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  1. gamer_adi

    Spider-Man 2

    You already said you won't do this and yet you continue to do it. Be a man and keep your word.
  2. gamer_adi

    Spider-Man 2

    Agreed, in fact am pretty sure entire forum agrees with the lack of grasping and logic part.
  3. gamer_adi

    Spider-Man 2

    What next? No more Star Wars movies? Perhaps, Marvel and Disnep done with Avengers too? Gimme a frickin' break. Spierman movies are earning close to a billion dollar right now, no one's stopping making them bcuz the "juice" is "gone".
  4. gamer_adi

    Spider-Man 2

    lol, what type of crazy-a*s take is this? So let me get this straight, SONY didn't gyve up on Spidey after the failures of the Amazing Spiderman movies, but would not be interested now after 1 more movie, when the franchise and other characters from it are at the height of their popularity? Gem of a take
  5. This gen, SONY's policies have to be compared with EA's and Activision's to make them look less bad
  6. Bahanabaazi, not good signs, but game looks beautiful.
  7. RE2 - Done all 4 story scenarios + All the dlcs, only hardcore mode left, will get back to it in a year, maybe. FF7 Remake demo - damn, so good, will get it in the next sale. GOW - Resumed, still getting the hang of it after all this while. Downloading Uncharted LL - Will go through it in a day.
  8. Will keep an eye out and hope to get lucky... Also, game output has decreased for pretty much most AAA devs during PS4-X1 gen, and it will continue to get longer, as the games get more detailed by the day. Only one AAA dev still consistently shits out rock solid games at a fast rate even now, FROM SOFT! Bloodborne DS3 Sekiro 3 masterpieces, all in the same gen, by the same A team, i suppose, under the watchful eyes of Miyazaki. And already near to releasing another masterpiece in Elden Ring.
  9. I see, guess will have to get lucky then, am hoping to land one by Nov./Dec....What about the Digital ed.? Can i expect to get a PS5 DE in India? Won't be buying any disc games.so will save 10k on disc-less instead. PS: Is that IVG Notification bot thingy still active? If yes, then will someone put my username in pls.
  10. So, PS5 easy to buy now? Or do we still need to be online at the exact moment the sale goes live and cross our fingers?
  11. RE2 - Leon A - Claire A/B done. Now only got Leon B + No Way Out (DLC) Scenario left, but taking a break from the game. Went back to GOW 2018 after a break of nearly 2 yrs. Was gonna restart from the beginning but decided to continue instead, from just beyond after meeting the World Serpent the first time. Time to check this game off my list.
  12. lol, Abandoned is just an indie dev way in over his head
  13. Meh...good for ppl on pc who might wanna check it out, would have been great for the masterrace if they had ported Uncharted 1-3 instead of the crap that is UC4.
  14. So nobody was disappoonted by the showcase? It was good, but not awesome. Nothing really blew me away, only thing that was a surprise was the Wolverine announcement, the game is still probably early in development, and not come out before 2024. Spiderman 2 will prolly be great but still late 23 at the earliest, hope they fix the boring/repetitive side-missions this time. GOW trailer was alright. Other than these, nothing really caught my eye.
  15. Was ok, wasn't as blown away by what was shown, the game will be great no doubt, but the trailer did nothing for the hype. Will restart GOW from the beginning today and complete it this time.
  16. gamer_adi

    Dead Space

    Let's face it, remakes of ps3 era games just won't have as much effect on us as PS1-2 era games to current gen. When they relaunch game RE2-3, Crash bandicoot, etc., that's a noticeable leap in graphics and controls. DS still looks and plays well. DS4 would have been much more appreciated. Or they could have redone DS3 instead, as a pure Single-player Action-horror title. That would have been nice. PS: Also not excited about TLOU1 Remake, i mean, WTF?
  17. "xbots"? I was under the impression that we are not allowed to use terms like "xbot" and "sony-pony" or "ponies" anymore. If we are allowed, then lemme know and i will again get busy 'round here :
  18. Lol, 2 week ban for calling someone a cartoon, but then again, he had the audacity to not like a "playstation" game, obvsly the ban is justified, good.
  19. Kya re bhai, you killing my excitement for playing HZD Part 1
  20. Nearly done with RE2 B run, will get started on this next, had liked the first 30 mins back when i played it a few months back, let's see if it's worth the hype.
  21. gamer_adi

    Psychonauts 2

    Sony set the trend for pricing on PS5, and Sony fans defended them. MS is just giving them what they want, wrt to pricing
  22. gamer_adi

    Psychonauts 2

    He is right though, MS should give it the respect it deserves by pricing it at least $70 on PS5, + another $70 1 year down the line by renaming it to "Director's Cut" with minimal work done on it.
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