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  1. In Dubai that happened for a few people. Not sure about India. However, be aware that the delivery person might try to give reasons for failed delivery and do some crazy sh*t. If its out for delivery, its better you get the contact number of the delivery person and inform him that you are present at the location and available to receive the delivery.
  2. Congratulations to everyone who got it from Amazon!
  3. The most obvious thing that would happen in any retail or ecommerce environment. There is money to be had even for non-gamers when they pick these up. Don't think anyone will let this opportunity pass-by.
  4. Seeing the responses to your post, I completely expect this scenario playing out at your apartment.
  5. Haha. This reminds me of my time in school when I drew Lex Luger (the wrestler) and my drawing teacher didn't believe I drew it and told me to draw it again. I obviously told him to Eff Oh.
  6. Using a drawing tablet was the easiest for me but never really fulfilling. I would still prefer pencil, rubber and color pencils.
  7. I used to but ever since MT started making fun of them on FB, I blocked him and stopped drawing itself. Anyways below are my old drawings. (First two I drew them digitally using Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet and Clip Studio Paint).
  8. Na bro. KC said we voted and disappeared so I gotta respect the man. Tum log ladon shanthi se. I'll post on "what I bought this week" thread as soon as I have an American Express card and have made my parents proud.
  9. There's nothing suspicious. We are IVG members who haven't been active cause priorities. Our friends posted something we liked and we voted. Honestly the game is so bad dunno why anyone would create fake profiles to win the damn thing lmao.
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