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  1. Ok got my PSN US account reinstated (hadn't used it since my PS3 days). Now two accounts on the same machine. Apps working on both accounts. Thanks guys. I also found that there are two Netflix apps on the PS4. One for the US and one for India. Weird!
  2. This helps then. I'll simply create a US PSN account, buy some games and then shall be good to go. Pretty cool. Thanks buddy.
  3. Exactly what made me think of moving to US PSN. BTW can't I have two accounts? One Indian and ONE US on the same PS4. I can login to India account, if I need to play games bought there and login to the US account if I want to play the games bought from the US STORE? I understand that I won't be able to cross play but that I guess is a smal trade off.
  4. This clearly tells me that I should create a new PSN US id and throw away my India PSN account. Would the saved games work fine if I copy over the game save files to a USB drive, login to the new US PSN account and then try to restore the save files from the USB drive. Other than this, except for few platinum trophies, I don't think I'll be losing much.
  5. I got the launch time PS4 and opted for two years India PSN Plus account. I had an absolutely terrible experience - no AAA games, no discounted season deals as well. I am not sure if I should get PSN plus however contemplating if I should create a US PSN Account. They really have great deals, almost always. Is there a way I can have two psn accounts on my PS4? Don't want to loose my trophies. No biggie though. Is there any tradeoff? If I move to US PSN? Heard that there are challenges with DLCs. Any help here would be appreciated.
  6. I found absolutely no difference with Pro on a 1080p screen. If you people are not planning to get a uhd screen, better skip the pro.
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