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  1. Good video. I wish EA released a remaster of this masterpiece some day, even though it still holds up.
  2. She has every right to sue, they breached her contract. If they did this to a popular A-list actress, then think how many of their employees/writers would have got screwed over in the past. What's funny is people now defending a multi billion dollar corporate because it suits their agenda.
  3. Weird and crazy finale, very David Lynch-esque. Raimi's Multiverse of Madness will be even more bonkers I guess! Explains all the rumor stuff for No Way Home.
  4. It sure does. Earlier AC games made me like history and read about those eras.
  5. cyberpunk

    FIFA 22

    Same old. Why not just remaster the last great version of FIFA, FIFA 12 at this point.
  6. Nah, it's hard to top wish granting villain and Dhoom 3 type action scenes. Not to forget dead boyfriend in another guy's body.
  7. It's nowhere near as bad as WW84 lol. That movie literally had her save kid dolls during the Egypt action scene. Still don't know how it made the final cut. Plus that opening mall scene was straight out of bollywood movies.
  8. Black Widow was alright, Scarlett and Florence's chemistry carried the movie. The opening credits is really mature for a comic book movie. Liked the action and sci-fi stuff. Yelena is a good addition and looks like we"ll see her in Dark Avengers.
  9. Crazy episode! Richard E. Grant as classic Loki is some good casting. Is it weird to ship Loki and Sylvie?
  10. What's a good SoT for Pixel 4a? I get like 4 hours 20 minutes, but at least I don't have to charge the phone daily like my previous Samsung phones.
  11. Bruh IGN is shite for movie reviews. Lol what. Everything in AoTD felt very ham-fisted. The characters were super forgettable and didn't care if they lived or died. One nod here, one shot there isn't good world building. Literally every action movie.
  12. Agreed, the movie was a blast. It's like a throwback to big budget dumb 90s action movies like Armageddon and Con Air. Chris Pratt is turning out to be the action star of this current generation!
  13. Wanted to like it but it was same cheesy CW cringe.
  14. cyberpunk


    I didn't have this problem on the GOG version.
  15. Black Widow getting good reviews, should be fun! https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/black_widow_2021
  16. Best episode of Loki yet. And yes, watch out for the post credits scene!
  17. Yeah cloud gaming is not for enthusiasts/hardcore gamers even in the West. But it gives an option to people for trying out a few games they are interested in. Like playing Forza/console quality games on the go instead of the usual iOS-Android games might be an USP for some. Or the ability to play those games on a work/normal laptop instead of getting those thick gaming laptops.
  18. Never thought WB/DC would refer to an MCU movie for their own movie's marketing lol.
  19. Wow that's cool. Why don't they launch it here? Fiber connections have become very popular even in tier-2 cities now, thanks to Jio and others.
  20. Is it normal to lose appetite after working out daily? I've been doing cardio/HIIT/lifting weights alternate days of the week since March. I've got leaner and developed more strength in these months, but I don't feel like eating anything most of the time. I was never a breakfast person, but ate a little earlier now I feel like skipping it entirely.
  21. Playing as Rocket would be fun.
  22. Yeah Solo was pretty good, the reactions to Last Jedi hurt it a bit. At least now they can continue it as a series on D+ if they want. Emilia Clarke as Qi'ra should get her own series.
  23. I didn't want to wait 5-6 more months for the 5a as I was having the itch to get a new phone. I don't play those big games, so 4a is more than enough for my needs of just social media apps and little bit of Netflix/YouTube.
  24. Another crazy weird episode of Loki!
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