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  1. cyberpunk

    Hogwarts Legacy

    Maybe for fanboys. Crimes of Grindelwald was unwatchable trash, glad it under performed at the box office and WB stopped churning out a sequel for it. Fantastic Beasts franchise is worse than the Star Wars Prequels. Same, the third one is only good. Everything after that has been meh or straight awful.
  2. cyberpunk

    FIFA 21

    It has been like that after FIFA 12. Very minor changes here and there at best. Same, I couldn't get into PES games now. I think last good PES game was PES 10.
  3. The digital only PS5 is good value imo at $399, but countries like India and Brazil will have bad pricing again.
  4. The gameplay looks more fun somehow, which is impressive since Spidey PS4 itself was so fun.
  5. Birds of Prey was a chore to sit through.
  6. cyberpunk

    FIFA 2020

    The menus of this game are really slow. The game itself feels robotic and doesn't have the flow of previous versions. I miss FIFA 12 even more now.
  7. Unity is the best looking AC game, period.
  8. Yeah TLOU 2 physical price dropped really fast even on Amazon. The same is not happening for Tsushima.
  9. Could be..yeah. This gen really didn't start properly until 2015-2016, be it exclusives or other AAA games. I don't think any gen will come close to the PS2 gen ever.
  10. For some reason it feels like this gen ended really fast.
  11. Man that 2008 reboot was over hated by the fans because it took a new direction. The mystery/fairy tale element was so well done. Elika
  12. This game needed a remake really bad. I tried to play it again few years ago and the controls/camera felt very dated. I'm okay with the graphics. Hope it does well so that PoP WW is next.
  13. CoD is back with a bang for real. As some one who was a fan of earlier Battlefield games, its sad how the current state of that franchise is.
  14. Looks decent enough but was expecting something more grandiose. The cast is mostly actors from Marvel, Star Wars and DC lol.
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