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  1. "Triggered" says the guy who can't make a single post without comparing everything to Marvel. Looks like it lives rent free in their head. And no I never called Cameron movies "bad" or "boring" like y'all are implying and getting so defensive about. It's just that his previous movies were all better than the generic Dances with Wolves copy Avatar. Old school action directors like him, Spielberg and George Miller are still way better than current day hacks like Michael Bay and Snyder.
  2. Yep and all are way above Avatar 2. Hate Marvel all you want, but no one expected Avengers to be this big when even DC's Justice League couldn't make half of the first Avengers despite having some of the most popular superheros in it. What they have built is nothing short of remarkable. We live in an age where the new Doctor Strange movie will outgross the latest Batman within first few weeks of its release. Cameron is great, no need to bring down others to propel him up. I wish he made more original movies than more Avatar sequels his entire life, but it is what it is. I'm still waiting for the The Abyss to be on Blu-Ray!
  3. Still isn't anywhere close to most viewed trailers.
  4. Lmfao what a clown, keeps getting arrested almost every week.
  5. Lizzie Olsen being the queen she is manifested it.
  6. Yeah it looks like a DLC of the first movie.
  7. DS2 is a complete Sam Raimi movie! It has the horror vibe of Evil Dead and Army of Darkness throughout, a treat for fans of his work. My first day first show audience went nuts at *certain scenes*. Strange and Wanda are both amazing in this, even the newcomer America Chavez.
  8. Ayo, Moon Knight finale was dope. The series has been incredibly consistent. Also, Layla is such a queen.
  9. Cost me 5.3k with SBI CC. I wish I didn't buy Galaxy Buds Pro early this year, they sound amazing but the fit is horrendous. And it causes ear infections for some people. https://www.xda-developers.com/galaxy-buds-pro-buds-2-cause-ear-infections-some-users
  10. Pixel Buds A lowest price ever on Flipkart.
  11. Certain scene has leaked, beware! Cool poster
  12. Anyone played this on Series S? How was the performance...
  13. Wow here's hoping UC collection is next.
  14. Carnival's IMAX Wadala used to be my go-to because of the huge screen and dome structure. Not sure if they still show movies in IMAX format anymore. Also, thinking to watch DS2 in Screen X. That 270 degrees feel of Raimi's signature camera moves! woo
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