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  1. GOT is around 24-30 hrs for platinum. But that game was selling for 3k even after a month of it's release. I see the same price here with the 1st week for sealed games too. The valuation drop was faaaast.
  2. I am just curious, Why were so many members selling this game in a week after it's release, and that too at around 3k. Some wrote they purchased only for the steelbook. Same didn't happen for Ghost of tsushima 2 months ago. Can anyone explain the reason behind this?
  3. My original cable burnt up while charging some other device. My other 3 cables which work for all other USB devices, isn't working with my charger. Tried connecting to PS console directly too. Most cables on amazon don't have any return policy. Anyone using third party Cables which work fine with the controller, please share name/link. Thanks.
  4. Playstation giving people from multiple regions free credits (Equivalent of 10 euros). Hoping they give Indian accounts something too, with the Current sales, that'd be amazing.
  5. Wow, thank you for sharing this website.
  6. What is the cheapest price you have seen Witcher 3 GOTY edition go for? Right now, Witcher 3 + Expansion pass is 449+699 = 1150. I can probably get the Disc for a little bit extra I guess, but don't see any one selling right now,so inclined towards buying.
  7. I haven't played AC Unity, but FC5 felt very disappointing. Falls short of FC3 and FC4, and even Primal was better imo. The game felt very short too.
  8. On the game cover, It says that heart of stone and Blood and wine are included. Does the season pass provide anything which isn't there in GOTY edition by itself?
  9. Can someone tell me how much buying all Witcher 3 DLCs and Expansion cost? The listing's are a bit confusing and idk what packages overlap what. If I buy just the 2 expansions, do I get all 16 DLCs?
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