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  1. Still no first party showcase Destiny Lightfall is confirmed to be shown there. Wonder on the other third party games.
  2. They should have retained the ballistics too!!
  3. I remember there are some trash reality shows in US where women are groomed to meet and hookup with rich guys. It’s basically high class prostitution.
  4. I doubt having a larger budget would increase better marketing/sales in India. Expensive products are niche here.
  5. Actually they have help from 5-8 other Activision studios with focus only on Call of Duty.
  6. Sledgehammer Games. It would be a farce to charge $70 for a DLC. even if physical is offered, it is still a farce considering how mediocre is the campaign in MW II. Probably more convert operations.
  7. Everything has EMIs. in the US, they offering EMIs for a pizza from chains like Papa John’s. Debt traps are getting bigger.
  8. Jill valentine is back!! Sequel to Vendetta
  9. Lightsaber Combat feels off and the walking/running animations are weird which both can be fixed. No improvements in graphics over the first.
  10. I don’t get your post. What are you implying?
  11. All companies say the same for the delay. Of course none will be stupid to say that the competition is the reason.
  12. Yeah biological women are the main victims of the trans craze. They want to cancel their basic existence and want all their rights in addition to special privileges like pronouns.
  13. Perhaps they want to maximize their sales by moving further from another major releases. They could release it in February but customer would still be playing Hogwarts Legacy so it’s best to release in an empty month when gamers are looking for a new adventure to play.
  14. The physical copies are out of stock in most stores. Maybe they didn’t expect it would sell well and ordered 10 copies each.
  15. Yeah but its closeness impact customer buying decisions. Games are expensive after all so they must have chosen RE4.
  16. They did Ashley design justice. West - take notice of how to design beautiful women.
  17. They saw Resident Evil 4 and said “oh f**k” and that’s why preorders are less than expected.
  18. Isn’t it what the Snitch was teasing right? Instead of a SOP
  19. May I know what major release from the Bethesda studios since the acquisition? The former PS exclusives doesn’t count
  20. Knew it was coming after years of mismanagement. Lots of layoffs at Microsoft, Ubisoft and most likely WB studios. The Microsoft AB deal might be dead at the end. Hardly any deliverables from the Bethesda deal.
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