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  1. My mallu friend told me that his another movie KURUP is also good. Give a try to Kumbalangi Nights, a beautiful movie. It's on prime.
  2. What about Hera Pheri, didn't you like that one, it was also really good, better than the sequel. I think after midway 2000 bollywood started producing crap movies. The last comedy movie I enjoyed was Golmaal(2006), had high hopes with the sequel which was pathetic. And then the comedy movies from the 80's like Jane Bhi Do Yaroo and Chashme Buddoor are pure gold.
  3. Yes even I think he will be staying at Barcelona. But anything can happen now.
  4. Any recommendations for instant espresso please.
  5. Congrats to Chelsea and their fans
  6. Well this was a surprise, wasn't expecting his sacking this fast.
  7. If they don't do Spursy things like it was with WHam. Feel like kicking Sanchez
  8. sorry for late reply, but can't say anything about their quality. It's only after buying one gets to know how the shoes are. Maybe someone else can shed light on it. In the morning there was a same flash sale of Nike revolution 4 and I purchased one of them. Let's see how it comes out.
  9. Flash sale deal in Puma shoes(999) on Flipkart, better hurry on.
  10. If you want to sell in Mumbai then you have to first get it registered in Mumbai RTO, for that you have to obtain an NOC from Karnataka RTO and then get it registered in Mumbai, otherwise sell in KA.
  11. Best actor award, Lamela. There should have been two yellows for both IMO.
  12. Son just killed it with four goals Spurs 5 - 2 Sou
  13. Bale to Spurs, Bale to Spurs, Bale to Spurs Also Sergio Reguilon deal done, hope they both prove their worth.
  14. But his free release clause has ended on 31 May. Will the club board consider this now due to extraordinary times of covid since transfers deadlines are also pushed forward.
  15. Can City or any other club interested in him afford €700m ?
  16. Congratulations to Liverpool and their fans
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