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  1. KriegCL

    Borderlands 3

    Yes, i decide to wait few weeks .
  2. KriegCL

    Destiny 2

    Thanks a lot ! I used to playing game as solo .But i will google more details and consider if join it now.
  3. Well. if there is a new single player campaign,maybe i will have a try.
  4. So now we are in October . My GOTY 20119 left only: Pokemon Sword/Shield,released in 2019/11/15, on Switch.
  5. Playing Borderlands 3. Feel boring now. Maybe need wait 2-3 weeks ,after gearbox stop updating hotfixes .
  6. Girls' frontline I played it maybe half a year. Not bad i 'd like to say.
  7. lol. I agree with you. Another product of Ubisoft's open-world game factory.
  8. KriegCL

    Destiny 2

    I didn't play it before. Do i have to play with someone ? I heard something like raid in this game is hard and need work with other guys together.
  9. KriegCL

    The Division 2

    I think it will be F2P finally. Just like The Division 1 .
  10. KriegCL

    Borderlands 3

    Well, I feel sorta boring now,but I just played 2 weeks(50-60hrs ). It's not a quite long time, since BL2 takes me 700+hrs and I still want to play now. The problem is thatGearbox doesn't fix this game very well. Their team update "hotfix" every week, but only focus on nerfing /buffing characters/items or whatever.I just want my game as smooth as BL2 ! Damn, everytime I open my backpack , it will be laaaaagggg! I hate these hotfix tbh. It makes me feel that they start to teach players how to play this game ,just like Blizzard lol.But man, it's not an online game . I always have this kind of experience: I farmed all legendary weapons and items i like to use , then they update hotfix and changed some of them. weapons become useless and i need farm new one. Also, i can only store 40 items in my backpack compared with its thousands of things. Maybe i should wait few weeks first. When they don't do "hotfix" anymore, I will be back.
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