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  1. Also..... what macbook or imac has anything to do in PC gaming thread? Apple's macbooks and imac are not gaming devices nor gaming laptops, nor do they play much game, nor efficiently.
  2. Middleclass, students and working people dont buy laptops which has a starting price of 2 lakh. Might happens in rich and privileged segment, which is minuscule ...but that's a different story.
  3. I know you are joking. But on serious note, Xbox controller lasts more than any PS controller in my experience. I have 2 xbox 360 controller, still works. 2 Xbox one controller, still works. 2 PS4 dual shock 4 controller. One faced left stick drift in 2019, I fixed it by myself by replacing and soldered a new analogue stick module on the board, but not everyone will do that. Also the stick module I could find on online is not optimum... My DualSense still doesn't have drift issue. But 2 of my friends with ps5 already facing drift issue on their DS left sticks. I'm just scared that my DS might have the same problem anyday...
  4. I personally knew some dishonest a**holes doing scams like this for mobile phones, and those are from consumer end. So I have hard time believing that consumers are the victims always. You CAN get broken items (which gets broken in shipment), you CAN get opened box with some of the items missing from inside. But A SEALED box with a slightly oxidized inverter inside? Seems like a alot of work from delivery person's end. And tbh, they lose their job like this...I can easily say the delivery complaints already raised a Red flag to their job, which, if true, then could bring an end to their career in anywhere in future, and I don't think nowadays nobody is stupid enough to do that for a ps5, it's not worth that. Nor it happens in Amazon's warehouse, they have strict policy about this, and if it's a returned product, they check the item (Again) in their warehouse before resealing it again (For amazon fulfilled seller specifically). It's nice to romanticize that you get a bar of soap instead of a phone delivery or an inverter instead of ps5 because it's sooo much easier to blame a corporation and sympathize a fellow consumer (because it's easier to relate). But knowing ugly side of story, I don't actually believe that it's the consumer who are always the victim. And this video doesn't hold enough proof. Seals can be tampered with....just need a heatgun or a very good hairdryer. And the way the guy was unpacking, I dunno....seems like he was very straight forward on his way to show the inverter... as if he know something is wrong!
  5. Just saying, what are the chances you unbox your PS5 while making video when you are not a youtuber or something? Also, the SEAL sticker can be removed nicely with a HEAT GUN. Bottom seal never been shown in video. Amazon box was already open. Nice scam though, from whichever side that is...seller or customer.
  6. Halo and Battlefield--Different Genre. Different audience. Even after all the criticism, BF2042 will still sale like hot cakes.
  7. Hmmmmm clearly COD MW is better! I haven't played it, but it seems far better than BF2042....after watching this, I clearly want BF2042 to be delayed. Case in point, I like BF2042 (I didn't play BFV before this), but after playing BF V for 2-3 days now thanks to the Steam sale for that game, I'm also convinced that the beta lacked lots...and lots of stuffs.
  8. I'm sorry....but some of these features are not the feature BF is known for. The main BFs are BF BC2, BF2, BF3, BF4....after that BF pretty much went for something else which the community do not want. Plus you have to consider the 128 player map, It needs to be fast...most of the BF1 and BF V features might not be compatible with this game! I understand BF community has been pretty much divided now, one is old school fanbase till BF4....another was the BF1 and BFV....it would be hard to cater both fanbase.
  9. 2080 Super along with i9 10850k...My spec is in my signature.
  10. Also, the ping in the games are really good. 41 for me in all the matches as shown above in one of the screenshot. Would like to know where the server is located. People are complaining about the bugs....yeah it's there, but doesn't hinder any gameplay or intense moment. I only personally saw one bug while in chopper, that the pilot model is clipping out from the cockpit. Also, in rare instances, enemy model got stuck after dying....although those eventually disappear so not a big deal. I dunno about console version.
  11. I personally really, really loved the Beta. I'm playing on PC. all ultra. Getting 85-95 fps constant. No dip. Had motion blur, chromatic aberration and film grain on at first, but later turned those off because those are irritating. Runs beautifully, plays sooo, soo good on PC. For me, day one buy without any doubt. Also, for people who thinks you have to run too much, I must tell them, it's BF, you spawn on your squadmates or captured points based upon what objective you want to capture. There are people who are not giving you heal or ammo, because it's free beta, thus lots of people trying the game out who don't have any idea about BF games. Better play with your friend in squad. You will have better experience. BF is better with friends than solo. Also, its beta gameplay so didn't have Russian or American specific models for respective team like full release.... I think the medic and the grapple specialists are american, others 2 are Russian.
  12. BF is PC-centric game, so most of the people will be from PC. I'm also on PC and in all matches, there are very few people from Playstation..... 5-6 out of 128 people. IF you wanna have fun, you have to play on PC, otherwise you WILL get rekt in crossplay. Sorry. If you turn off crossplay, I'm afraid, in this part of the region you wont get much people and server to play with.
  13. SaiKO

    Halo Infinite

    OMG! Looks super fun! Can't wait to play! I love how satisfying it looks! Tight!! Hopefully the PC version will be fixed as SkillUp said regarding the performance. As I don't have Xbox, I will be playing it on PC though.
  14. 709 RS in Epic Games, just FYI. I returned to Alan wake yesterday again, on PC and xbox 360. Yes, it would be nice to play it again with a remaster because its showing ages now. I think Alan Wake was the game I bought X360 for...It was an amazing experience back then.
  15. Yeah...Getting PC version only. Will be ULTRA-ing up with Ray Trace.
  16. Getting excited for the game day by day.
  17. It's a long term investment. Making AAA games nowadays takes alot of time... 5 yrs minimum to 8 yrs on extensive.
  18. SaiKO


    Finished Deathloop today. Such Rogue-lite. Much Arkane-lite. Very fun and unique gaming experience. Hats off to Arkane Studio for keep inventing new cool gameplay stuffs In every new IP. Although the enemy AI is stupid, doesn't hamper the overall experience as the player invasion keeps the game fanatic. And vice-versa when you invade other's game as well. The cat and mouse gameplay may sound unimpressive, but it's much more satisfying in game. Plus, the 60's psychedelic theme keeps reminding me of No One Lives Forever 1/2. And that's bring nothing but joy in my mind. Highly recommended. Could be a strong contender for GOTY 2021. PS: Installed Dishonored 2 again, I would love to replay that after this.
  19. Well, offcourse. Yong is a good source. As unlike you, I don't have all day to spend on a forum or internet pages. These few youtubers are a quick way to get news. Plus I never said that's only XBOX's profit. I said M$ on a spree. And that's quite true. They don't even care for how many console they sold. They care about their game service.. and that is doing really, really good.
  20. True...but then again, their 'netflix' of games has a huge uplift of subs.
  21. Don't worry, another acquisition is coming. It would be interesting to see more meltdown from people who's gaming platform is restricted to particular device.
  22. They made 15 billion PROFIT (43 billion revenue) WITHIN 3 months after buying Bethesda. If that's not overkill as a business. I dunno what is. You can disagree whole day in IVG as much as you want. Doesn't make the fact wrong.
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