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  1. lol pc game wins goty... Also, what happened pony log...tlou part 1, the built from the ground up remaster, getting a*s kicked by stray. While RE4 Remake, a true remake actually getting nominated and winning sh*t. Oh how ponies were going on n on about how the tlou1 was as much of a remake as DS1 and RE4 reamke, what a joKe?
  2. damn, it was revealed to the investors, 6 of 12 live service games promised by JIMBO is being delayed to 2026 and beyond. Nice work jimbo, no wonder you are leaving
  3. Hats off to jimbo also, making first parties work on 12 gaas games, then bailing before any of those has he chance to bomb, total "..." move
  4. So, marathon pushed back to when? 2025 they say? TLOU FACTIONS canned? They say? Wolverine, not before 2025, i say? What first-party is even coming to ps5 in 2024?
  5. Ridiculous, Pentiment, Psychonauts 2, HI-FI Rush, Starfield, none count. What counts, 59 meta TLOU 1 Remake(remaster), and Quantum Error, and Stray. Also, Flight Simulator is not a game, Death Stranding is a game.
  6. All the outrage is from ponies who can't see cod being associated with XBOX now XBOX, CODS NEW HOME, BABY! DEAL WITH IT!
  7. the things coming out of there, ridiculous how employees were dealt with in all this...
  8. ya, bcuz soon these games will be on gp while ponies will be stuck paying 80 bucks for the same Btw, hats off to the Bungie leadership group, they kept the charade of destiny 2 going long enough to con SONY into paying 3.5 billion to them
  9. Yes bro, maths + brain = ponies won't be able to comprehend it, don't try.
  10. le re bhai, again ANK bhaiya back to 83 = bad mode mein. Ponies need to decide if 83 is a good score or not? Spiderman sold 2m first 24 hours, starfield sold 2 million 100$ premium edition even before release, even after it was going for free on gp
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