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  1. No wonder, early reactions were from shills. It's tracking to open lower than freakin' Morbius. Another bomb for DC. Fanboys will defend it as usual but there's a reason why DCEU is getting rebooted in less than a decade.
  2. " likes every shitty Marvel movie under the sun" Lol difference is I found NWH to be 7/10, IW 8/10 and SC to be 6/10, while y'all will call em shitty. But stuff like Blech Adam, SS and WW84 are kino. It's a fact that people are getting tired of the genre though and its way past its prime.
  3. Marvel sucks, what trash! But the fact that people defend equally mid if not worse movie from DC is funny. Like Blech Adam and WW84. Superhero genre has become tiring af, it peaked with Infinity Saga(some exceptions being NWH and Shang-Chi) for Marvel and DC had 1-2 decent movies since TDKR more than a decade ago. It's interesting that John Wick 4, D&D and Scream VI will end up making more than Flopzam. Even audience is getting tired like critics are!
  4. When will people realize early impressions for every big studio movie is good? It has 65 on RT, could end up rotten once more reviews get added. Not looking good and it's barely selling tickets even for the opening weekend.
  5. Quantumania- Decent movie, action and VFX are very fun in IMAX 3D. Don't get the hate. Kang is mf badass, audience went nuts cheering multiple times. Post credits!
  6. Vol.3 is the only comic book movie I'm legit hyped for this year. lol
  7. Yep, that movie made me a huge fan of her too. She's so effortlessly pretty!
  8. ^ Yeah that's pretty much how I felt about it. I was hyped to see it as I loved La La Land/Whiplash and the trailers were good. But it tried too hard to be like Boogie Nights for the silent era of Hollywood. It's just "look Hollywood was so wild back then!". There's no substance or story. As much as I like Margot, getting really tired of her playing the same type of characters in everything. Emma Stone dropped out of this movie and I could finally see why. Pitt was ok for the most part, in fact I was liking his performance towards the end. But the Mexican actor, Diego Calva easily outshone both.
  9. Can't have an Indian webseries without tons of cuss words lol.
  10. Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad did cold openings the best. It always somehow tied up to the story!
  11. Does it also work for the premier tier online subscription? Only thinking to get it for GoldenEye.
  12. If only they still used Oxygen OS. But it's good to see they are slowly getting back, their phones were great till the 7T series.
  13. Anyone used credit from Apple gift cards to buy Apple One subscription?
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