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  1. Anyone using Hisense u6g for gaming ? Ps5 ? Need recommendations for a budget 4k smart tv, ~45kish. Streaming content + ps5 gaming is priority.
  2. Hi guys, this might be wrong thread but since it covers online shopping, I am looking for a budget 4k TV for my PS5 under 40k. It's getting pretty confusing with all the Mi, redmi, Hisense brands. Has anyone been using the ps5 with a good budget tv ? Any recommendations ?
  3. Cool, if nobody else is in the line, I will take it. Thanks. Dmed you.
  4. Game with @KunjanPSD now. Received by him today. Pls update the thread
  5. Will ship tomorrow. Pls dm me your address
  6. Will be able to ship it next weekend, please allow me the time to do so.
  7. Yep, currently don't want GOTG. Will return the games and then maybe.
  8. Received the disc, however, there's no cover art. Just the blue disc box (with slight damage at the bottom). Can share pics if anyone wants. Hope this is fine.
  9. Does anyone want it ? Or shall I ship back to the donator ? As I am borrowing Miles Morales
  10. Want to be next in line as GOTG might take time to become available. I have Avengers right now which I'll return before borrowing
  11. Like to be next in line for this. Currently have Avengers from library but will return that before borrowing this.
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