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  1. A clip of the remade Costa Del Sol section of Final Fantasy 7 has gone viral, with Tifa trending alongside Aerith. The clip shows the party at the beach, with Cloud seemingly taken aback by Tifa and Aerith's swimsuits. The internet has already grown obsessed over it: Just to give you an idea, the original Famitsu publication collected 9.2 million views in just 24 hours, while Genki's tweet, which shares the same video, reached 1.8 million views, amassing 10.8 million views. As for western devs, they still think, this is what we gamers want
  2. Looks like decapitation is only for machines, or non-human enemies same as in Jedi Order. As @Snake mentioned, it is an amateurish fan-made video combining the cuts from the leaked scenes. Graphics and combat scenes look pretty alpha as well.
  3. Yeah it is in the nascent stages now. Infinite possibilities. Technology has evolved over the years which make human lives better and easier but AI is quite a revolutionary leap. As always technology has made many jobs obsolete but created new jobs. As you mentioned this AI is a nightmare for Hollywood and the creative industry. It's quite scary. They are finding ways to replace humans in all aspects. It's quite possible that the Indian Government will ban this AI.
  4. Unfortunately the developer is working on the Iron man game now which is still years away from release. There is no guarantee EA will greenlit DS2.
  5. OpenAI calls its new system Sora, after the Japanese word for sky. The team behind the technology, including the researchers Tim Brooks and Bill Peebles, chose the name because it “evokes the idea of limitless creative potential.” In an interview, they also said the company was not yet releasing Sora to the public because it was still working to understand the system’s dangers. Instead, OpenAI is sharing the technology with a small group of academics and other outside researchers who will “red team” it, a term for looking for ways it can be misused. First ChatGPT now this. You could make your own movie. Amazing or Scary times ahead.
  6. Last I have heard that WB CEO is all big on Live Service games. They burnt a lot of money on failed Superheros films and live service games after several years in development. How much more can he burn? https://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2023/11/09/wb-games-big-franchises-live-service/
  7. It is good enough for a one time playthrough. Too bad we wont see a sequel. Fortunately the horror bandwagon is still strong at this point.
  8. There is bound to be a few troll reviews to criticize the game like they did for Hogwarts Legacy. Do ignore them. The production values are excellent and plays like Devil May Cry or Automata. What I like the most is the developers are based and not influenced by the Western cancel culture which has affected even Japanese developers.
  9. Which products are you referring to? They sell most unofficial products at 100-200% markup. AFAIK for games and other stuff officially released in India, they sell at 10% discount at most.
  10. It is unclear that there is actual nudity or they define skin tight costumes as nudity. Hope it is more Devil May Cry level difficultly and not Souls level difficultly. From the looks, it is more of the former.
  11. Retardera and leftists
  12. Most likely the first one. The second one looks fan-made.
  13. Yeah I remember the face controversy back in Remake. Wish they could do the same for Aloy.
  14. Most of them will be low quality/garbage or never be released. Still it is a good initiative by Sony.
  15. Yeah but it does not imply that all Sony published games (especially East) will be released in India. Helldivers 2 (Sony published) is not released officially in India and there are no preorders for even a major game like Dragon Dogma 2 (Capcom). Mx2games is charging 2-3 times the digital price for the above games as always for unofficial releases.
  16. Physical is confirmed but I am not sure if it will be released officially in India.
  17. According to the CEO, the playtime is 25 hrs for the main story and 50 hrs for completion.
  18. Yeah underwhelming trailer in terms of graphics, models and gameplay. Had high expectations (i.e Resident Evil remake quality)
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