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  1. This thread is for shitposting.... So I'll shitpost. From RANDOM Twitterendus.....Just like some fanboys.
  2. SaiKO

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I finished the game waay back in 16th Jan 2021. Before all those patches...I clocked around 170 hrs in my first playthrough. You cannot spend that much time on a game which is crappy. It's humanly impossible. Now the total time surpasses 250 hrs....I dunno...I love what they have done here...yeah, I'll be in a minority...but truth to be told, I know where to hold my hype horses and didn't have unrealistic expectations that Media and gamers had before the launch. They thought it will be GTA in a dystopian sci fi world, but I knew that's not possible because CDPR didn't have any experience building that kindda game.
  3. SaiKO

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I love this game! I'm playing it from the launch itself on my PC and didn't face much issue...well there were, but you can ignore that. Played twice. First playthrough with Male V, 2nd one was with Female V. I know, people love to hate it, and despite of the bugs (PC version didn't have that much bugs like console version) I still love it. Bought the game thrice, Steam, Physical GOG and PS4 physical for my wife to play... which she played on PS5 after the 1.5 patch. This game is a perfect example how console can make or break a game. It was fine on PC from beginning, but it was so bad on console that it simply bombed way too hard than it would if it was only on PC.
  4. RDR2 is kindda a novel in game format if I say crudely. Plus the game was intricately made....thus it took 8 years to make the game. Also, R* main games are made from the ground up. So you won't find any recycled stuffs.
  5. It had graphical settings suited for future GPUs in mind when it came out. So the graphics could age nicely overtime. But many people branded it to be unoptimized because they tried to max out everything back in 2019.
  6. Wow looks so promising! This project is quite new according to the channel...
  7. Yes, Its wacom cintiq 24 pro. Thanks!
  8. Lack of experience, knowledge and training. Inappropriate hiring...improper management. Not able to get skilled developers/artists thanks to unattractive and non-competitive payscale. Lots and lots of issues.
  9. I don't think he plays much games to begin with. Or just trolling for timepass..... Kuch bhi ho, weird that constant trolling and bs-ing on forum is his passion/hobby.
  10. Probably. It's not confirmed yet. WB used to have regional pricing till now. Who knows if they gonna change it or not in future.
  11. Pretty cheap for old games. New games around 2499 to 2999.
  12. So I just upgraded my GPU from RTX 2080 Super to RTX 3080Ti. PCMR FTW. Whole Setup: Old and new comparison: I'll sell off my 2080 Super Founder Edition after few days.
  13. He has it, it's in his Signature Exophase gamercard. Open it up, you will get PSN, XBL and STEAM id.
  14. Sometimes.....I just....wish that gamers, specially content creators needs to come to the side of PCMR once in their life....they wouldn't be this gullible and oblivious for a tech that exists for 9 yrs now. Plus, they would know the difference of Hz, FPS, latency, response time better.
  15. Already said last year. June 8, 2021.
  16. They are Sweden based group (no Chinese front company or anything like that). Their studios makes Indie games, AA games, some AAA games......and mobile games. So they make lots and lots of mullah from there. Their acquired IPs and studios do provide quality games. Be it Indie, AA, AAA. Unless you only play few famous games and IPs and only care about mainstream games that comes on billboards and all, then you might not have played their games. Google it up...their games are very high quality and amazing. Lots of people plays them irrespective of being PC, Console gamers. You might be amazed that very known and famous IPs are actually owned by them...including Borderlands, Metro, Darksiders, Grid, Cities Skyline, Saints Row and many more, even their indie games are superb. They are kindda dark horse in gaming industry. Silently doing stuffs. Also: https://www.engadget.com/embracer-group-thq-nordic-deep-silver-koch-media-games-publishing-180030105.html
  17. Never happened to me ever.. Not for 2 DualShock 4 controllers I own.. nor for 2 dual sense controllers I own. Once you use your dualshock or dualsense controller with PC. Just plugin once using the cable to your consoles and it will get paired with Console again. If the bluetooth pair isnt getting reset to console, just put a pin on the reset button on the back of Dualshock 4 controller. That's it. There is a small Reset hole near the screw close to L2 button.
  18. They have alot of games... Mostly AA, Indies and such and some AAA. If you consider only AAA movie-ish blockblaster to be counted as "games" then yes, they have no games. Thankfully, gamers are more broader than that when it comes to games. Thus Embracer Group is quite a profitable holder.
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