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  1. Correct. SS is set in the Arkhamverse. Most people assume Gotham Knights is the sequel considering Batman’s “death” and Red Hood’s beginning in AK but it’s not. I don’t think adding more hours would make the SP any better. Gameplay mechanics and combat repetitiveness are some of the issues.
  2. It’s mind blowing that Warner Bros gives the studio so much development time. Microsoft would have close the studio 2 years back.
  3. The developers confirmed no last year but who knows. No gameplay is showed yet but I’m sure that it will be better than avengers.
  4. People are voluntary quitting in record numbers during the pandemic especially in the service sector. They have cutting edge technology but they still need human supervision.
  5. One thing I know is that a lot of people has quit their jobs worldwide and amazon/FK is no exception. Even their customer support is not responding. They could be struggling to fill vacant positions in the Supply and delivery chains with skilled manpower so there are bound to be lapses. They have been hiring third party deliverers like Delhivery to reduce their burden.
  6. of course the discounts are capped otherwise the bank will literally go bankrupted. Discounts aren’t free. It is a burden to the bank.
  7. Mysteryman

    Dragon Age 4

    Dragon Age 4 is next gen only according to Grubbs. https://venturebeat.com/2021/10/14/dragon-age-4-is-heading-to-ps5-xbox-series-x-s-without-cross-gen-releases/
  8. Wonder how come publishers could manage and afford individuals deals in all sports. But when it comes to Movies, they rather make their own character designs instead of signing a contract with the actors.
  9. That sucks. It seems that there are frauds in small to medium sized items. Any cases for larger items like Fridges, washing machine and TVs?
  10. Resetera bought for $4.5m by MOBA. Moderators are still an unpaid volunteer job. At least they keep their ban rights. https://www.ign.com/articles/resetera-acquired-moba-network
  11. Yeah, mental illness is no longer a sickness. It’s now a gender with many forms of sexuality. One day many “they” will storm the mental institutions and free more “they” and make them join Twitter and Resetera
  12. Vanguard could be the start of a new trilogy depending on its success. https://gamerant.com/call-of-duty-vanguard-trilogy/ So far three planned trilogies or sequels are canned - Ghosts, Advanced Warfare and infinite warfare arcs.
  13. More snippets from campaign
  14. Also they are releasing the episodes on a weekly basis. Netflix usually show the full season for other shows at once.
  15. Do you mean preorders? There are still physical copies for BO in most online sites.
  16. No physical preorders anywhere despite releasing in less than a month. BO sales last year must be really bad.
  17. Major inventory issues going on in Amazon. Heard there are multiple delivery delays.
  18. Major spoilers in trailer including Hitler’s successor.
  19. Saw Dave Chappelle the Closer. Brave comedian and brilliant jokes.
  20. Saw the Squid Game. Enjoyable watch and really strike a chord with the social/economical injustice in this world.
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