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  1. Any insider info on when the ps5 stocks will arrive in India ?
  2. Maybe laminate it ? It will act like a thick plastic tape
  3. Does that thicc RE8 lady kill you in some 'creative' ways 👀 ? Asking for a friend.
  4. Amazon be like :- Contact the manufacturer to prove that the item is a counterfeit
  5. Please be extra cautious while buying anything on amazon and FK during this sale, specially electronic stuff. It's chaos out there with zero quality checks in existence from both the e-commerce sites. I was lucky enough to have no issues with my Last of us 2 special edition, but after seeing so many complaints, I have decided to halt my other purchases for now. Hope my ps5 will be real 😂🤦‍♂️😨
  6. You also ? What a shady practice by Flipkart, did you also order from Retailnet ?
  7. Have requested them to call again. Really pathetic experience man. Today I received TLOU2 special edition and I was hoping for it to be fine, thankfully, it's new. Else Cloudtail is also doing some shady sh*t.
  8. Have messaged, in case not received, you can also msg now. Have cleared the inbox
  9. I can order at the current deal price i.e 1,999/- not ordering something for me to get that card discount though
  10. Oddly specific 🤔 reminds me of a subreddit 😂
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