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  1. Banning alcohol breaking contracts, jail for premarital sex, human rights violations, fake fans, corruption, deaths of thousands etc
  2. Yeah Graphics are amazing but you might feel disappointed. Good enough for one play through.
  3. Game the shop is offering a steelbook for preorders.
  4. Not worth it IMO. MW2019 is better. Doesn’t have the same scale as in the original trilogy. Some missions are interesting but nothing worth remembering or innovative.
  5. I am assuming that it is not being released in India officially? Damn Glen Scofield is looking pretty stressed and gained a lot of weight.
  6. Sales advantage or first mover advantage on a platform naturally.
  7. Expansion/Finale to MW2 campaign developed by Sledgehammer Games.
  8. Just my personal opinion We should boycott this World Cup or remove this thread considering 15000 Indians and other migrants died building the stadiums in addition to poor treatment.
  9. Finished the campaign. Though not as great as the original trilogy, it was fun to play. Some missions are great some as boring and annoying. I am taken aback that it is a new storyline with a new villain. I thought that they would continue with the Asad storyline per MW2019 ending. Disappointed that the scale of conflict is much smaller than in the original trilogy with nukes, entire armies and multiple set pieces. The missions are mostly convert in nature.
  10. Lol, MX2 is charging double for CE.
  11. Though hardware specs are impressive but the existing game offering does not make worth it. Even less than the Xbox series x. If it has at least 5 Alyx level games, then maybe.
  12. Lots of melee focused action in combat. Guns and variety seem weak.
  13. Looks like I will wait for a sale. Still can’t believe that they have not ported Arkham origins yet
  14. Playing on the Xbox series X, the better version? Or have they fixed the FPS in PS5 now?
  15. Nothing to do with Superman. Henry knows that there is no future for the Witcher with its casting choice and writing. There is an article that some writers hate the books and games.
  16. Looking forward to this game. Hope it’s as good as GOT. I just wish that it is not a trend to have only a code name or announcement that they are working on some story.
  17. Yeah Love and Thunder is a joke. Disney has become creatively bankrupt and quite woke. After Endgame, the franchise has floundered. Same for Star Wars. I think only the mandalorian is good. As a businessman, Bob Chapek is the same as Jim Ryan IMO.
  18. I see. I doubt she will be back at ND as long as Drunkman is at the helm. I think he manages ND like Putin.
  19. How many of her games were scrapped after ND? I think only Star Wars project Ragtag (visceral shut down by EA). Her side project Forspoken (narrative only) is still on schedule.
  20. That ended with Horizon Forbidden West (for first party games).
  21. These days we are getting game announcements when they are only in planning or preproduction. This thread will be forgotten in 2 days and another thread will be made.
  22. Yeah and the movie won’t win any Oscars today as it is not woke enough or does not have any people of color.
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