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  1. Congratulations to Liverpool and their fans
  2. Even I rewatched it a few days ago, superb movie.
  3. True. Even the serials, the new ones are way too flashy and too much stretched to infinity.
  4. Kirti


    I'll not get into racism part (which I'm also against) but China is the reason we have Covid 19 and the whole world is suffering. Previously also China was the reason for SARS, so they are the troublemakers.
  5. Knew this was coming. Rough times at Spurs, they are clueless right now. No fighting spirit. They even don't know what formation to play with current injuries. Don't know why Mou is not trying Troy Parrott with the only striker option available right now.
  6. Bach gaye bhaisaab torture se . I've saved myself from not watching even one of his films. Trailer hi kafi hote hain . There is a scarcity of good original songs these days, infact the remixes are also so dumb and rubbish that you feel like thrashing the remix composer. Also you can see in what direction our bollywood is going after seeing the filmfare awardees. Good movies goes unnoticed and rubbish ones are praised.
  7. The first line of Rajeev Masand's review of Baaghi-3 "Even by the abysmally low standards of the first two films in the franchise, Baaghi 3 is a sh*t show"
  8. I beg to differ, if you try both without vegetables then Maggie wins even chings, top ramen, yippee also taste good without the veggies. Patanjali maggie is not great though and Veggies are like icing on the cake. But then it depends on personal preference.
  9. You should try the throat and lungs part of goat, that's also tastes good if not the intestine. Even I don't like intestine.
  10. @kunjanp @GunnerY2JThe walking catfish you are referring to, is it Magur fish? and they are sold alive here for 180/- to 200/- kg. You'd mentioned waghur fish before, are they both the same variety(Magur/Waghur).
  11. Try Singhara, it's a sea fish (that's what my fish vendor says). Nice in taste. Will be a good starter. Single bone fish but it's a bit costly. Here in dehradun it sells for 300/- to 400/- kg. I think it is a kind of catfish but big in size.
  12. @GunnerY2J can't we go for sea fish for nutritional value as they are not farmed (correct me if I'm wrong). And I think Rohu is also farmed so that's why cheap. Singhara is also very good.
  13. Can anybody tell how Vivo Z1 Pro is, currently for a price tag of 10990/- (the lowest till now). And how is Vivo in providing updates.
  14. I think Zomato, Swiggy and all other food services providers have inflated prices in their menu. So you end up paying the actual price even after getting the discount so makes no sense. Only plus point is that you get food at your doorstep. I've never used these services and have checked at two food joints where the price at the menu is way less than what online is provided.
  15. But doesn't disc go back by exercise? or only losing weight helps in this. And from what I've seen on youtube, the chances of disc getting back in position is very difficult. But have to stay positive, maybe one day .
  16. Sad , what did your doctor(s) said, following any physiotherapy now?
  17. Chill man no need to frustrate now, even I was on panic mode when I came to know about the bulge and it's natural for everyone to react when you know how serious your injury is. As time passed I came to normal mode and accepted the fact that I've a bulged disc and have to live with it. The problem with doctors is that each of them has a different view. One says "X" the other says "Y" so it is this time you have to think yourself that what is best for you as you know your body well, on the top of it these doctors are not ready to listen to you. Even if you try to explain your problem they will say "okay okay". Try the Ice pack if you have not done it yet.
  18. Which spine is your's herniated? mine is L4 & L5 Do you apply ice pack, it was very effective for me the moment I applied it and there was relief in pain but before that I was doing the hot one which was not useful. Doctor had told me that if ignored, this can cause pain in passing stool and urine in future which I had felt when passing stool, I can't express that pain. It's like a sudden wave of pain for a few seconds and you can't even move, horrible. Also one of the physio in youtube said that don't stretch you spine backwards if your spine in bulging backwards instead do the opposite stretch exercise, link is below.
  19. It's okay now. It's more about positioning of your body. Even if I didn't exercise the pain is not there that much but if I ride my bike (Puslar 220) the pain will start after a few minutes also riding a bike starts to give pain more sooner than riding an Activa, again position of your body in these vehicles. I didn't went for other exercises just followed my doctor instructions so it's okay now but it's not healed and don't know whether it will heal in future. The pain is like a snake's tail, it you fiddle with it, it will bite you back and if not then everything is okay.
  20. By the way spurs are playing so crap . Defending is so bad.
  21. My pain used to start from right hip all the way down to legs, with numbness in lower leg and the pain used to go in my right testicle also, it was hell man. Stopped using bike as it was also a reason of pain. Did follow Athlean-x, this guy is good. But there are only one or two exercises for slipped disc. The one which I do is Back Extension in which you lie down on your stomach and raise your front body.
  22. Welcome to the slipped disc club, already a member of it since two years What exercises do you follow for your back and which part of the body you felt pain due to herniated disc. and Happy New Year to all IVG members and wish that all stay healthy.
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