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  1. 1 minute ago, WhiteWolf said:

    Just like nobody asked for Dead space remake or Tlou remake.  No body of asked for Gears 123 remakes coz Gears 5 is best playing and most fun Gears game for me. I dont want Gears remakes and i will not even buy them just like i will not buy Dead space and Tlou remake.



    I know why Coliation is doing this,  they gonna use these games to Unreal Engine 5 capabilities as it will be used for Gears 6. 

    You actually don't require Gears remake because xbox is like a PC-ish console where it runs the game with better fps and resolution on newer consoles. Like pc does for old games.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Alucard said:

    Wow, you must really love this game to have played it so many times... I too completed it with male V & Panam just a day before patch 1.5 was released & absolutely enjoyed every bit of it. I wish it was a bit longer though, specially the last act & also wished it had a new game plus mode. Still it is one hell of an experience. I also wanted to do another playthrough at that time but than decided to wait for a few months when the updated was released. Question is, are the different playthroughs different enough or only minor differences?

    I finished it once fully back in launch... My 2nd playthrough was with Fem V, which I didn't finish. But right now I'm doing that.

  3. 5 minutes ago, RV1709 said:

    Very true.

    for me - multiplat games worth keeping are definitely pc. 
    Exclusives and 1 and done multiplat is PS 

    Agreed. Mostly all of the multiplats are very VFM on PC. And you get best graphics and performance as well. So for me only exclusives and 'some' games on PS....rest of all on PC.

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  4. 3 minutes ago, RV1709 said:

    I have it on EGS. Still have to play it. Much cheaper there than on ps 

    Exactly, PS basically has very bad pricing for all of these games that are on both platforms. 

    From Deathloop to Kena, Sifu and list is endless. If you have PC then you should get these games on PC rather than PS.

    Specially when the game costs 1/3 of the price of PS. (for Kena)

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  5. Because this is unusual for Bethesda if it's a natural situation(as they used to show actual deep dive gameplay only on release year), unlike these past 2 years. And WFH actually a culprit for games from 2020. For many games.

  6. As a developer who actually works in industry and know how WFH just can demolish the production timeline, I would say, WFH timelines =/= Actual production timeline in office. Because most, if not all companies are facing productivity issue in WFH situation where work efficiency has reduced to a crazy 40% less for game development.

    Unless everything normalize and everyone returns to office and work in office environment, this kindda situation is unavoidable and incalculable. 

    That's the reason we are witnessing so many delays from 2020 for many games. So be considerate about that.

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  7. 9 minutes ago, RV1709 said:

    Wow the game still holds up graphically ! Are you using mods or is this vanilla base game?

    Vanilla... Just taken in my Ultrawide aspect monitor using nvidia's screengrab.

    And also had DSR on from nvidia control panel.

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  8. 5 hours ago, RV1709 said:

    Bumping an old game thread


    has this game aged well!? I was very curious about it esp the story. Saw a bit of gameplay and while the quests look immersive, the combat seems superficial.

    The Goty version is 999 on steam. Is it worth it in 2022? I know this game was awarded game of the year in 2015 so it has the according 

    Just play and make your own opinion on it. Remember it's a 2015 game, keep that open mindset and play. You will love the combat as well if you do that. Lots of people loved the combat.

    Most RPGs doesn't have best combat out there. Look at skyrim (doesn't have best sword fight in it's time), fallout(doesn't have best shooting mechanics in it's time), mass effects series(doesn't have best TPS shooting in it's time either) and lots more. And people don't play those games having that mindset tbh. They are RPG, not linear action adventures.

    some of the in-game screenshot I took long back...I lost most of them due to HDD format and all...

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  9. 14 minutes ago, hsk_colossus said:

    Posting worthwhile in this thread ? 
    I thought this thread is for sh*t posting… correct me if I am mistaken Bruh


    I was talking some facts then I was humbly reminded by TRMNTR that is a waste of my time. Which I think is right now.


    5 hours ago, TRMNTR said:


    Honestly, you're wasting your time trying to have a serious discussion in this thread. You will only get belittled by the members and the admins. This thread is for days when you feel like wasting some time. :P


    Then we got reminded that we need to talk sense again.

    Guess Twitterendus and their twitter shitpostings are worthwhile. But talking sense and information isn't. They will be tagged as Legion irrespective of what they are saying. PS ke for mein kuch nehi bola to branded ho jate hain as xbot. 

    PC ko support kiya... xbot. 
    Steam and other services ka facts samne leke aaya....xbot.
    PS5, Ps4 Pro rahne ke baad bhi kuch genuine issue ko discuss kiya.... xbot.
    Having numerous games bought on PS day one, contributed shitload of money on SONY and their studios for games...but didn't say fowl about xbox in forum.....xbot.

    Online free karna chaiye bola....xbot.


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  10. 4 minutes ago, RV1709 said:

    Bumping an old game thread


    has this game aged well!? I was very curious about it esp the story. Saw a bit of gameplay and while the quests look immersive, the combat seems superficial.

    The Goty version is 999 on steam. Is it worth it in 2022? I know this game was awarded game of the year in 2015 so it has the according 

    As one of the most important rpg game out there… yes!


    It’s worth the money and then some.  But the game goes on sale at 300 rs in steam. 

    you should play it if you are a Rpg fan. 

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  11. Nobody is defending third party DRM...

    Everyone gonna defend Steam..... and XBL,  which itself are DRMs and a service.

    So you want steam gone? How our games will be preserved?
    XBL gone, how the same principle will apply for the games? How they gonna have your games in your account forever? And also mitigate issue such a piracy.

    Give a solution for this requirement first...then we can say a thing or two about DRM.

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  12. Real PCMR also loves STEAM, and it's THE MOST POPULAR PLATFORM ON PC, and that's a DRM itself. 

    PC gamers don't love Denuvo because it hampers performance of the game. But PCMR doesn't have problem with other DRMs such as Steam. If a basic thing such as this has to be mentioned to some people then they should stay where they are..... a closed box platform. And don't let their juvenile mind bother with terms of DRM and stuffs. Put on cassette, cd, dvds, blu-ray in the reader of the device and enjoy what they have. Enjoy perseverance of the games in oldschool style.

  13. 4 minutes ago, PhantomShade said:


    They were the first to implement the whole pay for multiplayer meme since like what 2006 when the x360 launched, they better have high availability and "polish" of their network

    No need to defend their f**k ups.



    Waise bola jay to I dont understand why would they need money for MP and services from both end..

    XBL and PSN.... why would they need money for a basic feature of Multiplayer? Answer is running those private servers. But noone bothers about that answer. 

    On PC, game servers are also hosted by third party thus we have problems of hackers and many more... Consoles doesn't have that issue. But I will always criticise both consoles for hiding MP behind a PAYWALL...it could have been free.


  14. 57 minutes ago, WhiteWolf said:

    I must be playing on some other system i guess.



    There's DRM on Xbox but it just requires you to connect once to Live servers after initial installation. Then you can play offline. You can play offline on Xbox from that point.



    Same way it works on Steam.


    People want this Steam style system to be removed from Xbox.

    Can you blame the console only gamers? They are oblivious of a system that exists since 2004 on pc.

    They are used to playing offline so much so that suddenly a PC like closed box device from microsoft and it's DRM is incomprehensible by them.


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  15. 50 minutes ago, radicaldude said:





    Steam provides thousands of games. It depends on the developer if they want to add drm (or not) .



    Valve games are drm free and that's what matters to me. 



    However drm is a crucial component of the xbox ecosystem itself. 



    That's what is being criticised here 

    Valve's games are not DRM free. They have a DRM, it's called STEAM itself.

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  16. 13 minutes ago, PhantomShade said:



    TIL this is on steam also, earlier I thought only PC GP does this



    This will be on every Online DRM. It happens for security reason where the system and account won't get abused. i.e..not getting used by large number of people for a single account.

    Steam has family sharing as well where it needs to be authorized by the master account for family play. There, the games needs to be played once in online mode before can be played offline. You have to make sure not to signed out of your friend list (Which requires you to be online to do so).

    So basically, being online is not required if you are playing an offline game which has been played before. But if it's a freshly installed games, you need to activate once on online. And people with steam don't mind being online, it's common since 2004 in PC.

    I dunno what's the big deal about XBL service going out for a day! People who were playing their games and had them activated in their home console could play nonetheless. It's the issue with family sharing which caused the issue because family sharing require authentication check everytime because of multiple console sharing the information of an account due to family sharing.

    This isn't an issue to be fought about in XBOX vs PS....

    XBL service is kindda like steam for console on initial days...but offcourse not polished like Steam on PC. Remember Steam is here for a long time and it took years for the service to reach where it is today. XBL has not reached to that lvl....but for DRM, I think it's quite similar to Steam. Steam also had server outage even few years back where none of the PC players were able to browse, buy, play their non activated games. So this isn't a big deal for people who are used to steam like services.

    Xbox and it's features are more towards PC rather than a console tbh...online DRM, almost full backward compatibility....seamless transition and coop with PC, account, library sharing with PC....etc. Yes, it doesn't have great exclusives lineup like PS but it's actually a quite flexible system, specially if you are coming from PC side of things.

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