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  1. Celeste - Finished A and B sides. Half of C side, now stuck. DLC chapter also left. Am taking a break from this. Hollow Knight - Nice game. 3 chapters/levels in so far. DS Remaster - Returned to this classic after so many years, nearly done, just Gwyn left.
  2. Bro, take steam inventory from me and load up your steam wallet by selling them in the marketplace, you get extra 20% this way...helps me out too Pay me through upi...
  3. Yes, the game gives you all the ammo you need to take every single one of them out. In fact, even on hardcore, you can kill every enemy, that too without using any gunpowder to make more ammo, that is, if you know what you are doing. The only tricky bit is dealing with the tree guys (ivy) in lab as Claire since she has limited flame rounds, i managed to kill all but 1, but you could, i wasted a few flame rounds when i could have used other guns in the end. Now take this as your hardcore challenge next
  4. Yes, but were you man enough to kill every last enemy in the game?
  5. gamer_adi

    Resident Evil 4

    Surely you jest, bro! Crappy Exoprime that nobody asked for. NO DD2, just a 10 year anniversary video announcement. Next gen upgrade announcement for 3 re titles that most have played. 20 seconds of re4 gameplay. MH Rise dlc stuff. RE8 DLC about Rose. KLPD, that's what capcom showcase was, imho.
  6. Ah yes, Day 1, the only way to play
  7. So what's this i am hearing about ponies harassing kojipro for going with M$?
  8. gamer_adi

    Resident Evil 4

    what a disappointing showcase, was hoping for a proper re4 blowout...
  9. gamer_adi


    lmao, people who were criticizing the tlou1 remake without getting personal were also told that "they were ruining it for the fans who are excited for it". Gimme a break. Suddenly, the rules tend to change soon as the games doesn't have a SONY logo in them.
  10. gamer_adi


    Every trailer they show, it's the same thing. It's like they made 1 level, and a couple of guns and enemy types, and called it a game.
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