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    Elden Ring

    Now that I saw a chunk of the gameplay, I’m now convinced with all the points people here said in defense of the focusing on gameplay elements in limited time while not in graphics with limited resource they have. But what they have, that has been Well Spent. bravo! Can’t wait!!
  2. Sure....RESTRICT YOURSELF from this thread then. RESTRICT YOURSELF from commenting on PS5 games and how 'JUGGERNAUT' they are without playing then...or even owning a PS5. I'll RESTRICT MYSELF After that.
  3. Why would anyone with Gamepass and a killer PC will get XBOX separately unless it's be previously bought before PC? I'm getting all the same xbox games and their services in my xbox app on PC, same as xbox. XBOX now represent a bigger family, DIGEST THAT! Now once again your arguments crossed the common sense threshold and went beyond "my alias" zone.
  4. Aw man... I'm in my hometown Kolkata till 24th. Have a great time guys. Would have been nice meeting you all.
  5. First tell me what's up with spewing garbage everyday in thread? Is it a PS vs XBOX shitposting thread?
  6. Yeah....CLEARLY! A thread only you two have each other's back and NOONE else....sharm bhi nehi aata?
  7. And FYI....Playstation Vs XBOX topic can be creative as well. Where people CAN discuss pros and cons on both ends.. BUT YOU TWO just polluted this thread. And do so every day. Sure....let's dance.
  8. Tu se suru kiya na? chaal thik hain.. I'll also use 'TU', bachhe. PS5 ka pic dikha apna...bass kaafi rahega.
  9. And Also, Unlike you...I don't bitch about or praise stuffs without experiencing them. I'm using Sony's services....using Microsoft's services. And coming to conclusion. Can you say the same?
  10. I wonder, without PS5, can you even play Returnal, Demon's Souls, R&C or any other ps5 'exclusives'? I cannot say the same 'sadly', xbox loves windows. I'm defending the games and services I'M ABLE TO PLAY, UNLIKE YOU.
  11. I still have old original xbox, ps2 then xbox 360, ps4 pro, ps5. psp, psp vita, wii u, switch v2. just gave u the list as you guys have so Sheldon Cooper like memory. and PC which infact plays all latest xbox games now. So no point for me to get xbox. As Its basically daddy of that. So I can do as much ‘trolling’ as I want here. Only I will do it sensibly and without twitter. 🙂 Yeah?
  12. I love my old and latest consoles. I loves my games, Returnal included. But to call it juggernaut!!!! Haahahhahahaha. None of us PS5 and Returnal owners will call it Juggernaut. Its belongs to a rather niche genre! 😂 Returnal khela hain kya bhai bolo pahele… Tumara favourite platform ka game hain. Khela kya? Rather importantly, Do you two even have ps5??
  13. Xbox never said about console only exclusives. All the games will be shared with PC. Because your pc’s operating system is owned by M$. Their platform, their os, their games, their rule. People with only singular able platform such as ‘PlayStation’ and nothing else will obviously have time to twit and indulge in console wars nobody cares. Same goes for people who only sides with xbox. Ghar mein Pc hain na? gamepass mein forza 5 khelo bhai… enjoy karo. Mast game hain. M$ sabka khayal rakhta hain. Tume force nehi karega Xbox kharidne ke liye to play their games. 🙂
  14. Imagine this much salt when Forza 5 launched. What would happen after Halo? entertaining nonetheless. 😂
  15. For future reference to anyone, do not add Deathloop or Kena into ps exclusives lineup. They are available on pc from day one. So not ps exclusives as ps fanboys loves to claim.
  16. The dedication and effort he puts on hating such trivial stuffs. If used in proper area, could have afford all the consoles 10 times over and would be at peace of mind.
  17. Someone somewhere didn’t pay money.. 😂
  18. SaiKO

    Elden Ring

    I am as well. Just in graphical and engine department along with asset recycling from old games, even sounds, animations. And knowing DS3 and BB, I dread the clunky feel of the game overall. I know everyone loves it. But I never could love it no matter why. I will get it on day one though. As ultimately from software games are really really good.
  19. SaiKO

    Elden Ring

    Actually From Software’s engine is outdated. Open world or not that’s actually not an issue. In last gen(ps4,x1x) there are open world games which pushed graphical limitations really hard. And the hardware is still capable. From Software needed to upgrade their engine, because in some recent report as it seems that PC version will also be locked at 60fps. A bummer tbh.
  20. Is that Sony’s answer to game preservation! Wow! Sony: Pay me again to have your game rerelease…errrr…preserved. meanwhile, you can still play Halo 1, Fable etc on XsX. or how you can still play quake 3 arena, unreal tournament on pc after 21 years.
  21. Then that’s the problem with Sony. Not digital preservation. Physical media always have a tendency to go bad over time.
  22. And those games are not available on digital platforms because of publishers. Valve, Ms has nothing to do with that. So just stop being a tryhard typist who gets the information out of twitter or thin air.
  23. You didnt even read why physical copy of the game are unreliable. My discs went bad. And if these games are available in digital platform i could have still able to play it. but you being you. Ignored the important part and went blabbering with few ‘words’.
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