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  1. L33TWiZaRd

    Death Stranding

    Who did? Doesn't matter. I am here to finish it
  2. Fair point and I have no allegiance to any specific driver so am game to see how Charles does next year hopefully with Ferrari pulling up their socks and putting together a competent car to keep up with Mercedes. I am so tired of seeing Hamilton's smug face on the podium, race after race
  3. L33TWiZaRd

    Gears 5

    Near locked 60FPS on Xbox One X. 30FPS on base xbox. Split-screen also lowers the FPS to 30 on X and remains on 30 for base consoles.
  4. Chandler Muriel Bing is a fictional character from the NBC sitcom Friends, portrayed by Matthew Perry. He is very much regarded the king of Sarcasm when it comes to TV personas. Epic race. What a drive from Charles, goosebumps all over when he defended against Hamilton. Haven't had this kind of feeling watching F1 in a long long time. This was the third race I have watched in over three years now and I am loving every second of it being a Ferrari fan. Vettel seems to have lost his mojo these past few races and hopefully he comes back kicking in the next one. Also, Hamilton is such a poor looser. Didn't hear Bottas complaining as much as Hamilton did all race even when Plan A was to get Hamilton ahead of Charles.
  5. L33TWiZaRd

    Gears 5

    Played two hours of private versus with close to a full lobby and it was immense fun with the occasional kick to main screen. I reckon the private lobbies are also hosted on MS servers so no host advantage anymore . Can't wait for these guys to fix the servers and add more maps and possibly have custom maps made available for private lobbies. PSA: All those experiencing issues with singe player progression like check points not saving or collectables registering.... either wait for them to push updates server side to fix it or play the campaign offline. The team is currently working on fixes and already rolled out a few server side updates to fix a lot of the issues. Wish this ran perfectly from Day 1 and it kinda does if you disconnect from the servers but that sorta defeats the purpose of what this game stands for. All those in here knocking the graphics of the game on the X while comparing it to a souped up PC. Carry on because logic is surely wasted on you
  6. L33TWiZaRd

    Gears 5

    Noice. Next upgrade for me would be to get some a decent pair of down firing atmos speakers. So you seem to be running a 7.1.2 setup or is it 5.1.2? Don't answer... enough off topic anyway
  7. L33TWiZaRd

    Gears 5

    Ranked will not have a lot of those assists plus the MP on Gears has always had lot of the things you mentioned. Wait till you come across wall bouncers
  8. L33TWiZaRd

    Gears 5

    Which one did you get? Am on a C9 65" with HTIB - Onkyo 9800THX
  9. L33TWiZaRd

    Gears 5

    I would still recommend to play with the brightness and contrast slider... ideally contrast closer to full on a OLED and brightness to your liking. I honestly think this is the prettiest game this generation or am i seeing something that others aren't. Do you have an atmos setup? The atmos on this game is next level IMO.... so good
  10. L33TWiZaRd

    Gears 5

    Cool but no different from what I wrote a few posts above. The game looks insanely good on my C9.
  11. L33TWiZaRd

    Gears 5

    I reckon its pressing B twice or holding B on the xbox
  12. L33TWiZaRd

    Gears 5

    HDR brightness should be set as per your TV's peak brightness capability or else you will blow out the whites and loose out on details.
  13. L33TWiZaRd

    Gears 5

    Hey bro. Set HDR brightness to 1000 and no more since your TV's peak attainable brightness is around 850-950. For other settings if you want to tweak, you can take a look here https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/sony/x900f/settings
  14. This exactly. Importing stuff has become a pain these days. Stick with Amazon as they refund if shipment gets stuck or lost or with AliExpress.
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