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  1. What's there to take up bro? Flipkart screwed me over and not Shot at SC or a Sony center.
  2. Kept forcing me to cancel and then cancelled on their own. And now claim that "as we can see, you have cancelled". How very convenient. If only there were other avenues, would completely boycott them for good.
  3. Oh man. A big FU to FK. They cancel my order and then continue to drop units for sale. Unlucky in securing one. I think I will wait now till the next preoder goes up or fresh lot comes in. Hopefully soon.
  4. It is brilliant and was well ahead of its time when it came out. Possibly my favourite story in a shooter outside of the Gears/Halo franchise.
  5. Not a matter of choice though is it? 60$/4k per game on consoles were already stretching things considering that most games have other forms of monetisation. Third parties have alteady increased their prices with Activision and 2K leading the charge. I expect more publishers to follow suit and increase their prices. Ubsifot could become one of them. And why wouldn't they since Sony (a major paltforn owner) did the same. Personally, I will be relying more on rentals and physical games this gen as opposed to going completely digital last gen on both Xbox and PS.
  6. This is good to know. I know some Series X owners who are still waiting for their replacement for over 2 months now after sending in theirs for being faulty. So good job, Sony India. Well done. I can also now rest a little easy and keep my PS5 on standby with Miles Morales running in the background.
  7. Not been active in a long time but joined back when this was 360Indians.
  8. Looks like it. Managed to add one to cart and nothing else after that. Don't think anyone will be able to snag one the legit way unless there are multiple units available to buy.
  9. "Resident Alien" Get on it now. You can thank me later
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