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  1. No i did not get any issues. That is my subscription till 2024 in the pic. I was using credit card though. The block happens as a security measure from bank side but i didn't get any. About the email i'm not sure. For safety i email to my another email but you don't even need to get the email as you can get the code from your order history. So using same account might work too.
  2. New Method after price revision in India 3 Years for 5K https://reddit.com/r/XboxIndia/w/gpuconversion?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app
  3. For shoes, i have bought many from adidas.co.in website directly as some they have great discounts than other sites. Next is Myntra as they have much better options than Amazon.
  4. Horizon Zero Dawn PC - 9/10 Completed this yesterday and didn't think i would enjoy it this much. Finished the game + dlc on Hard, took about 55 hours and it never felt like a chore. Didn't have to grind or anything as you pretty much explore it all going for the collectibles and doing all quests. Actually liked the story as well and immediately checked out Forbidden West trailer. Sucks it will be PS5 only at first. This is why love PC games as you can play these with all their beautiful glory (even the video below doesn't do full justice). Made a video of two mech-TRex's fighting! What's not to love.
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