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  1. The dedication and effort he puts on hating such trivial stuffs. If used in proper area, could have afford all the consoles 10 times over and would be at peace of mind.
  2. Someone somewhere didn’t pay money.. 😂
  3. SaiKO

    Elden Ring

    I am as well. Just in graphical and engine department along with asset recycling from old games, even sounds, animations. And knowing DS3 and BB, I dread the clunky feel of the game overall. I know everyone loves it. But I never could love it no matter why. I will get it on day one though. As ultimately from software games are really really good.
  4. SaiKO

    Elden Ring

    Actually From Software’s engine is outdated. Open world or not that’s actually not an issue. In last gen(ps4,x1x) there are open world games which pushed graphical limitations really hard. And the hardware is still capable. From Software needed to upgrade their engine, because in some recent report as it seems that PC version will also be locked at 60fps. A bummer tbh.
  5. Is that Sony’s answer to game preservation! Wow! Sony: Pay me again to have your game rerelease…errrr…preserved. meanwhile, you can still play Halo 1, Fable etc on XsX. or how you can still play quake 3 arena, unreal tournament on pc after 21 years.
  6. Then that’s the problem with Sony. Not digital preservation. Physical media always have a tendency to go bad over time.
  7. And those games are not available on digital platforms because of publishers. Valve, Ms has nothing to do with that. So just stop being a tryhard typist who gets the information out of twitter or thin air.
  8. You didnt even read why physical copy of the game are unreliable. My discs went bad. And if these games are available in digital platform i could have still able to play it. but you being you. Ignored the important part and went blabbering with few ‘words’.
  9. Who told you these craps? Or do you make it out of thin air? Do you even play PC games ffs? Didn’t you play Wolf 3d, heretic, doom, duke nukem 3d on windows 11? Most of the (if not every famous games) old games works. And the backward compatibility for pc goes back to these dos games. Unless you are a PC dude, don’t ever bother to post your twitter facts about pc here. Like in last post how u said Jet set radio on pc. Or how steam is not drm. jeez. Kuch bhi bakna hain kya??
  10. Something tells me you haven’t gaming for long.
  11. 1. The game hasn’t released on pc. 2. and ‘sega’ delisted that because they couldn’t afford to license the soundtracks again. Entirely different issue and not related to preservation.
  12. ok try running the steam versions of these games without steam. Install psychonaut, dont run it yet(dont let it authenticate). Uninstall steam. Try to play psychonaut after that.
  13. Yeah. So much so, it’s sad to see actually. 😂
  14. Every launcher on PC itself are DRMs. Except GOG. Please google. Don’t twitter. Goggle and get your fact straight.
  15. Fun fact, Pc games are digital only from year 2004. Everyone gotta download games from clients such as steam, blizzard, uplay, ea origins… basically every launcher. None of them went out afaik, and never will in near future unless some global catastrophe happens. Nobody complains about ‘preservation’ there. Because discs do get bad over long time. Digital games on servers wont. Digital games are BETTER in preservation. If physical games are better at preservation then my copy of No One Lives Forever 1/2, Enter the Matrix, prince of persia 3d, max payne, Soldiers of Fortune 2: Double Helix would work. They don’t anymore. And only max payne is available on digital platform, rest of the games are not. On the other hand, HL2 still works, you know why? Because it’s not on disc. It’s on my Steam account. And will be there in my entire life. Be it M$ or be it P$. Physical copies are never for preservation. Digitals are. Game pass is preservation. Ps digital is preservation(unless Sony suddenly decides to stop backward compatibility in future). just my thoughts.
  16. SaiKO

    Elden Ring

    Demon’s Souls on ps5 raised the bar too high for the graphics in Souls games for me. Bluepoint nailed everything with that game, the art direction, graphics, feel. Everything was on point. Maybe that’s why I’m a bit apprehensive about the graphics here. Looks good nonetheless. But not Demon’s Souls lvl.
  17. SaiKO

    Elden Ring

    I love the concept of Dark Souls: Breath of the wild. Loved the atmosphere, Art direction, but didn’t actually liked the graphics in technical terms. Found lots of recycling from Dark Souls and BB. Sound, animations and such. Graphical finishing looked abit dated. But it won’t matter as long as the game will be good ( and it will be, it’s from software). Will get it on pc as steam has regional pricing of 2499 inr.
  18. SaiKO


    Everyone’s playstyle is different. I’m not getting why people are getting agitated for a feature that can help more people to finish the game? you wanna play like it meant to be then don’t use the suspend feature, sleep mode your ps5… basically do the vanilla mode. Let others use the new easier mode to play at their own style and pace. And no, “they way it’s meant to be played” is not absolute.
  19. SaiKO


    What’s wrong if someone with time constrain wanna finish the game they paid for? Not everyone can afford to play in a long stretch or put their console on sleep mode. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  20. Actually it’ll be hard to compete against pc because of mouse keyboard (superior for first person games) and offcourse the unrestricted fps on 144hz to 165hz monitor. Did you get much players in console (cross platform off)only beta? on pc, I hardly found 7-8 players playing from console on crossplay out of 128 people almost on all matches.
  21. 120fps for 128 player Battlefield game?? Jeez, the thing people expects from a ₹50000 box.
  22. Also, let’s assume that GOTG is unoptimized. How’s Deathloop is working out in ps5 btw? 1080p to 1440p DRS with 60fps without RTX in performance and 1836p to 2160p DRSwith RTX at 30fps in visual ‘cinematic’ isn’t actually something to boast about.
  23. I hear your thoughts. I’ll just share my opinions and points here. But I won’t try to force you on your decision. You can judge it by yourself. I’m one of those guys who has most of the consoles as well as gaming pc. So I’m well aware of pros and cons for both ends. Pc and consoles. If you are coming from console gaming, Pc gaming might sound complicated, costly, and enthusiast grade. But the value for money proposition will be based upon your gaming requirement. As you said you are a ‘graphics wh*re’ (don’t get offended, it’s a common term we use in PC gaming, to the people who loves ultra, and nothing but ultra. With high fps), you will love PC gaming to the core. Not only the graphics are superior than consoles, you won’t be restricted to 30 fps for it. High fps, extreme graphics fidelity. No input delay. Multiple options for controls…mouse/kb, xbox gamepads, ps gamepads, whatever you prefer. Yes, pc is costly, but pc isn’t for gaming only. A gaming pc returns the value as a whole. Once you be a pc gamer, it’s hard to go back playing games on console as main. I own most of the consoles, even including a switch… I buy consoles to play ‘exclusives’ only where I don’t have options to play on a better device. But if a game is multiplatform, I don’t actually go for console counterpart of that game because I would be restricted on graphics and fps. Which I don’t want. I love my games producing high fps with ultra graphics while paying less for games. (GOTG is 3k on pc, Deathloop is 2.5k on pc… rather than console price of 4k). Now on console you can later sell physical copy of games, but on pc, you cant do that. On PC, you will have clients where the game will be activated for life… it’s yours forever. No disc required. Just download anywhere and play. And your games are not restricted with different iteration of hardwares like consoles (its only now where PlayStation started backward compatibility). Same as ps, on pc, you can also do ‘family share’ on steam. So you and your friend can share buying a game and play. So although you cannot sell the game you have finished, you can have the game at cheaper price as whole, plus share if you wish. Another biggest pro on pc, you don’t need to pay to play mp. On console, you have to pay subscription. In India, MP games are more populated on PC. So you don’t have to wait much. Community is much more robust and broad. For console, the price of the hardware is THE most buying factor there is. If you are not finicky about graphics or fps, and only wanna enjoy the game without knowing what high fps means or 144hz or 165hz means then by all means, it’s the best vfm proposition for enjoying a game… just make sure you are not spoilt by pc and 144hz. consoles only just caught up with 60fps (that too with caveats, not perfect)…when whole pc gaming world shifted to 144hz gaming back in 2017. If you think 60 fps is smooth, what would you think if you game at 144hz? This whole pc affair would be costly, but you can’t go back from there. The experience is best there is. I own multiple same games on pc and consoles. Pc versions of the games are always, always better (except few games like Nier Automata… but then again after patches, it became superior).
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