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  1. Sorry guys, stuck in some personal emergencies, will be able to ship next week maybe. Let me know who wants it
  2. I am not playing this actively, so will try to return it by next week.
  3. Hey Guys, looking for a budget UPS to support my Ps5, requirement is only for 3-5 mins of backup, allowing me to turn off the console. That's it. Any suggestions ?
  4. Nope, it's tied to your psn account like a digital game. No disc required for Remastered
  5. I haven't tasted a Man for sooo looong !! Me as Ethan:- 👀
  6. Enjoyed the game alot. Heisenberg section gave me some Doom vibes. Overall horror element was less than RE 7 but the Doll house segment was pure bliss. Also, What's with RE Village women ? They are so hot. Everyone talks about Booba vampire lady but Mother Miranda is literally like a Russian Model. Dimitrescu daughters were also great. Overall the game was 7.5/10 for me, quite entertaining !
  7. Stock of Digital edition on SaSC was faker than Amanda cerny's bazoongas
  8. Howwwwwwww. Edit - I read it as completed 😂😂😂
  9. and that's how you overcome the adversity. Charles Oliveira. I had him for the win but didn't think he would tko Chandler. Shows Charles punches pack some power as well. Great card ! Sadly, tony is done for. Lightweight seems interesting as always !
  10. RE 8 is masterpiece for horror lovers. Makes you really uncomfortable at times. Loved the first person idea and pure horror elements. Waiting to get my hands on RE Village !
  11. Any Sc center taking offline orders in Delhi ? My friend is seeking one this time. Any ideas ?
  12. I understand, that's why I mentioned that whenever the situation is better. So kinda being next in line. Thanks guys !
  13. Hey, I would like to borrow this, as soon as it can be shipped to Delhi. Hope that is fine. Also, considering the length of the game, can the borrowing period be longer than regular ?
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