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  1. Is MICROMINI on Amazon a decent seller of Switch? Getting the Lite for 14k. Also, should I make a US account straight away as I'll mostly play Smash/Mario Kart with my 'merican friends?
  2. Yep it is really tempting. But my 4a got new life after the Android 13 update lol.
  3. Having an itch to buy the Switch Lite. Should I order it from Amazon? I know the seller's third party and there will be no warranty at all.
  4. Nah she's pretty funny/cute as Yelena. Also, check out Little Women(2019).
  5. Pls don't suck! Trailer was promising and felt like AC going back to its roots at last.
  6. Wow this has such a horror exploitation vibe and different from any superhero stuff. Also, Man-Thing!
  7. Nice! Hoping AC1 remake also gets announced.
  8. Black Adam looks like the most generic superhero movie ever from 2006. Another movie where Rock will play himself.
  9. Shazam was okay-ish at best but definitely overhyped. Mostly because it was one of the few DC movies at the time that didn't suck completely. Yep, Love and Thunder is a fun watch! For me, Ragnarok > Thor > Love and Thunder > Dark World.
  10. They keep saying "it will be like the older games" since a few years now, hope they stick with it for real this time.
  11. Damn, it looks good! Hrithik seems to be having fun in the role, haven't been this hyped for a Bollywood movie in ages.
  12. Surprised at how well this runs even on my 2020 gaming laptop right out of the box. Using my Xbox Series S gamepad on a PC to play a PS exclusive is something that wasn't possible few years ago.
  13. Which brand would you suggest? Personally, I've tried Myprotein earlier and found the taste decent. I've heard mixed things about other brands like ON and Muscleblaze. Yeah right now I just use black coffee as pre workout!
  14. I got pretty lean in the last couple of months by Intermittent fasting/2 meals a day. I do weights and calisthenics every alternate day with running sometimes. I'm mostly on a carnivore diet with 4 eggs in breakfast and chicken salads in the next meal. My question, how is Myprotein UK's Whey Isolate for maintaining that lean build? Thinking to use it when I don't have the time due to work or as a pre-workout drink in the evenings!
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