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  1. LOL would be hard for console's lack of buttons... But they could bring Valorant to console, no?
  2. Love that RIOT colab.... really f**king amazing to see our xbox brethren gonna join the League and Valorant with PCMR. Cant wait for you guys to enjoy these multiplayer master games of the world.
  3. Welcome! Nothing new....he gets banned every now and then for crapping like pigeon.... but eventually comes back. Does it again....goes on forced vacation again.
  4. Ok. Lets unban ank for a day. Then ban him again on Tuesday. 😆😆😆
  5. Played the demo. Loved the soundtracks. But I kindda feel that BPM has better rhythm play. Means you can feel the rhythm and get into the groove with each shots without the visual queues, here, not that much.
  6. Seems like wording only PR will chose. As many of them appearing on multiple playstation gen (PS4 and PS5). But people will misinterpret them as if these games are only appearing on Playstation consoles and nowhere else....as that's what Exclusives means. That's not right. They are not appearing on Xbox, for sure...but they are on another platform except playstation unlike HFW, Riftapart, Demon's Souls, Returnal etc...which are ACTUAL playstation exclusives.
  7. Should we call these games as PS5 exclusives when they appear on another non-ps platform on day one? I mean HFW was exclusive, R&C Riftapart, Returnal, Demon's Souls are exclusive... but Deathloop, Kena, Sifu, Stray, Forspoken.....they are not actually PS exclusives.
  8. SaiKO

    The Quarry

    Playing the Steam (PC) version. On 4k monitor(cintiq). And not in UW monitor because this game doesn't support UW. Missed opportunity though, because the game has letterboxes like film. Could have used that to make it fullscreen in UW monitors.
  9. But now it exist, only thing we can ask for is a fairly reduced price.... Maybe make it free for the people who got that PSN+ premium (or whatever it called) sub.
  10. Unfair bait attempt dude... There are significant amount of work here. But offcourse, lots of asset reused from TLOU2, not only 3d assets but animations, game codes (not even talking about engine because its only natural). But shouldn't cost full price...IMO.
  11. Some of the current games from 2020 onwards has native DualSense support on PC build, with adaptive trigger, haptic feedback etc. But not all game support the controller natively on PC. Would be great if they start supporting all of the games natively just like Xbox controller.
  12. Good thing no? Less time waste on trivial matters which we have no control upon. More focus on life and work. Specially on workdays.
  13. Callisto is 2499.....still way better than 4k pricetag on consoles.
  14. Now nobody gonna be there to ‘expose’ anyone. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  15. 3080 to 3090 wont be that good of an upgrade tbh considering the price. Unless you have some deal going on. Nzxt h510 would be fine. 3090 is a 3 slots card though.
  16. I run my 3080ti with corsair tx750w. Both 3080ti and 3090 has 350 tdp. So it will work. No worries.
  17. Every goddamn threads….. every goddamn threads with digs at something you have no interest on. Why letting MS and GP living in your head rentfree? Sony doing good right? Be happy with that, no?
  18. You are absolutely right, I play Splatoon 2 completely with motion flick as that game is MP and basically impossible to play online with normal stick against people who are using motion movement. And in Mario Odyssey, we have plethora of movement with motion, and they are soo fun to execute. Nintendo basically doing motion right for long time now and their games are made in that way. I even bought the plastic wheels for playing Mario Kart. just put the controller in the wheel and use wheel to play, such a get-together and fun party device. I think motion made nintendo more appealing along with portability and unique games.
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