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  1. cyberpunk

    Days Gone

    Will it also release on GOG like Horizon Zero Dawn?
  2. US Agent should get his own spin-off. After that cameo by a certain character, we're close to Thunderbolts getting formed.
  3. Love the original Blade Runner, but didn't like BR2049 much. Also yep, the first is must watch. It's influence on the cyberpunk genre and futuristic tech is immeasurable.
  4. Rushmore and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou(it's weird af at times which I love) are two of the best Wes Anderson movies imo. Speaking of Coen bros, O Brother, Where Art Thou? is classic along with all the others mentioned in the post before. Their movies from the past decade like Inside Llewyn Davis(Oscar Isaac's breakthrough role) and Hail, Caesar! are damn good as well. If anyone likes these two directors, I'd also suggest to check films directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.
  5. Man today's FATWS episode was so gripping and intense. Wyatt Russell is doing a damn good job.
  6. Zemo's got moves. Walker is slowly becoming an antagonist. Wyatt Russell is really good in the role, fun fact his dad was Ego the living planet.
  7. Typical Gunn/Guardians humor. Will be a fun action comedy, this trailer is better than the first movie(not a high bar though).
  8. Unpopular opinion- The first Watch Dogs is better than the sequels.
  9. Same, I found today's episode to be even better. I dig the drama/political thriller vibe. It's shot really good with some dope action sequences on top of that.
  10. That NBA 2K business model...yikes. Way to ruin a franchise, NBA 2K11 is where its at lol.
  11. Looks better than expected. Liked the old Sherlock games back in the day.
  12. Lol lot of prequels have been good. Revenge of the Sith X-Men: First Class Star Trek Bumblebee The Hobbit It has spy thriller vibe like The Winter Soldier and stars Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh. It should be fun 2 hours, can't be complete turd like WW84 at least lol.
  13. IW is on a whole other level altogether. The start and introduction of Thanos was ballsy. He really feels like a character unlike "hurr durr I'm bad" villains in DCEU movies. I wasn't even a big fan of superhero movies at the time, but appreciated how they could juggle so much without feeling rushed. It was like reading a comicbook, where one event leads to the other naturally. Ragnarok was a complete Taika Waititi movie. Loved it for that.
  14. IMDB scores are heavily inflated for the first few weeks of release due to fanboys spamming 10/10. WW84 was rated 9 in December, fallen to 5 now after more people have seen it.
  15. cyberpunk

    Days Gone

    I love Bloodborne on PS4, but its time for a remaster on PC with 60 FPS. Good that Sony is now releasing their exclusives on PC.
  16. Good, MS would be fools to not release every new game of theirs on Steam from now on. Will FH3 ever show up on Steam though?
  17. WW84 was praised in these early reactions and is now nominated for Razzies.
  18. > Bc ghar Beth k torrent kar ke fokat main movie dekhna hai and crying about cgi which isn't free like their 1 month Netflix trial.. Says someone who's best angry comeback was this..... And if YouTube is the problem, why does Man of Steel trailer still looks good compared to this one. As fans we should want them to improve instead of accept whatever. I like Star Wars as a franchise, but will gladly say Rise of Skywalker could have been much better.
  19. Lighting, detailing and they could have used brighter color on Flash's suit to showcase what they are trying to do with his speed instead of using a bland washed out look. This movie had like 300 million+ budget, no excuse for it to look like this. As someone working in the VFX industry, I feel like these things could have done better. What are you babbling about? You're the one who's crying because someone is not liking the CGI of your precious little movie lol.
  20. That's a poor excuse, it is from the trailer which is in motion. They had so much time to fix it since 2017, why settle for this? Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot everything from DC and Snyder is 10/10 perfection and there should be no criticism. Even as fanboys, shouldn't people want them to be better.
  21. WTF is this VFX. They should have delayed it few months, CW shows look better. Way to ruin Justice League as if it wasn't crap earlier.
  22. Mortal Kombat released in 1995 had better VFX than this lol.
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