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  1. 53 minutes ago, Mr. Comingle said:

    These games are too depressing. I thought of playing TLOU 2 again after the 60 fps update. Couldn’t even get myself to start it. The stories are too real.

    Hate TLOU2. 

    It's a game about hate....thusly. 

  2. 5 hours ago, Assassins Creed said:


    Sure... :zodka:




    I don't support piracy, and piracy cripples our industry. But for this game, I'm hoping people pirate the sh*t out of it. Only for this one...

  3. 10 hours ago, radicaldude said:



    How is this a spoiler. anyone who has played the ps3/ps4 version already knows the story.


    This version is mostly for an enhanced, amped up, unparalled TLOU experience. 

    You do realise it was a sarcasm, right?

  4. 50 minutes ago, 0verlord said:



    a new game ND can release is a seamless single game covering events of part 1 and 2 - it would be an amazing journey start to finish 

    Yes! Exactly. It could be priced at 140$ and still be VFM!!

    Who knows! Maybe the game will play out different and could have multiple outcome! Atleast that's my impression after seeing the TLOU1's "Spoiler" and "Leak" concern from game media!


  5. 29 minutes ago, Mr. Comingle said:

    But at what cost? I really wanted this to be good. Might be one of the worst years for gaming lol. Some really heavy hitters but barren otherwise. Is this how the industry gonna look like in coming years with rising budgets and consolidation?

    How can it be worst year in gaming when you have ELDEN RING and Ragnarok in a same year? 

    And many people will disagree but HFW and Dying Light 2 are also fine games (not GOTY worthy off course but great games nonetheless). But yes, AAA games will come out in lesser numbers nowadays because of exponentially more time required for making games+ covid and WFH is still somewhat hampered the timeline and productivity.

    We also have lots of games inbound such as A plague tale requiem, Bayonetta 3, Callisto Protocol, Splatton 3..... we had lots of great indie games this year....Stray, Olli Olli world, Rollerdrome, Teenage mutant Ninja, Sifu and many more....

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  6. 4 hours ago, SuperT said:

    Finished this masterpiece, took me around 70hrs. Loved every minute of it. Gorgeous game and can easily take on any next gen game, if only it had a 60fps patch. 

    Is there any way to play RDR 1 on ps5 ? 

    As of now only way to play with better graphics and fps is the PC version.

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  7. Looks like they are using M$'s money to increase the scope of the game. Have no context how in-details and the visions are, or how the game gonna play. But seems like there gonna be a huge jump from first to second. Hope it lives up.


  8. Sony being Tryhard on the price.....so....so much!

    Giving so much justification about "how hard they worked on the 'remake' " to justify that price. 
    I have nothing against ND and other devs, infact I advocate for them because I'm on their boat. But the full inflated price is BS. And giving more and more justification proves that it's BS.

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  9. On 7/23/2022 at 9:56 PM, STICK3Rboy said:

    The game's getting better and better.

    Just completed the zoo level and absolutely loved the atmosphere there. The antlions look amazing in VR and shooting off their limbs is incredibly satisfying!


    And speaking of atmosphere, the game can almost be classified as survival-horror considering the slow pacing and all the creepy locations you have to go through.

    One level has you actually holding your mouth so you don't cough and alert a blind super zombie that keeps hounding you throughout the level.


    Also, figured out how to take screenshots in VR. They obviously look way better in VR though







    This sh*t looks gnarly in VR.
















    WOW! What VR hardware did you use? 

  10. It’s the same linear game. Same story, almost same gameplay it will have as mix of tlou1 and tlou2. 

    Plus it wont even have multiplayer the first one had. From which angle the price is justified. You tell me!!!


    yes, rockstar also released same game 3 times on 3 different consoles (pc version still one time and getting updates till this day btw). And all 3 version has sp and mp into it. And the price isnt even 4k-5k like this. Are they getting any slack for it? Nope!!!!
    Why should we give Tlou some slack? That too a movie linear game which plays the same over and over again. 

    It’s not even fully from ground up. TLOU2 was from ground up and costed 4k. This was on the premises of that with many assets being reused and edited on top of it. Basic story, groundwork, music, voices, funda already being laid out. What’s so special about it except the graphics and haptic and some TLOU2’s gameplay element implementation and reused? 

    Yes, it triggers me that Sony gets a pass for these bs cashgrabs from fans who just gonna accept anything sony does. The same way you guys revolt at other companies…. Do that for sony as well!


    otherwise you are just enabling them. 

    How the hell after all the bs sony pulled last year, this year with different version price parity, then taking u turn of their words, you guys are giving them slack is beyond me!  

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  11. 22 minutes ago, Mr. Comingle said:

    Yeah understand that they’re working with limited resources considering it’s a budget title.

    Budget title? Price should have been on the budget side too, right?


    this is ps5 propaganda. And a BS and unwanted cashgrab. The whole video gave me that vibe!  

  12. very bad pricing throughout the world. 

    110 AUD in australia. Highest price for any game there.

    As a developer I understand the effort that has been put there for the PC port. But it doesn't warrant extreme pricing for this 4 year old game on a new device.

    Sony tested the water with HZD and it's low pricing initially(Which they shamelessly increased after a year)...had crazy number of units sold...now they are being cocky. As always.

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