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  1. I think he deactivated or unfriended on steam and PSN and everything too Idk why, can anyone still contact him?
  2. He's not on the forum or even the discord. Anyone know whats up? He left without a word.....
  3. MS peer-pressured them hard looks like Doesn't compare with Acti deal, and idk if Destiny is that big an acquisition unless they're going to funnel the teams into more new IPs
  4. @Felix the catmassive spoilers, please spoiler tag your post. I agree with you
  5. Its a consistent issue. Happening to me every 3-4 days. I switch on PS4, and play once a day. Obviously something's f**ked but any idea what? Each time I have to re-initialise PS4, re-download Apex Legends, set up my game all over again
  6. Couldn't agree more. While I'm in college and not school anymore - I honestly cannot see the reasoning behind this. They should be working on how to make online learning more feasible in this time. Also - wish you a speedy recovery man, hope you bounce back asap This. My society friend group doesn't ask me to hang out because I refused to share alcohol bottles and cigarettes during covid peak. Told them it was sheer dumbassery and now I'm the outcast. Join the club. Luckily I have some sensible friends as well, or I would be depressed by this point.
  7. Apparently he has been confronted and arrested based on the sexual and physical assault accusations. No official statement yet. But he's done. I hope the poor girl makes it through this ordeal. Meanwhile good news -
  9. I'm familiar with the author, Ryan Holiday - he's quite famous and he mostly talks about stoicism and other topics but this looks interesting. He's been doing some great things with his youtube channel too, its mostly about encouraging people to pick up a book and read - and I def support that. Might pick this up sometime this year
  10. Trailer looks a lot better now but that music choice just ain't it man
  11. indeed. my dad had it, and he's still not recovered 100%. idk whose idea it was to call it "mild" and it caught on. we're all suffering for it. Now even Sisodia called it "not harmful for kids" so they can open schools, idk what this guy is smoking. Every time they've made this kind of decision it bites them in the a*s 3 days later......
  12. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/delhi-govt-to-recommend-reopening-of-schools-in-ddma-meeting-on-thursday-manish-sisodia/articleshow/89139447.cms
  13. Guys has anyone SOLD on gameloot before? I'm sure purchasing is fine, but I want to sell my copy of Dragon Quest XI to them. I'm going with the cash not credit so I don't plan to buy any games immediately. Edit: Do I just need to wrap it in bubble wrap, or package it completely like I would if I was the one shipping it?
  14. absolute bananas. what a phenomenal episode. this show will kill me one day, I'm convinced.
  15. Okay so my PS4 works now but one problem lingers. When I switch on my PS4, I get the playstation logo on the screen and then nothing. Then I cut the power off, and switch it on again. It does the usual drive check in case of power loss - and then it restarts and works this time. found the pattern with trial and error. This has happened ever since I reset the PS4. Edit: Happened again just now. I pull the plug, and switch it on again - and I get the error in the photo above. Drive corrupted I guess?
  16. yeah yeah all done. its fine now. lost any game save files and the screenshots. not a big deal I'm happy I can continue playing.
  17. Yes I followed the steps, set up my PS4 from scratch again. It was annoying to do, and I'm worried how this happened in the first place but no real loss. I wasnt in the middle of any games so losing save files is not bummer. Have only played Apex Legends so just re-downloaded it. all my stats and everything are tied to PSN account.
  18. I'm doing as it says - but wtf why. should I be worried? I'm worried if I've lost all my data and sh*t.
  19. I think my escape key is no longer working. I bought this Macbook Air (M1) about 6 months ago or so, should be in warranty. It used to work before but now its not working - I noticed because I use the escape key to exit the full screen on youtube videos. I tried one of the simple keyboard tests online, they support this. What can I do next? Does anyone know how I can get this fixed? I hope this'll be quick I don't want to send in my laptop for multiple days or something. I can survive without it for a while but want to get it fixed since I should be covered on this.
  20. yeah thank you! SSDs are expensive but rather spend a little and be safe than sorry.
  21. meanwhile I'm here, hoarding data on multiple seagate external drives reading all these posts and going
  22. I think they'd be making more money by having it on other systems (playstation) than to take it off and make money by forcing people to switch sides. but its definitely a long term vision.
  23. Might be one of the ONLY adaptations that I like as much as the book - even with the changes. Its f**king great I need to go and watch the rest now that its finished
  24. anyone got the link for the new ep? it should be out now but I can't see it anywhere yet
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