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  1. @Chirag2001 Congrats bro for the new monitor. Kindly give us ur impressions in few days about gaming with PS4 as it will help others [including me] who are also planning to buy one. Thanks in advance. Waiting for ur views
  2. THnks a lot man. i think its LG then. Thnx to all who gave suggestions
  3. thnx man but the LG 24 inch is also equally good and that too cheaper. Very Confused now LG or Acer or BENQ
  4. Yes , i need it for PS4. But thing is that model doesn't have too many reviews [Maybe Less Popularity or may be quality issue] unlike that 22 inch which has wide acceptance. So kinda confused 750rs is not the issue See, 22 inch = 4.4/5 star with 3k feedback and 24 inch = 4/5 with 900 feedback so... BTW LG is equally good right or BENQ is better ?
  5. The 24 inch model in this link is just 740 rs more. I world advice to go for that if you want to buy this. Otherwise in general if there is not much price difference then buy a bigger one! Won't it have that individual pixel visible effect. People say 22 inch is sweet spot for 1080p ?
  6. thnx buddy but bezels alone don't make the decision right? The LG one has more people giving +ve feedbacks. Thats why i'm confused. And Are these the best option under 10k [FHD, LED 22 inch] ?? or recommend me any other
  7. https://www.amazon.in/LG-inch-55cm-LCD-Monitor/dp/B01IBM5V66/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 https://www.amazon.in/BenQ-Borderless-Brightness-Intelligence-Technology/dp/B07LDH32ZP/ref=sr_1_12?dchild=1&keywords=gaming%2Bmonitor&qid=1594880510&refinements=p_36%3A1318505031&rnid=1318502031&s=computers&sr=1-12&th=1 Based on Reviews , i found these 2. Are these good? Saw too many good reviews about them. Anyone Used it . Let me know
  8. #NOTE : CASH STRAPPED ... Gonna Shift away from home to study dilegently but taking PS4 with me and there i won't be having a TV for my PS .So a Gaming Monitor is required. For PS4 Slim So FHD will be more than enough, i am no good with technical things like panel, hertz etc etc. Just recommened me something which looks good to play at. Budget is the supreme consideration here [Max to Max 9-10k] so Brand doesn't matter, Even if someone is selling preowned i'll be happy to take it. Pls Recommend something. Under 9K FHD Looks Good while playing ... Thats it
  9. @AtheK buddy I badly need Cities Skylines PS4 edition. i missed the sale where it was going for 700rs now its 1600 on PSN and same on US PSN. any way ?
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