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  1. I know him since a long time. Mostly we are active in the same game collecting circles. Vaha bhi bhai similar baate karta hai kabhi kabhi
  2. arre bhai trip pe tha. no time for all this
  3. Bait kaha hai bhai. I recently platinum'd the UC Trilogy. UC1 looks and feels the worst and would benefit the most from a complete remake imo.
  4. I just had a shower thought. (more like a poop thought but this sounds better) ND should remake UC1 on the TLOU2 engine. In the ideal world theyd remake all three a'la the Modern Warfare Remastered games (Which are amazing btw)
  5. I hope the Firefly edition comes here. Agar aayega toh main simp kalega. Otherwise will wait for it to come on PS+ etc or deep deep discount
  6. It is truly a great experience owning Diccs. PS has its diccs on the right side of the box. Xbox has them on the left. Switch has very small diccs aka cartridges
  7. I love diccs. Owning them and using them is a great experience. Esp with licensed maal that may get delisted after a long time. Great stuff like Spiderman Shattered dimensions is now unobtainable unless you own a disc copy.
  8. Fren don't forget the classics
  9. Sir do not degrade my kind. Hum proud people hai
  10. Only negative I would say is that they are really big time sinks. I took about a week to beat this
  11. Have the danganronpa decadence compilation cartridge on switch. I am set with THH,V2,V3, and something called Danganronpa S
  12. Just finished Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc on the Switch. I know its a very old game but damn, what a ride. Mauj kar di. Highly recommended.
  13. I love playstation but halo is my pehla pyaar, baaki xbox library except gears can take a hike as far as I am concerned. Proof that I am a pony :
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