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  1. Is anyone here familiar with CCTV surveillance systems? Looking for a good 4TB HDD for a DVR as the old one went lmaoded Sent from my Mi A1 using Tapatalk
  2. Use ADB with your PC to remove bloatware
  3. Do check out their privacy policy if you're interested in the service, as all your chats are getting transferred through them
  4. Which bank has the best debit card for offers/cashback?
  5. S20 FE 5G then (5g model has Snapdragon chip instead of Exynos) The phone might go on sale during Diwali, so keep an eye out
  6. It would help the forum suggest a phone if you answered these questions: What is your primary use case? Do you need the phone to excel in a particular part or do you want an all-rounder? Do you have a preferred brand?
  7. I'm looking for a good CCTV camera system that has DVR or operates on its own. I need good video clarity, and it has to record for ~15-30 days. Anyone who is currently using something like this could help me get one as well
  8. Do tell me what food processor you bought, I'm looking for one too
  9. Custom ROMs still holds up because of the existence of MIUI and companies usually only give around 2 years of support (for the budget oriented phones at least)
  10. The MediaTek processor is a dealbreaker for me as MediaTek phones have low custom ROM support usually
  11. Bitwarden is superb from my usage, never had a problem with it once. It's free, and it's open source with even a self-hosting feature.
  12. Was waiting for you to recommend this phone
  13. I accept that OxygenOS is one of the best OEM ROM available. But he said he got sold on their quality. OnePlus has changed a lot from how it was back then in the 3T/5T days.
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