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  1. I paid 25k booking amount back in 2020 when I booked my Seltos HTX petrol. Got the car within 1 and half month in Bangalore. 50k booking amount and 5 months waiting period sounds crazy. That too in a place like Delhi, it suppose to be cheaper.
  2. Only PC gaming community appreciate the strategy games, alot. You talking about strategy games in a forum where console gamers are dominant and specially most people plays on playstation. Their concerns are more into console vs console and general games or 30fps quality or variable 60 fps performance mode for games. I see little talk of Strategy, MOBA, MMO, Competitive fps (read: Valorant, Apex, CS) here. It's not like this forum doesn't have people who plays them, but I think majority aren't that. Check out GamerConnect on FB, that community is huge and consists of huge number of PC and multiplat gamers.
  3. Majorly service... cloud gaming etc. Would be able to play games from phones...etc.
  4. I think M$ is done with console vs console child's play. They are focusing on more towards the services, content, owning half of the gaming industry even. In a way, they are becoming mighty serious about 'gaming for all' slogan. Generalizing gaming. Which is actually a mammoth goal tbh and they are in the right track with what they are doing. Gamepass is future. Like how spotify gobbled up the whole music industry, and no majority numbers of artists are unhappy with that. Likewise, Gamepass would be great for game industry as well. Their console will still be there, but just as a cheaper (compared to PC) access point of their service. They will be in a league on their own and in future these Xbox vs Playstation arguments will pretty much die. You can resist the concept as much as you want, it's basic human nature to resist big changes anyway.
  5. Many people bought stocks after the plummet. It's wise to buy stocks during that time to acquire more units. So obviously it will rise after that. Specially Sony because we are all betting Sony will come up with something. They might reveal some games!
  6. Thanks for the information. Will wait out then.....definitely.
  7. https://www.ign.com/articles/horizon-forbidden-west-preorders-ps4-ps5-save-10-dollars?utm_source=twitter There's no point of discussing this bro... People, fanboys are fine with PS5 version not being adjusted to 4k price after the announcement means people accepted the fact they will get PS4 version and upgrade (who knows the information). And PS5 disc and digital will have 5k price as it's "Next gen" PS5 tag infused version. I tried to raise issue, but someone will come defending Sony's honour anyway. Jaane do. get 4k PS4 version and pray once the DLCs will come you won't have much trouble upgrading. Or you don't have to pay more because officially, you will be having PS4 disc containing PS4 SKU and SONY doesn't have any consistency about DLC or upgrade policy and pricing.
  8. I personally would have liked the Deluxe edition as physical, want those digital goodies, artbooks and all...but unlike many other games, HZD doesn't have that on physical nor there is any option to upgrade the deluxe version from normal.
  9. Because Sony doesn't want you to know that it contains free upgrade in official buy pages. And its working.... in PS5 groups, lots of general and common people are still unaware about the free upgrade.
  10. Wow..... the acquisition really ticked off PS fanboys it seems. Only reason I can see for them to get ticked off is that they are UNABLE to have options to enjoy the games irrespective of platforms. I don't see any other reason why they are not happy because more games on GP seems like a great value. ALSO, if you are UNHAPPY with subscription based model, microsoft also sell the games in contemporary way.... Steam, Epic Games, Gamepass, XBOX physical and online. So when you have these options, why focusing your arguments on one time buy vs sub base model. Kharidlo physical ya digtal platform mein. Kisne mana kiya? Get a friggin xbox or PC along with your PS ffs. If you cant do that, accept your bubble and move on. Stop giving retarded BS about Gamepass games doesn't have quality. Stop giving twitter justification and opinion.
  11. That’s not how “limited” console exclusives works. If sony actually helped the dev for making the game in a greater way it wouldn’t come to pc in any way, nor it would have timed exclusivity. It’s just like epic exclusiveness. Sony gave ‘some’ money thus gotten a limited console exclusivity. Not helped Arkane made the game. That’s not how industry works.
  12. Deathloop is Arkane and is a PC game as well, which runs on Microsoft's OS. So stop making it as "PS exclusive" already. And Deathloop has nothing to do with SONY except that they strike a deal with Arkane for making it PS exclusives only on console for a limited time, which in turn good for arkane as they got some more funding in the process. Eventually it will come on xbox as well. It's like EPIC games exclusivity for a year as an example. Anyway I'm surprised as you defend Sony's honour all the time and couldn't invoke BLACK or KILLZONE series as amazing exclusive first person on Playstation family when FPS argument broke in... Are you sure you are doing fanboism right?
  13. lol...yeah..and fans are defending because it's making sense to make money from Company's perspective. Not something that will benefit gamers or developers on long run, mind you. I mean, what's gonna be the life expectancy of PS4 in 2022 again? Plus, innovation will be restricted to some lvl, thanks that Hardware from 2013, gamers might argue, but hardware bandwidth plays a big role on scope of a game.
  14. Content (games) banane mein time lagta hain yaar. M$ just acquired Bethesda and now Acti/Blizz....so don't expect contents to come suddenly. It will come gradually, but surely. Plus, M$ is thinking long term while acquiring these companies and offcourse, in their service, which is already huge...on it's way to be EVEN BIGGER.
  15. Nah you have to have a playstation and Switch in the process too...We call PC masterrace jokingly...but actual masterrace is one who has all the platforms for the games and don't care for console purism.
  16. that's cool and all, the games are amazing.... but, do you have a PS5 and did you play those games?
  17. Lol, I hope that's a joke. HDR is controlled by Apps (Games) on PC. Gamepad is also controlled by apps (Games) on PC. If the game support those, you get everything top notch. Plus, on PC you get supports for all the controllers, DS4, DS, XBone, XSX or even x360.....chose to your heart's content.
  18. You don't actually need to buy XBOX console for playing latest games if you already have a gaming PC. Offcourse, unless you wanna play old games thanks to the amazing Backward Compatible of XBOX. I personally would buy XSX only for that amazing Backward Compatible M$ has on their console.
  19. PC is truly a MasterRace now. Let console fanboys tear each other apart. Meanwhile, PC will just get all the stuffs...it's so common to have the game on PC now that sometimes console fanboys forgets their 'exclusives' aren't actually exclusives and are available on PC from day one. EG: Deathloop and Kena. Plus, most of the PC gamer has Playstations for exclusives anyway, so they don't miss out on anything. They get Xbox games, they getting PS games. It's just games for them rather than stupid console war waged by blind fanboys.
  20. They won't be exclusives in near future tbh. They will however, can get day 1 on GP on both XBOX and PC. Plus Blizzard launcher on PC (if you wanna buy the game with full price) along with GP on PC. And I think full price on PS, just like Psychonauts 2. Overwatch was pretty big on PC (competitive tournament level, even in India along with whole world), dunno about console community for that game...or if PS even has a good crowd for it.
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