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  1. cyberpunk

    Cyberpunk 2077

    But with CDPR we can be somewhat sure that the game will be better optimized.
  2. cyberpunk

    Crysis Remastered

    This game was so ahead of its time. Hope they go all out if they make Crysis 4 like they did with the first game.
  3. Streaming model makes sense for smaller indie movies, but say something like Avengers which made near $3 Billion last year wouldn't have made as much if Marvel/Disney released it first on streaming. Even in this current pandemic, studios would rather delay their movies than release on streaming. But good thing about Spotify is that it has reduced music piracy a lot which was present in the 2000s.
  4. Better Call Saul is an acquired taste. But once you like the character development, you're addicted to it. It's offbeat and the writing is damn good, even better than BrBa at times.
  5. Arkham games feel very repetitive.
  6. I liked Thor and Hulk's gameplay, but Raven Software who worked on the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games and X-Men Legends could have done this better. Something on this scale is too big for CD/Square Enix.
  7. He points out some issues.
  8. Nolan wouldn't allow his movie to be released on streaming. He's hell bent on releasing it in theaters, even if that means most people can't watch it.
  9. The Xbox Series X looks very compact and subtle. PS5 looks something straight out of a alien's base in Sci-Fi movies.
  10. I tried watching the first few episodes when it was on Netflix and couldn't get into it. Same issue as on later seasons, still felt dated. Not even calling the show trash, it doesn't have to appeal to everyone. *shrugs*
  11. I watched couple of episodes from its 7th or 8th season, cant remember. The humor was dated and tryhard. There are shows from 2000s and hell even before that which don't feel as dated, like The Office and Parks and Recreation.
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