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  1. 76million....can it push 100mil within 24 hrs?
  2. Great to see all of the reactions! please share more!
  3. SaiKO

    Cyberpunk 2077

    CDPR won't let me uninstall the game from my system or what?
  4. Every games are collective products of numerous creators. Everyone is a cog of a bigger machine. Everyone is equally important. You can assume stuff and Im not gonna say anything. Sometimes something better be left for imagination. Cheers.
  5. Let’s not give out details. Also its a forum and online portal. Dont let any individual’s personal opinion and online persona be actual judgements of their character. Devs are still people with different perspectives. No console bias here. But games are very passionate media, some may like some, some dont.
  6. lol....just wait till 5th. These rumors are very funny sometimes....
  7. SaiKO


    https://bethesda.net/en/game/starfield/article/3V830KanHH0I2zTIKraEih/starfield-update-1-8-86-notes-november-20-2023?utm_source=Community&utm_medium=twitter&utm_content=11867434006&linkId=249650794 New DLSS patch is live for PC. Can see significant performance improvement!
  8. Heck even Baldur's Gate 3 added many additional stuffs, additional ending for party members, choices, new VA and additional RPG elements and path after launch... Free of cost.
  9. So was there in QUAKE 2 Enhanced edition. New levels, new maps, entirely new engine, reworked MP, new MP maps, entirely new update for current standard...Ultrawide and such. So was there for Any CDPR games as well.. both CP2077 and Witcher 3. So was there for Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition. There are numerous examples.
  10. The patch supposed to be free...many companies adding contents free of cost.
  11. You know HOGWARTS LEGACY has been robbed of any awards and nominations. I just fired up the game again today morning after I finished it long time back during start of the year. This game has been done dirty beyond belief by game journos and media.
  12. Just wait till Early December for the trailer.
  13. SaiKO


    8 nominations! What a fantastic achievement. Best of luck Remedy!
  14. SaiKO


    Relive this EPIC song/moment after you finish the story.... NOT BEFORE.
  15. SaiKO


    Finished it with 64 achievements....missed 2. Amazing experience. Classic Remedy. Highly memorable, the transition of game to live action sequence is very REMEDY, no one has done these type of things before. Story has so much meta, its kindda amusing. Also there are so much easter eggs that it's just gives you that "yup yup....there it is" (Leonardo DeCaprio) moment. It's a proper arthouse game. Very intellectually stimulating. Many would argue that combat could have been abit better, but I think it was made clunky purposefully for the change of genre. The kit is limited and the combat framework is clunky to give that hopelessness and fright. I don't play much survival horror genre(some Resident Evil here and there), but for Remedy it's an exception. It felt more mature, if that makes sense. The atmosphere and graphics is highly immersive with very, very powerful art direction. I feel the atmospheric storytelling itself is a character for the game. The sound design elevated that experience farther. And those SONGS! Beautiful! A must play for PC gamers where it will use every silicon power in your PC. Best Path tracing implemented in a game yet. The control with a controller felt alot clunky IMO, tried with controller few times, but everytime went back to Keyboard and Mouse for this. Sublime!
  16. Lord Gaben being our savior. Such meaningful refresh. Much wow. Hope to get good price on it, will finally gonna give in.
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