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  1. Damn, the last bit gave me goosebumps. I want a Max Payne 3 written by Sam Lake, and made by Remedy. Rockstar made great game, but the writing in it was a big disappointment for me. Not a true follow up to Max Payne 1 and 2.
  2. @All those still trying to justify greedy SONY by going after MS pricing. It's pretty simple, so long as there is a cheap option for people who can't afford to buy games at 5k, to experience these games at a reasonable price point, people will not bitch about it. If sony comes up with a similar service like Gamepass, they could price their game at 10k for all i care, nobody will bitch about it. How hard is that to understand?
  3. Both successive tatti month, just as i subscribed, already had A Plague's Tale on pc. Got 1 year ps plus for 2200 to complete TLoU plat, thought will get the value back through these games. Frickin' Sony tricked me with Control DC and FF7Remake earlier in the year. Give something decent ffs. Just 2 control level games in the next 8 months and i will be satisfied, so long as those games aren't going for 5 bucks in the store.
  4. 20$/1k INR game not on gamepass, end of the world. Same game, same everything, it would have been priced at 3300-3500 bucks if it were a Sony exclusive, at a MINIMUM, i.e., if Sony was feeling generous. And you know it brother.
  5. Deepika Kumari suffers from stage fright, the moment she gets close to a medal, she starts spraying it around.
  6. Holy sh*t at the last few pages! Just because xbox got a good exclusive indie. Wait till these same trolls start fawning at kena and that cat game on playstation, and not just fawning, but also defending greedy Sony's 50-60-70$ price tag for games like Sackboy and kena and the cat game. No doubt sony games are so artistically brilliant that cat game will be priced at 80$ minimum, and the sony crowd will go wild here with adoration!
  7. Sitting tight with my full lot of Zomato, whatever happens happens. IBReal now at 168
  8. yes, let's see, 139 is uc btw.
  9. 138 now, do we hold or do we book? 12k profit now...very tempted to sell
  10. gamer_adi

    Dead Space

    Seems like a long ways off Also, would have preferred they made a DS4 instead, but will take it. Apparently, this is not 1:1 remake, will have new levels and stuff. Enjoyed EA conference, finally, they had a good one after so many years. Liked their smaller game reveals also, everything looked interesting.
  11. 126 now, 10k up on 15k investment so far Edit: 129 now
  12. Lol, enitre ps clan has raided the series x/s thread on death's door release, halo and forza aur starfield ke time pe to toh tabahi in this thread
  13. Guess will wait till Diwali time then, have about 8-10 games to go through anyways, about time i finished tlou2 and Gow n bloodborne n persona 5 n lost legacy before adding more game to the backlog
  14. Got 195 Thanks for the link bro, let's hope it has a bumper listing price like the other recent IPOs
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