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  1. Why you guys caring for a rating of the game? That too between 89 to 90? As far as I understand, 7,8,9 these are all good to amazing rating! And games are subjective even after rating given by media. Like some of us don't even think TLOU2 deserves a 10/10, rather it should be more of a 7/10 to 8/10 rating. And hate the story and characters of it. On the other hand, many people says it's masterpiece. Doesn't make them wrong, nor that makes me wrong! If you are intrigued by the game you will buy it and play it irrespective of the 7-9 score rating.
  2. This game would not work on ps4 - DF
  3. A huge rework is in undertaking I suppose. Judging by how the fan reaction was after the trailer. And if I'm not mistaken, I think the project has been overtaken by Ubisoft quebec or montreal shortly after.
  4. Any idea when the 3D Pulse Headphone gonna be available here?
  5. Hope it's true and not gonna get affected by lockdown currently. But as you said, you got village on day one during lockdown, I'm getting abit hopeful.
  6. I understand the business point of view. But fairly disappointed knowing the limitation of old hardware and scope reduction on new titles.
  7. I wonder when I will get my Physical copy from GTS...Hope it will be on Saturday to Bangalore! NO?
  8. SaiKO


    But will look out for this game in future, once price comes down further.
  9. SaiKO


    It's more about being hesitant about the game. A save system still ensures that you can play it at your own time and get back later. But being a costly game while focused only to a niche crowd for this type (roughelike, roughlite) is kindda too much to ask for. Plus you just need to put your ps5 to sleep if you wanna take break and not able to play any other games unless you wanna lose your progress is also cherry on the top. Also, did I mention, costly for it's kind?
  10. TBH, I'm personally not a fan of white look of ps5. Rather I would prefer the black minimalist look of XSX. In my living room, the ps5 looks out of place and odd.
  11. It's the better compression system (kraken compression) on ps5.
  12. But by the end, despite of the argument that if old gen is holding back new gen or not. It is great that the games are coming out on ps4 too. Because atleast now people who doesn't have the new gen won't be missing out on these games. But on flipside, there's not gonna be much incentive to get ps5 now for many people.
  13. yes, but not the aerial dogfight features or stuffs like aerial mountable by which you can basically freeroam the huge map or stuff like that....big feature like this changes the game completely. Im not saying that these aren't possible entirely, it is possible, but with alot of compromises and not gonna be seamless. Similar to upcoming Rachet and Clank RiftApart. The game has the instant world jump that could be only possible with faster data streaming.
  14. Yes and no tbh. For now these games will only have graphical difference. As new mechanism is not gonna be possible what I said in above post.
  15. Yes, but imagine the possibilities here. Let's say if Horizon Zero Dawn 2 could bring out the aerial mountable and aerial dogfight in the game mechanism if its only on ps5, as ps5 has faster loadtimes, data streaming, these could work splendidly. These mechanism won't be possible on ps4. And as game need to be same on both platforms due to preserving the parity, devs will be limited interms of implementing any new outlandish mechanisms. So I would still say games will be held back to some extent because of old gen console. But that's only what I think personally.
  16. You are correct. I wouldn't call Miles Morales a next gen game. It's a ps4 game on ps5 with some basic RT implementation and unlocked FPS for normal mode.
  17. The scope of the game will be limited, yes. Frankly, at this point it's more like a PC graphical settings for these games. PS4 being the dumbed down version, graphically. Where ps5 will have all the bells and whistles. But yes, if it's ONLY PS5, then devs can basically have more headroom for pushing the limit, now they have to restrict themselves in alot of areas. It's just 1-2 years this might happen, after than the actual games which are being developed with new gen in mind wont be able to support the old gen anymore, nor that gonna be feasible. Now, Sony just want money from that huge userbase that is on PS4.
  18. Call of Duty: Call in the Airstrike!! Battlefield: We are the Airstrike! Hoorah!!!
  19. I'll get it once the price gets down, or for 2nd hand. Wanna get Demon's Souls first.
  20. SaiKO

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I can understand your frustration but you gotta understand that some ports are meant to be on some specific platform even if it's multiplat games. That's why there are reviews for different platforms. I'm personally a multi consoles and pc owner (mainly a pc centric guy who only has consoles for exclusive games mostly, and also wife is a console gamer) and many games I do have on multiple platforms. Some games plays better on PC, some on console. Specially japanese devs who never bothers for PC versions and thus many of the japanese games are actually bad on PC. Example: Nier Automata. I bought it first on Steam, but it was soo broken that I had to refund and instead I got the ps4 version which by the reviews, is far better than the PC version. When Witcher 3 launched back in 2015, the game wasn't the best version on PS4 either. I have both ps4pro and pc version of that game as well, the console version runs bad with no stable 30 fps on pro during combat, and reduced LOD, some graphical downgrade even in a game from 2015(Once u play the pc version you can easily see the difference). So one can clearly imagine how CDPR's next game in 2020 will run on the same old hardware! Plus, CDPR is actually a PC centric dev. Again, I'm not blaming gamer in any way, CDPR is at fault here, and they shouldn't make such false commitment to bump up the hype. Console gamers could have waited for reviews done on console version. Afaik, all the reviews before release was on ONLY ON PC. CDPR never shipped the console code for reviews because they knew the game is Broken in old gen consoles.
  21. Already preordered. For me same thing as well, haven't bought Demon's Souls, Returnal nor Miles Morales (too costly for overglorified dlc). So this one will be my first PS5 exclusive. After buying ps5, im just playing ps4 games with 60 fps...some of which I previously couldn't due to 30 fps limit which I don't enjoy.
  22. SaiKO

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Sorry for repeating, If you are playing this on old gen console, you are doing it wrong! If you are not bothered about the bugs, you hardly gonna have the actual experience the game has in consoles like ps4 or xbox one. Maybe on PS5 and XSX when the nextgen patch gonna arrive as they still have the required hardware to run this game. If you have a really good PC, this game is must play (dont bother about the trend of hating CP77). This game can give your high end system a run for it's money. If you have a next gen console, give it a go after next gen patch. Even currently, The game doesn't look nowhere near as good as PC version in my PS5. (I have a good RTX gpu, plus console version has fixed lod, lower texture, lower details than pc) Don't bother with ps4 and xbone version. I have 3 versions of this game, Steam PC, Physical PC for GOG and PS4 physical. The PS4 version is TRASH on my ps4 pro. On my PS5 it still the same quality as ps4, but have high framerates with dynamic scaling of resolution (but still, its still blurry than PC) and just doesn't yield much bugs due to being on SSD, thus streaming data as fast as game require. One very important thing to consider when playing this game, do not install it on HDD. The game is more buggy if installed on HDD (because of the streaming nature of the engine).
  23. If a woman calls you ugly, that is not a woman... but an immature GIRL. If a man calls an woman ugly, same principal, that's not a man, but an immature BOY.
  24. Makes sense, since the entire internet was obsessed with a female vampire villain in a recent game. I sometime blame Japanese media (anime and games) for this kindda mentality. Also the maturity and age matters I think. If I would have been a younger dude, I would be simping out too I guess.
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