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  1. THIS IS STRAIGHT UP INCREDIBLE Fanmade audiobook for The Hobbit - that took 5 years to make. Guys just listen to a couple minutes of this., and you'll be hooked. https://archive.org/details/the-hobbit-bluefax
  2. THIS IS STRAIGHT UP INCREDIBLE Fanmade audiobook for The Hobbit - that took 5 years to make. Guys just listen to a couple minutes of this. If you've not read/listened to a book in years - this will do it for you https://archive.org/details/the-hobbit-bluefax
  3. Facing a bit of a unique problem with my Apple Airpods. When using with Mac, only getting audio in my right airpod. No audio in left. But on iPhone, I'm getting audio on both. Tried re-pairing airpods with Mac, but that didn't work. Has anybody faced this issue?
  4. Yep, the store is supposed to be massive. You know that huge dusty area near the Sector 51 and 52 metro stations? Thats where one has to change for Aqua Line of metro. I think that is where we're going to get IKEA. Looking at the plot size, this is looking to be bigger than Logix lol. Greatly anticipating this - finally shitty furniture stores with overblown pricing will take a hit, and I'm all for it.
  5. I'm sitting in an online class right now, and the prof is telling us it will blow over by the end of the month, and everything is back to normal starting February
  6. I guess this isn't effective immediately, because some of my "friends" are out partying/clubbing. There is already night curfew applicable after 10PM. Don't how/why, but I think this pandemic has done a good job of highlighting braindead people.
  7. Thank you @Mr. Comingle Also, one thing. Can someone elaborate on the work experience requirements for MBA programs? In India through CAT, or abroad through GMAT score? I was checking some popular MBA programs offered by universities abroad, and pretty much all of them have a min. work ex benchmark. Googling isn't giving me very clear answers on this front.
  8. please tell me you did the audible narration? its phenomenal, truly elevates an already outstanding book. PS. If you're looking for any recommendations
  9. hope you're back on your feet asap bro, rest up
  10. @MadmageYup. You said you liked Glen Cook's Black Company, I have a feeling you'll like Malazan Book of the Fallen. @Ne0spoiler tags not working, and those are some massive spoilers lmao. But yes, the book is fantastic. and trust me, there are so many more twists and turns to come in this story.
  11. Interests don't align. The universe is always pushing me towards computer science, I'm even getting the youtube ads which go 'Data is the Future' and all that jazz, but computer science is not my vibe I think. Hmmmm, will look into it. I did google search, but the exam feee was a bit of a turn off
  12. Sad to hear this. At least 60 apartments in my society already have airtel fibre. They're constantly trying to get more people to take the service. It was super fast for me. after sales part we shall see I guess. I hope it gets resolved for you soon bro. Well I'm glad to hear this. Personally, my Airtel Fibre installation took like an hour max, so I'd say it quite fast. No complaints on that front. I called my local airtel person at 11AM, and he explained the plans, and initiated the process. Got a payment link 10 mins later, and then by noon they were at my place. Hour later they leave, fibre working perfectly. Plus my main reason was for Apex Legends (MP gaming) so I'm happy I picked Airtel not Jio. My society has both, pretty much dead split on these two. Could've gone either route.
  13. The Final Empire is great. One of my favourite books, and Kelsier is a fantastic charcter. Book 2 is slightly slower, but the ending is an absolute avalanche. Book 3 reads insanely fast. Extremely fast paced, lots of action, I blew through Hero of Ages in 1 day.
  14. Also - I always envisioned studying/working abroad after finally being done with my B.Tech. Assuming the CAT thing goes right, I'm kind of being boxed in for another two years..... Any thoughts on this? I don't hate it here, but I've been longing to get a taste of what its like beyond our borders other than a holiday, and I can't see it taking shape with the decisions I'm taking.
  15. Optimum strategy, prep method, similar to some of the other replies. May bother y'all with more questions ofc, thanks. from what I understand, there is a section for reading comprehension stuff. I read plenty of books anyway - maybe it'll give me an edge. And the math section is supposed to be stuff we've studied already. No new earth shattering concepts I guess, so thats a good sign. Any material you specifically recommend? Will spare a lot of trial and error, effort that can otherwise go into the actual studying part. Wasted time during JEE with books and stuff, when just solving coaching material would've sufficed. Frankly, solving mock tests has always been the favourite part of my preparation, so thats good for sure. I assume going to coaching class (online/offline) or getting some sort of online course (like a lecture series) is probably not required then? I'm a 3rd Year Engineering Student, I have given NTSE/JEE Mains/Advanced before, and math is my strongest suit in the sciences for sure. I'm fairly sure its the right time, the exam is in November. So just keep solving mock test papers, aim to get through them in time. Thank you guys for the responses. Also, one of my friends is going to do this along with me, so I'm looking forward to have a buddy to do this with. No good at doing this alone, I got through engineering entrance because I had friends to compete with.
  16. I read Godblind, but didn't feel like reading the next two in the series. Its okay - nothing great and I don't want to spend precious time reading mediocre stuff. @Madmage Anyhoo, with the New Year and everything - have hopped onto Malazan Book of the Fallen. Its on my radar for years now, and its finally time to do it. A couple chapters deep in Gardens of the Moon.
  17. My semester is going back online, because the virus is back and kicking a*s hehe Considering using all the extra time to prep for CAT. I've done some research, but I think many here have given the exam before, so will appreciate any inputs
  18. College rolled out circular - back to online mode Finally got some sense back. Ruthless f**kers will not let up any chance to drag our asses back to campus. I like going to campus and all - but everything can literally be done online, I don't understand why its all so inefficient
  19. Switched to Airtel Fibre. Getting 120-130 mbps as per fast.com, its costing me 799+GST a month. I paid up front for 3 months, they gave me a router and free installation. My earlier fibre connection (local) was giving me DNS issues - which was not allowing me to log on to Apex Legends. Plus it was more expensive, with like 50mbps tops on the 5Ghz band. Happy with the switch Installation was smooth, done in an hour.
  20. I'm an absolute network noob. I called my internet guy and told him I'm having a DNS issue. The router was once reset before these issues started taking place. The 5Ghz band has stopped working as well - so it could very well be my router. As far as (3) goes, I'm too far addicted to quit. I play this with friends as well haha Thank you!
  21. I play online Apex Legends with my mates, on console (PS4). On the log-in screen, I've started getting this Code 100 (Unable to complete EA Account sign-in) error. This does not let me log into the game. Does anybody have any clue? My internet otherwise is working fine. I tried changing my DNS settings on PS4 as suggested by some articles but that did not do the trick. I can call my service provider, but because the internet is otherwise working - idk if he can do anything. I can login in on mobile hotspot, so this is def something with my wifi I guess.
  22. Happy new year fellas hope we all have a banger year ahead
  23. I haven't opened this thread in over a year, but here I am I'm not even here for PS vs Xbox
  24. hyped as hell. Pattinson's come a long way - and trailer feels dark and gritty and very Batman. Day 1 watch in IMAX hopefully.
  25. Finished watching Witcher Season 2. Books fan will criticize ofc, but I really enjoyed it. Also, I think the final scene of the last episode will definitely surprise people who haven't read the books or played Witcher III.
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