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  1. MI: Dead Reckoning Part 1 was a blast. Yeah the plot is pretty bare bones but I wasn't bored one bit. It has everything what one would want from a spy movie. Insane stunts and chases, beautiful women(Hayley Atwell , Rebecca Ferguson) and cool locations. The villain was eh but I like how much this reminded me of the first Mission Impossible(1996). Right from the dutch angles to some of the action. Overall thought it was easily better than Fallout which felt like a slog at times.
  2. The opening sequence is so classic Indy! And obviously it's better than Flash, Harrison Ford has more charisma in his sleep than Ezra Miller ever will.
  3. The Flash Flops at the Box Office https://www.vulture.com/2023/06/flash-box-office-elemental.html Common DCEU L. Only James Gunn reboot can save the franchise but even that has an uphill battle.
  4. Across the Spider-Verse was good but doesn't come close to the first one. It felt a bit overlong considering it's a two parter, visually it's the best animated movie in recent times and tribute to every Spider-Man was great. Hailee Steinfeld as Spider-Gwen is the best part imo.
  5. Even that was crashing yesterday because of heavy traffic from rarbg users. Dark times really, Rarbg really had the best quality control even better than most of the private trackers I've used. They also had some older shows that was hard to find anywhere else.
  6. Same here on iPhone 13. Prime is much worse as it still supports only 720p. - - Love and Death on HBO Max(here on Prime) is great. Elizabeth Olsen kills it in the role. Also, started Silo on Apple TV recently. Looks interesting so far.
  7. It depends, audience aren't flocking to these DCEU movies as seen with Shazam 2 bombing out of the gate. There's also Across the Spider-Verse in June, another multiverse movie which has real hype unlike a manufactured one and Transformers.
  8. No amount of influencer marketing works when your lead is missing from press and is a walking meme. The Flash Is Speeding Toward A Shockingly Low Opening Weekend https://www.cbr.com/the-flash-low-box-office-opening-weekend/
  9. Fast X was ok, better than 9/8 at least. Still more of the same though. GoTG Vol.3 having sub 50% drops every weekend. Shows how audience will show up if there's heart and emotions in the movie... Might go see it again.
  10. Vol.3 hit the right emotional beats. More than Gunn, actors deserve the credit for this movie imo. Pratt goes from depressing scenes to comedy so easily.
  11. Yikes, gone are the days of good PC ports. Feels like being back in PS360 era.
  12. These look better than the mainstream superhero/franchise crap!
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