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  1. Abby suffered equally. She lost all her friends and WLF and learned that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. She learned that faster and more focused than Ellie. She found redemption in Lev and the new born Fireflies in the end. Looking forward to TLOU3 at the end of PS5 gen. ND still has to fix its internal and developer exodus problems.
  2. Same case and design as PS4 with an updated headline and color
  3. Mysteryman

    Halo Infinite

    Yes. That brute warlord.
  4. Hope Wolfenstein 3 will be announced in the Xbox event. It’s already 3 years since.
  5. Mysteryman

    Halo Infinite

    It’s good to hear that we will be fighting against Atriox and his Banished. The campaigns against the Flood and the Prometheans are the sore spots of Halo. Almost everything in the Halo 5 campaign was bad.
  6. Yeah. The game is too ambitious for Crystal Dynamics. The expectations are huge possibly Herculean. The developer does not have that kind of experience. Even CD Project Red and Rocksteady will have trouble with it. Wonder how good is the rumored Suicide Squad game from Rocksteady. Maybe it will be shown in the Xbox July event.
  7. What makes you think that ownership will change that?
  8. Mysteryman

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Good news for next gen launches. Something tells me that both Microsoft and Sony push the developer to this decision to boost the sales of their next gen consoles
  9. Hmmm. That makes sense. Both the PS3 and PS4 had a subpar line up of first party games at launch with dependence on third parties cross gen games to increase sales. Sony is doing the same for PS5 too. I believe that this game is mostly finished and ready for the launch but postponed to next year once they have reached a certain sale benchmark. Same can be said for RE8 which is already playable from start to finish.
  10. HZD released back in Feb 2007. 3 years seems be the standard between iterations. And they appear to use a more enhanced version of the same Decima engine if I am not wrong hence no delay due to a new engine unlike Halo. Seems too long since HZD is a campaign only game and not making revenues from MP and micro-transactions unlike GTA online. Rockstar is still cashing on GTAV next gen too.
  11. 2021 with no month? That doesn’t sound good for PS5 sales predictions at launch. This game would have broken console sales records.
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