasn't expected - but that basically do not add anything to the plot or the story. The first movie was definitely better, it def honed in on Strange as a person - and as a superhero later, while this one gives no f**ks about the girl, or any of the other major players and is based on any development previously done in pre-Endgame flicks or WandaVision. I did not really like how the movie ends either, did not feel earned. Entertaining popcorn flick for sure, but not worth 400 bucks to watch it at the cinemas imo. One would be much better off spending the dollar on Top Gun : Maverick later this month. Some spoilers now -
  20. Yeah sad. Its not done well at the box office overseas, so if there was a legit way - even something as dumb as renting it on Youtube I would do it to support more such endeavours but alas, will sail the high seas once again.
  21. This guy writes some of the BEST character interactions - incredible author. Boutta be hype.
  22. Where did you watch? I'm a big fan of Nordic representations in media - books or TV, the depiction of the Icelandic Sagas, the southward foray of the vikings later down the line, stuff like that. Picked it up in The Last Kingdom and Vikings, and this book called The Shadow of the Gods. Plus the cast is good, and I'm really hyped to watch this one. Would've loved it to see it at the movies, but will throw it up on the TV and enjoy it all its 4K glory. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I've read the book - knew the whole plot - and still enjoyed every minute of it. Not saying this is perfect but its a very good adaptation I'd say. I was just super engaged, knowing how it would turn out in the end didn't kill it for me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In other news, watching Multiverse of Madness tomorrow evening. Was waiting to be done with semester exams. Do I need to watch Wandavision for this? My friend says I can just watch the final post credits scene and I'm all set? Thing is - I'm not sold on WandaVision. If I binge it tomorrow, its pretty much just for context and not out of excitement.
  23. streaming where? I have the main 3 services so I should be covered. will watch this weekend
  24. Okay I get you. Other features like a touch screen infotainment system, Apple Car Play, parking cameras etc I assume are all available across the board right? Gonna be going with a Manual, Petrol option. Any others to consider in this range? My current car is giving a lot of trouble so looking to get this done in another 10-12 days at best. Anything else when purchasing a car? Doing all this basic research, and I guess test drive it and should be good to go?
  25. We don't have sunroof currently either so probably not something we'll miss and we never use backseat arm rest. I'm very about Toyota though. The maintenance costs would be much higher compared to Maruti, Hyundai, Honda I assume? Plus we'd like to stick to the Sedan/mini-SUV variants. Looking at City 4th gen, Ciaz, Venue, Sonet, Dzire. any others to consider, and any opinions? Also anyone knows out of Maruti, Hyundai Honda which is better in terms of maintenance costs, easy repairability, replacement parts etc?
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