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  1. What? There is a higher discount. Damn. I would have preordered the last of us 2 or FFVIIR with it. I do not get the logic behind the different discount rates. .
  2. What? There is a higher discount. Damn. I would have preordered the last of us 2 or FFVIIR with it.
  3. Mysteryman

    RAGE 2

    Stopped playing after the introduction. They tried to copy the Doom formula. Didn’t work out. Glad I didn’t pay full price for it. Bethesda is on a slippery slope with 3 flops this year. No wonder they delayed Doom External.
  4. No. The Last Guardian. All three games were announced in E3 2015. Remember that infamous Gametrailers reaction.
  5. 2 of the 3 “big” hype games are out and both are considered as underwhelming. No fanfare here either. Will Final Fantasy VII Remake break that curse? Will Expanded Midgar work gather accolades?
  6. Never thought that they would develop it so fast. These days game development has become much harder even though they use the same assets as RE2 remake. The makeover of Jill, Carlos and Nemesis is far more than they did on Leon, Claire and Ada in RE2. Hope they announce a playable demo. Next remake should be either CV or Dino Crisis. I don’t care about 8.
  7. For Microsoft, they can afford to take high level of risks. So whether Lockhart will do well or not won’t matter much. It will be a good learning experience and following the multi price point strategy as Samsung phones. Looking at Apple, the cheaper version sold better proving diminishing returns economics of the premium phone.
  8. You can use it on preorders if you wish.
  9. Check your festive gift email (promotion page) from PlayStation. Just got a 10% off discount
  10. Wow. Super hyped. First time in a long time I heard of a sequel announced in the same year. Jill looks like Natalie Portman. As expected, her main outfit will be different. Her original outfit will be the alternative. BTW nemesis doesn’t look that scary at least in the cover. It is definitely a downgrade. He needs to meet the dentist.
  11. Geoff is a producer and host of the Game Awards therefore he has a strong influence over them even though he is not part of the panel. His friendship with Kojima has already raised concerns in the gaming community. Also he has to make several deals with the game developers and companies to promote and fund his show. So he could push the panel to favor them. So if something unethical is to happen to the Game Awards, it automatically become Geoff’s fault whether he is involved or not.
  12. If Death Stranding wins the GOTY, Geoff’s reputation will take a massive beating and could lose sponsors and advertising. He should be smart not to support DS.
  13. Really music to my eyes. Hope this is not a rumor and we get a trailer this Game Award with a release 2021 window
  14. Mysteryman

    Doom Eternal

    I believe that it is a good thing that they delayed the game. Their previous games were poorly optimized, buggy, uninteresting plots, poor direction etc. in addition, many micro transactions.
  15. Mysteryman

    Half-Life: Alyx

    If you want to push a hardware, you need a AAA Exclusive which is Valve trying to do. It is the first time I heard of a AAA VR exclusive game. Valve made a lots of money from Steam so it can afford to take big risks. I’m sure that they will make a non VR mode once the storm settle down.
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