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  1. Watched An Action Hero on Netflix. Very fun meta comedy on Bollywood and India in general lol.
  2. Buccal fat removal. It's the new beauty trend!
  3. Yes after a long time a movie which utilizes its runtime perfectly. Not one boring moment or unnecessary fluff. The kids who played Cady and M3GAN are so good lol.
  4. Looks mid. Hard to get hyped for DC movies these days after Black Adam and everything will be rebooted soon anyways lol.
  5. Watched Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. Nice comedy/parody of all the musician biographies that are out lately. Watched this and Elvis back to back and it was more funny.
  6. Lol it's the most depressing/downer movie I've seen in years. If you're remotely depressed, avoid it.
  7. Damn, a big release from EA in January after ages!
  8. @^ Been using it for years now. Best reddit app across all platforms. Also, just realized Prime Video app on iOS doesn't support streaming above 720p. Meanwhile, Netflix has HDR and even Dolby Vision.
  9. Pixels are good for the most aside from weird a*s issues after monthly updates. And obviously it feels too plain after using iOS/One UI.
  10. Yep even $2B looks unlikely at this point despite the movie playing in China unlike most big Hollywood movies post pandemic. It will outgross Top Gun: Maverick at best but No Way Home's gross from last December is way out of reach. The first movie had novelty of 3D going for it which helped a lot.
  11. Apple's camera software needs a lot of improvements. Almost every photo comes out over processed af!
  12. Avatar 2 was the definition of mid. Pretty much same as the first, no wonder its box office is also down. At least Glass Onion was a very fun watch. On par with the first movie, the cast was great again even though it's a bit more predictable this time around.
  13. Yeah no way lol. He couldn't take the L for Black Adam bombing at the box office and thinks he's too big to fight Shazam.
  14. ^ The IMAX trailer of Oppenheimer is way better with RDJ and Matt Damon. Anyways, James Gunn ended whatever was remaining of the DCEU in less than a month lol. Henry left Witcher for nothing, only to lose his Superman role again. So much for Rock saying "The hierarchy of power is about to change" while promoting Black Adam.
  15. Everyone's saying you have to be a stan of the first to like the second one.
  16. I'm glad they added that feature in iOS 16. There are lot of posts on reddit about people finally realizing they were sold the fake ones earlier. In my case, the box and packing was of AirPods Pro 2nd gen but everything inside were fake, exactly the same as in this video. Yeah with both Amazon and Flipkart exploiting their return policies lately, it's better to stick with brick and mortar stores for electronics.
  17. Received fake AirPods Pro 2nd gen from Amazon's own seller Appario Retail. It was such a cheap copy of the first gen, yet everything else in the box from manuals etc was same as the original one. Luckily I had made an unboxing video that day and had multiple proofs as my iPhone 13 showed it to be a fake device too. The first few calls to customer support, they weren't accepting it saying "Sir, it's still an AirPod." I raised my voice and said I'll upload the unboxing video to Twitter and stop purchasing from Amazon altogether. Finally they connected my calls to higher management and that guy was very understanding. He said to wait 3 days so that they can investigate on the issue. They finally accepted the return and gave me an option for refund, to which I agreed. But yeah, never buying Apple products or any other electronics from them again.
  18. GoTG Holiday Special is fun and full of feels. Cool easter eggs!
  19. A2 got delayed multiple times and what not, the production budget is around $400M now. Marketing would be another $150M-$200M for these big movies. Studios get more % from domestic box office take than the measly 20% from China. So it needs to earn more than $2B to break even. The sequels will likely have a lesser budget if that doesn't happen.
  20. It needs around $2B plus to only break even. Cameron better hope China allows it to release there.
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