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  1. After a lot of deciding, finally went with the Pixel 4a. The screen didn't feel as good as the curved Super AMOLED on my old S9 right out of the box but I've gotten used to it after a few days of use. The software and camera as one would expect is unmatchable. Now can anyone suggest me a good case for it? I'm thinking to get the Caseology TPU Vault Back Cover Case from Amazon.
  2. I think it nails the tone and vibe of the movies. But yeah hope they improve the animations a bit.
  3. Yeah 1 was pretty good, although due to it being set in WW1 the guns do get boring after a while. Need to try V soon.
  4. Amazing start for Loki. Tom Hiddleston was born to play this role and Owen Wilson is great!
  5. If only Apple ditched that dated notch.... But yeah Android OEMs are starting to lose the plot. I don't think aside from Pixels and Samsung S series, other phones even get timely updates now. OnePlus used to be the "cool" brand, but they have had a lot of missteps lately. Very few options to choose from!
  6. Set in the future? Waiting for gameplay reveal, but I wish it was modern day instead.
  7. The last great NFS. It's like EA learnt nothing from the success of this game....
  8. Any good website to buy greek yogurt apart from epigamia?
  9. Missed the coffee talk, but agree that Nescafe is horrendous now. Only Gold is somewhat good. Davidoff is great for instant coffee, but if you have the time better go with a classic French Press.
  10. Far Cry Far Cry 5 (really like the Americana vibe and cult setting) Far Cry 2 Far Cry 3 Far Cry 4 Haven't played Primal.
  11. I think they will tease GTA VI out of the blue next year. Can't believe GTA V will be a decade old in 2023.
  12. Kind of crazy they signed Chloe Zhao before her Oscar win for Best Director. The cinematography looks great and has her signature natural lighting. Looks like ancient India is one of the early civilizations it will feature. Also Kumail is playing a Bollywood star lol.
  13. Software wise, iOS is becoming like Android and vice-versa now lol. S20 FE 5G at 41k good deal? I'm skeptical of the 1080p screen, even my old trusty S9 had higher resolution. It's so tough deciding what phone to buy these days.
  14. Good opening sequence, the middle part is meh but gets interesting in the end again. Didn't like the white blurry look and Netflix's compression made it look even worse. Characters are dumb af though lol.
  15. Ugh, no Pixel announcement nothing. New UI looks ok though, about time they changed because it's been the same since almost a decade now.
  16. Yeah almost ordered 4a the other day but will wait a bit for Pixel 5a now. Hope Google doesn't screw that up and it's available here soon after launch.
  17. Invincible was alright. Few good episodes but mostly predictable stuff. Jupiter's Legacy is boring af. Poor makeup to make them look old and the show feels very cheap for a big Netflix production. Same plotlines has been done to death already before. The Boys is still the best series in this category.
  18. So this is what L4D3 would have been like all those years ago?
  19. Lot of hype for this game, haven't played any RE since RE5. Will it matter in any way or I should directly play this?
  20. Got covaxin on Friday. The experience wasn't that bad, but I was having a bit of fatigue till yesterday. Doc advised to not exercise(be it cardio/weights) for the first 5-6 days just to be on the safer side. Feeling completely fine now though.
  21. Forza is more driving/chill game than purely racing like NFS.
  22. Who's idea was it to let people only get vaccines from govt. hospitals now? I have one 2 lanes away and people are in line till near my society's building, zero social distancing whatsoever. Thinking to wait it out till private hospitals are allowed.
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