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  1. Could you send an invite to me please? Thanks in advance
  2. Hello! Is the group only restricted to sale posts regarding games?
  3. Hello! I am looking to purchase a new water purifier for my home. I don't need top of the line features with the purifier. It's great if it gives me clean and purified water. Which water purifiers do you people use? I want to buy one that is tried and tested that doesn't need frequent repairs.
  4. I hope Nothing's upcoming phone is really good
  5. Try using Blokada on Android [You have to download the apk file from their website as their Play Store alternative is not feature-packed due to restrictions placed by Google] It's pretty good for blocking ads and trackers.
  6. Woah. That's a new. Generally, SD phones are preferred for custom ROM/root over Mediatek and Exynos.
  7. Multiple reasons: viper4android Greenify Titanium backup & restore Adaway
  8. Wait. I thought it's easier to root SD phones when compared to Exynos and Mediatek.
  9. A lot of phones releasing this month. Would suggest you to wait a bit
  10. Let us know if you have any specific requirements and your use case. It will help factor down the choices.
  11. How are you claiming the 18% GST back?
  12. @KunjanPSD I would recommend the Honda City first. Great sedan, tried and tested for quite some time here. My second recommendation would be the new Slavia. Skoda is improving their after-sales to catch up with competitors. Though I would suggest you wait for some time if you're looking to get this car as it's new. An SUV doesn't fit your needs as it's a large vehicle and it consumes more fuel when compared to sedans.
  13. Unfortunately, yes. People think Honda might be the next company to exit the Indian market after Ford. No new launches, just facelifts There is no significant upgrades or a WOW factor in any of their cars and let's not forget the demand for SUVs here.
  14. Why Youtube Premium over something like Vanced? The only thing you would miss out on is downloads afaik
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