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    37 minutes ago, Kumar123 said:

    They already must be. What I'm wondering about is the Flash movie. They can't re-shoot it or remove Ezra since he's playing like a couple of different characters. The release is still one year away though. If he stays low, people might forget about all this.

    These are serious crimes thought that would get him in jail for a long while. No studio wants the headache of supporting a problematic actor like this, when the movie is already in loss.  It's not like he was a big star who's irreplaceable, worst case they will dump it on HBO Max to save face

  2. I think AB is fine, he's the only good old star still around and can pull off this type of role easily. I believe his character is going to be like Gandalf. But damn, Ranbir is playing the same clueless brat like he does in everything lol. No wonder the current gen Bollywood has no real superstar anymore.


    23 hours ago, Bird Bird Bird said:


    Just from the trailer, one can see that he's either having a single expression throughout the movie, or is overacting in those fight scenes. 

    I'm sure the movie will do good based on VFX. 

    Ranbir feels just weird for this role, could have gone with someone who usually does action movies like Hrithik or Vidyut. But I guess Bollywood wallahs love working within their circles only lol. The trailer reminds me of The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

  4. I guess China doesn't also want Hollywood movies stealing limelight and box office money from their own movies. And they have been banning biggest blockbusters like NWH because of random "reasons". Although stuff like Strange 2 would have never released there because of horror elements/black magic and Top Gun is like the biggest "f**k yeah, 'merica" movie about American forces.

  5. Ezra Miller in trouble again with an Intimidation case of an 18-year-old; parents seek court protection


    Yikes, they can't catch a break! The Flash movie is cursed at this point. So many delays, lot of writers and directors leaving due to creative differences and now all this drama.

  6. I think RRR was really good till the third act. They built the waycist villain throughout the movie but he gets defeated kind of easily without putting much of a fight? Also, did NTR Jr. friendzone that British girl? :P  Still enjoyed it more than whatever Bollywood has been churning out lately. Although, I heard Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 is decent fun. Waiting for its OTT release!

  7. 9 hours ago, Snake said:

    Also, I'd ask everyone go watch the directors previous works.


    Tron Legacy and Oblivion

    Yeah Tron Legacy was dope! Too bad barely anyone remembers or talks about it anymore. "Flynn Lives" used to be a big thing among the small fanbase back then.


    Also, why the f**k is OUATIH censored so much on Netflix India? :doh: "Smoking kills" warning taking a big chunk of the screen and some words are beeped out. I watched the movie in theaters and it wasn't censored at all! 

  8. "Triggered" says the guy who can't make a single post without comparing everything to Marvel. :rofl: Looks like it lives rent free in their head.

    And no I never called Cameron movies "bad" or "boring" like y'all are implying and getting so defensive about. It's just that his previous movies were all better than the generic Dances with Wolves copy Avatar. Old school action directors like him, Spielberg and George Miller are still way better than current day hacks like Michael Bay and Snyder.

  9. 49 minutes ago, gecko89 said:

    Are these within 24 hours? 

    Yep and all are way above Avatar 2.


    44 minutes ago, gecko89 said:

    Like the top comment in that reddit page says, everyone underestimates Cameron, all the time.


    Titanic started slow them blew every record wide open. It took decades and a marvels conclusion movie for 22 (half of which are either trash or redundant anyway) other movies to barely beat it.


    And now this, after 13 years everyone says that no one cares and yet it's turning heads. Even if it makes half of the original, it's still a win. 

    Hate Marvel all you want, but no one expected Avengers to be this big when even DC's Justice League couldn't make half of the first Avengers despite having some of the most popular superheros in it. What they have built is nothing short of remarkable. We live in an age where the new Doctor Strange movie will outgross the latest Batman within first few weeks of its release.


    Cameron is great, no need to bring down others to propel him up. I wish he made more original movies than more Avatar sequels his entire life, but it is what it is. I'm still waiting for the The Abyss to be on Blu-Ray!

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