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  1. @adity @PhantomShade @KnackChap @SuperT @VelivolusDas. Thnx guys for responding... Its a great help ... will keep these things in mind and will look into PS Now. Thnx guys, always got help from you guys Long live IVG. Long live the Community....
  2. Guys i am in some confusion , hope someone helps in out I'm preparing for job and play games to refresh myself [for 1-1.5 hr a day]. So far i have buying, playing, selling , again buying preowned games. But now i thought about PS plus and hence i am a bit confused about whether to get it or not . Reasons being 1. Since everytime i buy , play and sell , i lose on avg 150 rs per game. So on an avg 1800- 2000 per yr [Same as PS plus yearly price on discount 2099] 2. When i want a game, i need to hunt it down , find the best deals, wait for IVG's best listing so it takes lot of my time [I think PS plus will help me by giving free games] 3. I have 40MBPS unlimited connection so internet not an issue.. So whether PS plus is gonna save me some money or atleast time and hassle ?? Should i get it? also , i do like battlefield type, modern warfare type games [Playing warzone also] so would love some multiplayer experience also. So kindly help me out... Thnx
  3. Also BENQ GW2480 is usually 9999. What should i consider a steal price for it?? 8K ?? @[email protected] Bird Bird
  4. Thnx buddy but i dont have any such card just PNB Debit Card i have... What i should consider to be a good price to decide whether to wait for or get it. Sony WF XB700. MRP 12990 :: Usually lists for 8990 or 9990 . What i should be expecting then??
  5. Buddy i dont know what is the best price for it. [Cheaper the better]. MRP is 12900 and is usually listed as 9990 or 8990. What must be the reference that OK i should buy now or wait for next sale , i mean can be discounted to 6k or even 7k.??? And you replied to my that query, BLACK FRIDAY Sale!!! Works for India or Diwali sale is better ??
  6. Guys, looking to buy Sony WF XB700 for real cheap. It usually is around 9990 or 8990 sometimes. Eyeing it for last 2 Months. Will it be cheaper in Upcoming Amazon or Flipkart BBD sale??. Also saw there is something AMAZON BLACK FRIDAY SALE in INDIA also. Don't know when will be the cheapest to buy. Also trying for Benq 24 or 22 inch Monitor. Anybody know when its right time to buy it for cheapest?? @santanu18
  7. I haven’t played either buddy .. I just saw it so thought I‘lo just post here .anyways thnx
  8. NFS PAYBACK Going for super cheap ...
  9. @Chirag2001 Congrats bro for the new monitor. Kindly give us ur impressions in few days about gaming with PS4 as it will help others [including me] who are also planning to buy one. Thanks in advance. Waiting for ur views
  10. THnks a lot man. i think its LG then. Thnx to all who gave suggestions
  11. thnx man but the LG 24 inch is also equally good and that too cheaper. Very Confused now LG or Acer or BENQ
  12. Yes , i need it for PS4. But thing is that model doesn't have too many reviews [Maybe Less Popularity or may be quality issue] unlike that 22 inch which has wide acceptance. So kinda confused 750rs is not the issue See, 22 inch = 4.4/5 star with 3k feedback and 24 inch = 4/5 with 900 feedback so... BTW LG is equally good right or BENQ is better ?
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