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  1. slackerninja


    I think it’s this way because the character models lip sync to the voices with precision. Don’t know if on the fly would be possible with a patch.
  2. slackerninja


    Yes you can change language at any time. But you’ll be booted back to the title screen. No language pack.
  3. slackerninja


    I went back to Japanese because I found it jarring that despite most voices being in English, no name NPCs like store and restaurant staff as well as thugs would speak in Japanese despite English VOs. If you’re not mad OCD like me, English is perfectly fine. I’m of the same opinion as you regarding Sega’s recent track record. It’s been crazy good and super consistent. While this isn’t 100% like past Yakuza titles, the story is just as good so far.
  4. slackerninja


    1. Yes. 2. I talked a bit about how things outside the main quest are voiced in the piece, but valid point all the same. Not all side-quests are voiced unless they involve main characters. It’s a bit jarring when you go to a restaurant or store and here Japanese but that happens even with English voices. For most I’d suggest English. I went back to Japanese VO after the second chapter.
  5. slackerninja


    Preview embargo is up. Here’s mine. It’s good.
  6. slackerninja

    Days Gone

    Yeah it's bad. 6/10. https://gadgets.ndtv.com/games/reviews/days-gone-review-release-date-gameplay-ps4-pro-2028476
  7. slackerninja

    Borderlands 3

    India prices out. It's cheapest on the Epic Games Store.
  8. slackerninja

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Yeah, it's fine tbh. I'll probably buy from there too.
  9. slackerninja

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Grey market stock. Won't be official. Yep. The price is fair and it will work. The only concern is it releasing on time.
  10. slackerninja


    Will be interesting to see what the user base is reduced to when The Division 2 is out next week.
  11. slackerninja

    Devil May Cry 5

    No. It's really fair. Or so it was pre-release. IDK if that will be the case post-launch as they can push an update to mess that up.
  12. slackerninja

    Devil May Cry 5

    Took me around 12 hours on normal, first play through.
  13. slackerninja


  14. slackerninja


    In hindsight that headline was 100% accurate if the current shitshow on consoles is any indication. EA's moved on from killing games and studios to straight up murdering consoles
  15. slackerninja

    Devil May Cry 5

    PC if you can. The loading times are so much better on an SSD versus the regular PS4/X1X drives.