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  1. That's the one thing I miss on the switch compared to xbox and PS. Not having achievements or trophies is a real bummer.
  2. Bro the verticality in BOTW with the glider is just insane. Started the game last week and I am in awe and I am on the last boss in Elden Ring with over 130hrs played.
  3. That is great man. I am guessing you got the full fabric/velor one. Did it affect the clamping force in anyway? I picked the hybrid ones from WickedCushions and they have slightly increased the clamping force as they are thicker than stock and more dense and doesn't compress easily. Thinking if I should send these back and get ones from Brainwavz instead. As per a few videos online, these do compress a lot more and are slightly thinner so am expecting won't increase the clamping force by much.
  4. Both work with PC and not Xbox unfortunately. And yes, I do agree that the wireless headset space has been stagnant for a while and needs some fresh blood. Reading up on reviews on Audeze Penrose X and they too have a bunch of issues which is not something you want when they cost 30K
  5. No problem man. I am glad that they got you sorted so quickly. It took a few days when it happened to me. Happy buying and gaming Checked Headphonezone and they did not have the Xbox version for the Audeze Penrose and 28k is well beyond my budget since I already have PXC 550 and WF-1000XM3 for music and general usage. SteelSeries does seem to be back and the 9x are directly imported by Appario Retail themselves for whatever reason. Fingers crossed that I don't have to find out about their customer service anytime soon Also they have put out a few new headsets but for whatever reason these still sport micro usb type-b These include the 7p and 7x. Both work with a dongle but lack BT connectivity and the 7x works with PC,PS and Xbox.
  6. Try a credit card or reach out to xbox support to check if there is any temporary restriction place on your account for purchases. Any reason why you are buying gift cards and not games directly from the xbox store?
  7. Astros is 300$ and not a fan of the base station setup plus no bluetooth. Audeze is again 300$ and with shipping and customs coming to 500$ via Amazon.com which is well beyond my budget. Have HyperX Alpha so want to get something different, something better. Unfortunately, nobody is coming from US anytime soon. Plus there won't be any warranty which gives me pause as well. Really wish we had a wider range of gaming headsets sold in India which weren't cheap and wired. Received the Arctics 9x from Amazon.in for 19k after cashback. It is comfortable and sounds good and has direct Xbox connection without a dongle which works well. Bluetooth works as advertised and it is great to feed audio from your phone to the headset in between loading screens and to take calls while gaming. And the two year warranty in India is a bonus. Considering the fact that the Arctics 7p (officially sold by Amazon) also went on deal for 20k while being 150$ at retail in US, paying 19k for the 9x which is 200$ at retail in US feels like a great deal. So far so good, will continue to use it for a week or so before I make up my mind on keeping it. 19-20k still feels like a bit much to spend on a gaming headset Any Arctics owners in here who have done some EQ customisation on the Steeelseries Engine App. Trying to get the perfect EQ for Warzone.
  8. The original PS5 did not have the best airflow as per GamerNexus so if this revision improves upon this shortcoming then air coming out of the vents will be hotter. Also, hot air on the outside is better than hot components on the inside. And pretty sure the revised PS5 won't be throttling due to heat as some are making it out to be
  9. Anyone here using a wireless headphone with their Xbox Series X|S? Trying to decide between importing Razer Kaira Pro from the US for around 196$ all in or get the Steelseries Arctics 9x from Amazon.in for 20k (when on deal). Would have preferred a headset that worked wireless on both Xbox and PS with Bluetooth but there don't seem to be any such headsets. Arctics 7x was also on my shortlist but I can't find them anywhere and they lack Bluetooth
  10. What's there to take up bro? Flipkart screwed me over and not Shot at SC or a Sony center.
  11. Kept forcing me to cancel and then cancelled on their own. And now claim that "as we can see, you have cancelled". How very convenient. If only there were other avenues, would completely boycott them for good.
  12. Oh man. A big FU to FK. They cancel my order and then continue to drop units for sale. Unlucky in securing one. I think I will wait now till the next preoder goes up or fresh lot comes in. Hopefully soon.
  13. It is brilliant and was well ahead of its time when it came out. Possibly my favourite story in a shooter outside of the Gears/Halo franchise.
  14. Not a matter of choice though is it? 60$/4k per game on consoles were already stretching things considering that most games have other forms of monetisation. Third parties have alteady increased their prices with Activision and 2K leading the charge. I expect more publishers to follow suit and increase their prices. Ubsifot could become one of them. And why wouldn't they since Sony (a major paltforn owner) did the same. Personally, I will be relying more on rentals and physical games this gen as opposed to going completely digital last gen on both Xbox and PS.
  15. This is good to know. I know some Series X owners who are still waiting for their replacement for over 2 months now after sending in theirs for being faulty. So good job, Sony India. Well done. I can also now rest a little easy and keep my PS5 on standby with Miles Morales running in the background.
  16. Looks like it. Managed to add one to cart and nothing else after that. Don't think anyone will be able to snag one the legit way unless there are multiple units available to buy.
  17. "Resident Alien" Get on it now. You can thank me later
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