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  1. Na bro. KC said we voted and disappeared so I gotta respect the man. Tum log ladon shanthi se. I'll post on "what I bought this week" thread as soon as I have an American Express card and have made my parents proud.
  2. There's nothing suspicious. We are IVG members who haven't been active cause priorities. Our friends posted something we liked and we voted. Honestly the game is so bad dunno why anyone would create fake profiles to win the damn thing lmao.
  3. How do you define genuine votes and what makes our votes invalid? Please explain. And what makes you feel I didn't enjoy koldys vid? Been playing CS since the first game released and honestly I've seen better snipers back in the day. No offense to the dude who posted I'm just giving my opinion.
  4. Let's be fair. None of those gameplay vids were kick-a*s. The real awesomeness is when you snipe an opponent on the other end of the map on a 14 inch crt monitor using a ball mouse which you rub on your jeans before every round. /Spits on the sidewalk
  5. Btw guys can you please tell us who the hell won? Warna Kya fayda password change karneka? Dan didn't even remember his user id FFS. For people who don't know Dan, he's an old man who used to throw games around like we throw channa to kabootars. Unfortunately his bank balance couldn't support this craze for long so people stopped caring about him and he stopped visiting. We will be starting a GoFundMe page for his game throwing hobbies soon. Stay tuned for more updates.
  6. And I know who that dude was. Man has deep seated issues lmao. Main reason for leaving the forums was actually this kind of toxicity. Plus the people who I genuinely wanted to interact with were on WhatsApp so. 🤷🏻
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