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  1. Persona 5 Royal on PS5.....still going. Luigi's Mansion 3 on Switch. Dunno when these gonna get finished. Have lots of games on backlogs.... f**k me!
  2. Just clearing an information. Development is a collaborative process. Even a junior artist and animator works with engine to develop a task. So don’t invent new stuffs for internet debate please.
  3. Only one. The engine has toolsets which are already developed or being developed by Epic. So the company doesn't need to spend much resources on the engine. That can reduce some significant time. But again, if the scope of the game is bigger then it will require much time. Like if CP2077 took 5-6 yrs to make (active development) in RedEngine alongside with it's engine development. Given same scope for the game in it's time, it could reduce 1 yr max...but then again, developing certain functions on certain engine do require much time....so all based upon scopes and goal of the development studio and their projects. Only good thing, they will have EPIC to help them develop toolset FOR THEM.
  4. I'm as much developer as a programmer or a sound editor or an animator or game tester or a game story writer or a designer. All of the people work towards to develop a software.
  5. Sure. I'll explain some of the complexities in general term. Excluding the graphics, lookdev, animation and whatnot. Note, this is general terms, and applicable to general game development. 1. Open world speed tree mechanism and procedural object placement system used to be simple instances with some variables, with little to no physics in them. Now open world games weather system and the environment reacts upon that, ie more dynamic. This is to make world more believable. Environment and setdressing is more complex due to this, and player interaction is more elaborated. This is to make world more immersive, afterall game is an interactive and immersive media. Some of the engines even support dynamic object placement and remembers that in the world, such as BGS games, their engine could be janky in many area, but their engine do remembers the object matrix based upon world space. 2. Specially SP games focuses much more functional development of the game mechanism. AI development takes a huge chunk of time, it's not simple NPC or enemy path in game lvl anymore where enemies will only move to certain area or simple follow their moveset. These AI are given toolset of reaction which changes based upon player's function trigger. Games like TLOU2 spent a huge CHUNK of time to develop this. Thus, the enemy is more believable than it's predecessor. Again, details! As in emulating humanlike behaviour. 3. Hitbox detection and dynamic hitbox system. Nowadays every games has dynamic deformation and hitbox generation, and it's also getting much detailed over time. Again here, comes the AI reaction trigger that I mentioned in my last point. Look up in TLOU2. Enemy reacts differently based upon where they were being shot at, and with which weapon. All these details are, to push the immersion. 4. In RPG, the stat change is not just a simple hitbox number increase now, it has effects implied. Plus, there are more attributes that shows visible changes and playstyle nowadays. And it requires much robust balancing the toolset and testing. With each iteration, every RPG games do this. Divinity 2 plays better and has more diversity in classes than Divinity 1, thusly. 5. Third person Player movement is not like stick figure anymore, doesn't have 8 directional moveset like old times. It's 360 degree dynamic physics based set. Where player and npcs reacts upon world event trigger. Although it's rig and animation engineering but still, the functionality of characters are more fleshed out. 6. Gameplay! Yeah in a simple layman's term it's shooting or something. But these blunt looking functions also have much more nuances than you can imagine. Decal, hitcone and falloff calculation, particle generation, splash hit based on object detection and many many other functionality relies on it nowadays for most games. 7. Now, testing.....I feel bad for testers nowadays because they get the bashing by game communities and gamers....it's a stressful job and complex games require all these thousands of permutation and combination to go through to filter out everything...and even then it's not fully possible, specially for Open world games. More complex the game, more time require to find and report issues. I could go on. But this took me abit of time to write down and I have other things to do. Thanks.
  6. So the reason is for requiring much time is not only graphics. It's also the complexity of engines, physics, render system, the complexity of mechanics in game. Not only animation, mocap cleanup, photogrammetry, art, vfx or graphics alone. But every aspect is more time consuming because of details. Even the sound design as well. They also require much, much more time because of more tracks, the complexity of it, the channel and mixing requirement of it. And, more quanity+quality of the each pipeline. Even on programming, testing..everywhere, games nowadays depends on so many sub-engines that it require much more complex integration than ever before. Plus complex piece of softwares generates more bugs, that alone takes huge amount of time to fix. Simple funda, complex problems are solvable when given time. I dunno how much you pay attention to the details of the games, but people who does, will find more complexity...not only in graphics, but everywhere. A 360 era Gears of war won't be playing same way as Gears 5. Likewise, a PS3's Demon Souls won't be similar like a game such as Elden Ring. Or a PS3 era RDR1 is not on the same lvl as RDR2. Not only interms of graphics, but also mechanically and functionally. All of those games are from the same respective companies that made them. Do you think they are same, and only the graphics that has been advanced??
  7. SaiKO

    Cyberpunk 2077

    It's still is vibrant. Even more so. Just update your driver and if you have HDR monitor then turn it off.
  8. If only you could see the game in PC with everything. Console version still runs the old PS4 (pro) version on ps5.
  9. True. Console doesn't have AI image reconstruction like DLSS or FSR. On PC RTX is not causing issues because all of us do play RTX games with DLSS2.0 or FSR to get those sweet FPS back. For console the image reconstruction isn't implemented. Thus, native or checkerboard resolution, compromised RT and FPS both. RT is very heavy and although it makes games looks excellent on PC side and reduce devtime alot, the hardwares on console is holding the tech back.
  10. Bro how it's related to VS thread? It's about the PS plans. It's about the cost and return of the said plan depend on the individual. For me it's costly!
  11. No value for people who buy and play games on day one or in the release week. +Very costly plans.
  12. I doubt this game will run nicely on console. Console version will be heavily compromised. Unreal engine is very heavy in it's current state. Even on pc, it will be hard to have nice FPS without a good spec. Don't keep high expectation for now.
  13. It's a casual box and it's really great for indies no doubts. This box is targeted at very much casual gamers and the focus was Gamepass enabler. That it does nicely. But not actually a next gen when AAA games are abit compromised here.
  14. I'm with Ponies here, sadly... This box is very weak for 'simply next gen' and the ad looks stupid.
  15. Absolutely not. Arkane games were/are ALWAYS amazing. Play their lineup from Dark Messiah M&M and you would know. Arx Fatalis is too old so not suggesting that. Every one of their games are just..... Their games has alot of depth and layers, so you cannot judge them by some cinematic presentation like ND games. BTW, I'm not saying this for supporting xbox (im least bothered about defending both sony or xbox's honor in any way)....I'm supporting the games rather than doing console politics which is basically meaningless to me.
  16. Finished The Quarry. now playing persona 5 royal and Luigi’s Mansion 3.
  17. Fat is nowhere to be found. Ye bhi nehi milega kisiko. 😂 On a serious note, Its just some minor changes.
  18. If you love mp. Go for Splatoon 2. Friggin amazingly fun. Also, arms, paperclip, mario aces, mario golf….these are crazy fun games.
  19. astral chain luigi’s mansion 3 super smash bros ultimate mario kart 8 deluxe kirby and forgotten land Super mario 3d all star super mario world+ bowsers fury Animal crossing: new horizon and alot more for party and mp games are there. But as you said, sp.
  20. SaiKO

    The Quarry

    I saved all. But not at first. I messed up at chapter 9 and chapter 10. So after finishing that, went back to chapter 9 again and saved the people that I messed up in those 2 chapters.
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